You Wear CHILDISH Boxers And Not Briefs?!

I guarantee you by the end of this video
I will have you convinced that when you made the switch from briefs to boxers
when you were like 12 that wasn’t the right decision. I’m am SD and today I’m gonna
give you three reasons why if you haven’t switched from wearing boxer
briefs or those big old floppy boxers that you’ve been wearing you need to
like today like right now. And I have tried everything I’ve tried everything
from Hanes to expensive Calvin Klein underwear so if you do switch make sure
you stick around till the end because I’m gonna tell you exactly what you need
to look for and what to avoid so you just don’t waste your time or your money.
How much time was that? Like 19 seconds? Whatever we’re getting better at this
let’s do this. One. there’s no bunching there’s no binding they just stay in
place and they stay exactly where you want them to stay. This is something that
I didn’t really notice until I started to change my wardrobe up. Now if you wear
something like gym shorts or even some baggy pants it doesn’t really matter
what kind of underwear you wear. It doesn’t matter because it’s got a ton of
room for it to just kind of move around on its own. But then what if you want to
wear clothes that look better on you or fit better on you what are you supposed
to do? Have you ever put on let’s say like a pair of slim fit chinos and then
you got to take your underwear and kind of like stuff them down your leg when
you put them on? Did you ever stop to think that with briefs you don’t have to
do that they’re basically like boxer briefs only they don’t have all that
extra fabric on them. And it my friends it oh my goodness it’s glorious. They
keep everything in place just like boxer briefs do, they have cooling dry fit
properties just like boxer briefs do. And they can be oh so flattering
just like boxer briefs can. And speaking of keeping things in place with boxers
and boxer briefs they are completely flat on the front. Does that make sense
to you it doesn’t make any sense to me you’re not a Ken doll right? And by that
I mean in a bad way is then you’re not anatomically correct not a good way
where you’re like blonde and got blue eyes and got a washboard stomach.
Apparently some women like that I don’t know. You either have to go over to one
side or the other side because there’s no
in the middle for expansion. But with briefs? Nope, there’s this ingenious thing
in the front it’s called a pouch, and it, ii my friends? It’s amazing! It allows you
to go in your anatomically correct position which is right in the front. Two.
When do you ever see an underwear model wearing like a big ole floppy pair of
boxers you don’t do you? Why? Because they’re not flattering at all your
grandpa wears those. You know how women’s lingerie is incredibly attractive to us?
And a lot of times it’s not even the woman who’s wearing the lingerie it’s
the fact that she’s wearing the lingerie that makes her attractive. Well come come
a little bit closer I got something to tell you. Hear me out hear me out hear me
out did you ever stop to think that they think the exact same thing about us? We
have a male version of lingerie it’s called a flattering pair of briefs and
it drives them crazy. Three. The functionality of working out in briefs as opposed to
anything else is amazing running, jumping, squatting, cutting, everything. I’ve tried
everything when I started working out I’ve worn normal boxers and then I wore
boxer briefs and then I kind of ventured into all the Nike stuff. The thing about
boxers is when they get wet they feel like wet paper towels. Now not only is
that the worst observation ever I also thought of an analogy the other day take
some toilet paper and run it underneath the sink and then hold it it’s gonna
make you feel really uncomfortable. You know that it’s just water but it still
gives you that irrational feeling as though it’s something really gross. Try
it out. Now yeah I ventured into things like Nike and Under Armour and all those
dry fit underwear but they have two big problems with them one they are flat on
the front which as we discussed we are not flat on the front so how does that
make any sense and then two they’re ridiculously expensive. It’s great that
your underwear is made with the latest and greatest sweat wicking technology I
don’t want to pay 30 bucks for it. And since it was so expensive I’d buy like one
maybe two pairs and I workout more than once or twice a week so what am I
supposed to do wash them every single day? Ain’t nobody
got time for that! After a lot of trial and error and money I finally found
something that works. Like I said I tried everything
Hanes are relatively cheap but they feel like wet paper towels when they get wet
Calvin Klein is ridiculously expensive. The middle ground that I found our David
Archy briefs and no they are not sponsoring this video no they are not
paying me to tell you this I honestly just really really like them and I think
you will too. I don’t know if we’ve ever tried micro
modal briefs before but they are so heavenly soft it is amazing. Found a pair
by Calvin Klein and they were the best underwear that I ever owned they were
boxer briefs because I hadn’t ventured into the world of briefs yet and of
course yeah they were expensive. Kept seeing this brand called David Archy on
Amazon kept scrolling no I’m not interested and then finally I stopped
one day and I kind of read the reviews and I’m like huh all right let’s see. The
best part is they’re like 28 bucks for four pairs whereas Calvin Klein or
anything else is 28 bucks for one pair and I’m not a mathematician or anything
but that that sounds like a much better deal to me. Two things I love about these
underwear is they are ridiculously soft and they pass the sweat test at the gym
they’re wet for like 14 seconds. The second thing I love about them is they
have a pouch in the middle. If you’ve never had underwear that has a pouch in
the middle of it oh man you are missing out bro! No more left no more
right we can go right in the middle where we are anatomically supposed to. I
will throw a link down in the description to where you can go and
check them out but as a heads up they run big. So size up look awesome
feel awesome let us all know how it works out for you down in the comments.
And my daughter she says thank you for subscribing and clicking that bell
notification because YouTube ain’t telling you when I upload anymore, SD out,

48 thoughts on “You Wear CHILDISH Boxers And Not Briefs?!

  1. Remember back in the day when you'd get made fun of for wearing whitey tightys? Pepperidge Farm remembers

    I've settled with 2 brands with nice sweat-wickering properties. BuckNaked / Exofficio, both are expensive running at $15/$10 a pair respectively. I don't think they make Low Rise Briefs unfortunately. Lol not that I'd wear them if they even did.

    Just can't see myself pulling that off. But I'll add it to the list, if it ever goes super low in price I'll experiment with it or something.

  2. Ill stick with boxers as i like to keep a fan underneath my desk pointed at my crotch For maximum ventilation

  3. I went from briefs as a kid and switched to boxers when I was 10.Switched to boxer briefs at 20 and at 30 I'm switching back to briefs . I'm gonna have to try these out

  4. Im not sure if you made a mistake or if I misunderstood your suggestion. But at the end of your video you said that the briefs "run big, so size up" If anything runs big shouldnt one size down? That was always a rule of thumb I followed

  5. I like boxer briefs, and have been wearing them for over 10 years now. They are the best in my opinion.

  6. Hey SD! Can you PLEASE make a video like this one about hacks to use for selecting jeans/denim but for MEN? My boyfriend desperately needs you to do this please! Much love ❤️

  7. I've never thought so much about men's underwear before. I've never heard men complain about it much, so I never realized so much went into it.

  8. Ayy, moving on up! Excellent polish on this one. I always felt it didn't make sense the pouch was always left or right. Good look on this, I need to get some new ones.

  9. Dude, you literally took ALL the words out of my mouth! I went back to briefs a few years ago for all the reasons you mentioned and will never go back to anything else. I don't know how I tortured myself in boxer-briefs for so long. Btw, CK always has great sales at their store!

  10. Briefs are definitely more comfortable. Some women say men should wear boxers or boxer briefs but imagine if we told them what to wear lol 😂I’m going to try those briefs that you recommended. You made some great points and I completely agree! Good work!

  11. I just don't get boxers. You get NO support with boxers. All your stuff is all over the place.I actually like trunks over boxer briefs. Trunks are shorter in leg length. Yes I do love Calvin Klein trunks with pouch.

  12. If you got chicken legs briefs are understandable, but I have big quads that rub when I walk. So, I'm sticking w/ the long legged boxer briefs, bruh

  13. I’ve only worn briefs, never have I worn boxers or boxer briefs and I’m in my mid 20s. Growing up and even through high school my mom only bought me good ole plain white briefs. Fruit of the loom to be exact. Her reasoning, they are inexpensive, they provide necessary support and coverage, no riding up and easy to wash. I never questioned the decision and just wore them, I probably was one of maybe two or three guys that wore only white briefs all of school. Most had switched to boxer briefs. When I was 23 I was in the market for new underwear and looked still all the options but still stuck with briefs, my reasoning was the fit of them. They function perfect the way they fit and even if they aren’t the popular choice I could careless. Of course I did add color briefs to my collection as well as still having white ones because I’m used to white ones from wearing them all those years. But you in the video describe everything perfect as to why a guy should stick with briefs and I’m definitely gonna have to try the briefs you put a link too in the description. If wore something other than briefs during the day at work I’d be adjusting all day and that would be uncomfortable!

  14. I love my Boxers. They are by far the most comfortable. If I’m wearing something rather tight then I wear Briefs. So I do keep few pairs of briefs in my underwear drawer. But over all I love my Boxers they are the best ever.

  15. I do like briefs, I used to wear them. I'm still in high school. When I was in middle school, I wore briefs and I would get wedgies.

  16. it's already been proven that women prefer boxer briefs on guys. and in second place regular boxer shorts. briefs are incredibly ugly

  17. It’s true, wearing briefs doesn’t suck. I personally switch around between different types of underwear, and yes it’s funner that way.

  18. I still don't even understand the hate towards briefs come from. Everybody use to wear them with no problems. I switched to boxer briefs in the late nineties the legs always bunched up and I would end up with holes in the leg area. Needless to say I switched back to classic comfortable briefs around 2000 and I've never looked back.

  19. Started switching to briefs at the end of high school and haven't gone back to boxers. I like that briefs fit perfectly under any kind of clothing and never having to adjust them. Wish more younger guys in my age range (20's) wore them but I'll continue to be a briefs guy regardless.

  20. Hey YOU! Yeah YOU! Thank you SO MUCH for watching! I honestly really appreciate it! A lot of my friends and family think that these videos are weird but they've helped me find a creative outlet and start doing something that I finally ENJOY in life! So THAT alone makes them worth it to me! There's a BUNCH of videos in the description similar to this one that could be of a lot of help for you! Go check them out if you liked this one!

    Commence BINGE SESSION!

    See all those hearts and replies? It's because I respond to almost every single comment. Don't be freaked out if I reply like 13 seconds after you send it though…

    And let's be honest, despite what this video says, wear whatever you want! You do you boo boo!

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