Your Karate Journey

Kia Ora Today we’re going to have a look at Your karate journey and to do this. We’re going to a visit The account we made the other day for Jack Smith Click on the “Your Account” Button down the bottom here you have the login. So we’ll login as Jack Click on the login button, and there’s Jack’s account. Now, you’ll see Jack has attended One class out of three. This is the possible number of classes that he could have attended since he joined the club His current grade and the last award he received. To add more to the journey. We click on the Journey button And there you can see the three entries currently on Jack’s journey. Let’s click the Add button to extend that journey Jack attended the class on the 16th so we type in the date and we can save And there you can see the entry there. We’re in another class as well because a Possibility of three classes that he could attended and there was one on the 23rd as well And now you have the two entries. You notice that at the moment the Edit buttons are enabled that is because They have not been checked by sensei as soon as in that change. They become disabled and you cannot change them The jack also remembers that he received an award on the 23/10. Click on award and it was an award for “Awesome strikes and blocks”. And there you have the award added as well. Now Jack believes that being a white belt is not really what his grade should be so again, Jack goes in, adds to his journey and Changes his grade to black belt, to Shodan. Notice that these entries are still grayed out you can go back in just by clicking on a item and you can either update it change the details and press save again, or you can delete the entry. When you delete an entry you get a warning just to stop it from doing it by accident. Now if we go back to the first screen You’ll notice that Jack has still only done one class, is still a white belt and still only has one certificate. Although they are all in the detail screen. And this is because Sensei hasn’t checked them, hasn’t approved them I’m going to go on to another device I’m going to approve Jack’s journey. So, yes, he did indeed attend those classes and I do remember giving him that award However, really Jack You’re not quite at black belt level, but you’re heading in the right direction. So I’m going to just remove that entry from the database. And if we come back to screen and have go back to your summary. You’ll see that yes, you’ve attended three out of three classes. You’re still a white belt and there’s your last certificate and you can see now that all of those entries are grayed out because they have been approved. You’ll notice at the top of screen here that you’ve got some filter buttons. So you can see what you’ve done this month, Everything that’s been done in the year. Now these happen to be the same. Number of classes, so you can see there are indeed three classes that you’ve attended. Your awards. Your grade. And this final button here shows everything in your karate journey. And that is what you can do to track your journey.

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