You Bet Your Life: Secret Word – Sky / Window / Dust

ladies and gentlemen don’t mention this
to a sort of the secret word tonight is sky asking you why really you hold back
your allotted now they’re america greater america more
than double the number and smart is your and there’s a magic lantern light years
one of the residents presents rajaram arms and haven’t heard in on your right
or wrong chroniclers of removing them drive
ramallah on and here that’s the only elgin american along the are laying
dough material out for that to me that a lot hank aaron i at one thousand five
hundred dollar fell on top of the night you like them and was very surprising
away from the just people who are on the air our studio audience alike that the
father of a bride in the mother of a grown and getting our if the state levin mr martin mickey’ll meet groucho marx organ prelude and i can come back folks
and upon it is is this a good way the windsor sixty millimeter apollo sound
movie projector instantly it’s a common was something you see
every day less than a month and then the q you know the father of the bride idea i have topped up here applied want to get some sleep willingham weddings over humanity but cumulatively you know you know the mother of the
groom him when his son going to be bright and i
mean i there along if you know mister mchale listed and i don’t think it is to get married
and here and this is what they know who that is
getting married they must meet still the anythin it no and i think that one don’t know if you know if you know there is in your opinion on and let’s get better career a la jolla
really married mr mckeon monthly fee beginning to uh… will in turn boarding house in st louis sorry coming down the steps one morning
as i was about the breakfasts and unfinished needs of the vote for the
d_n_a_ you’re eating breakfast on the steps
runs the norfolk naval that are coming down human will i started drinking coffee and uh… ground from the their right there on if you make your husband right came from london itself my high school nipping at my sister’s six-week uh…
and the flight it’s there the assistant numbered existed in camp
on when she was married and so my question is don when your son is widely where you are
with her folks they can deliver on their own they’re
gone they’re gone they’re on their own one ass they’re gonna lead by themselves and they’ve been together avalon what sort of like the interview has been
too uh… clean following or and what is your occupation of making
results article is with the hospital supplies for the info company anything exciting and i have been done
your job that you can relate mr mckeon without something happen if the
government to deliver with phony needed customer call up a little
customer and he immediately complained about receiving a piece of
equipment that was damaged and fine he said well i can hear your
thoughts louder and i did i talked much louder and finally there was he said he
couldn’t hear me again and then there was a lot of the conversation the next thing i heard he said uh… one i’m sorry but i’ll have to call you back
my battery went out hand it is a little and i was on promised a mature as a part of the bride
family i have big wheel of the wedding well i think i am opposed to be michael a well i’ve paid all the bills after to the wedding on saturday and
frightened well it’s very roughly in the
neighborhood of two thousand dollars as a failure of neighborhood hehe inside minimum two thousand dollar item
is in the queue where a lot of so many other duties
connected with the wedding will of god to give right away and act as i was not a getaway d s_e_c_
doesn’t stop the music and played at the wedding is give away the bride no actors
holds the fear that everybody’s happy and you can update drink you’ve had a pretty genial host became vote against going to be very happy
there and if your daughter is headed to the
u_n_ i think more hahha as the has this way started rolling and
yet they you know the wedding valero things now you know i everybody send presence of
the bride unique instead of getting rid of some of
the jump if they got and i went uh… doctoral yeah yes judge ayam item exhibiting in
the stomach you when you go right ahead here on all right you know it’s probably
make spina suggestions and you do have a misery here you know it’s customary for
the bride to give nice remembrances were bridesmaid contact for all of them cigarette cases
by of an american are certainly wonderful gifted weddings
everywhere thank you john cannot pronounce you elgin america didn’t and
speaking of guess what are you going to get mrs mania allowed american p_o_w_’s there’s that finished in jewelers bronze that looks
like gold perfect gift highlighted missus allen i keep today
way gasperini how is the wedding nomination and grew
that both the italy’s most as missus covers the bride that had the kothi the
i thank all you put them on the ground anderson the killers get back to you as
part of the bride wanted some your expenses well i have to buy the true suffer the
brian and their food in old various other things you seem to be providing anything for
the wedding looks like as in the brown family
supplying really more of the groom after consignee little annapurna you
think that standards of living what’s the plan still yahoo presses the licenses and with and after the wedding the bride’s father
that all the bills that they were the grandfather has a the room to rent and feelin utilize in just one minute
you’re going to work together as a team pa one thousand five hundred dollars
that right now wants you to listen carefully to some interesting
conversation moral what can i give don’t like the christian simply nomo anything by him that you’re
going to co ended infinite you’ve given me a
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give they make just make sure their first impression worth in value elgin american dresses that it uh… nancy allen if they were going to
clear sentimentality playing a veteran each about three couples as twenty
dollars have as much about twenty or they want me to four questions a couple learned the most money gets a
chance of a fifteen hundred dollar question at the end of the show our other two couples are in the waiting
room upstate so they know what’s happening out here illegality allied million twenty dollars
deflected questions and payments hotel joint did you place question how much of
the funny when you go for suffered at that time and once they do you find the paris
plaza hotel one incident when you and i developed on the simpson matter they don’t have to be in dollars you know i fifteen out of the money
going for one thousand five hundred dollars tonight how much of the fifteen
united right in what city do you find the palmer
house hotel got chicago has a right although i have twenty five dollar item
forty biology is it a question how much of a twenty five retried twenty in one city you find a share in
other words hotel marriott is right away declining i’ll qualify viability
fortified on occasion lessons that day when a man who is a lesson is that the
other how much of the forty five you’re going to try forty-five in what city do you find the
roni plaza hotel and i’m sorry it’s miami beach and i’m really amazed at how you came at
me and walk off with a lot of money in nineteen eighty one more thing is the
reflecting for the question correctly and i’ll handle it and i wasn’t this
internal help me audience plays who was buried in grant’s tomb adarand has a right hanks and i’m not going out tonight and
contact don’t go away and i still in the running for the big question famine who’s next in america public hearing loss like groucho fatalistic woodward is scarred almost white businesses helen hall ann
arbor curator jacked up a raise in here i come fox made groucho marx by thinking about your life kind of
ideas at this a good way he wins a sixty millimeter apollo sound movie projector
instantly it’s a common was something you see
every day but you’re not but i think ready ready to be a butchering messages
ralph’s market and where you’re from franklin heart and soul and where you from this
is the meaningful you as the entire ancestors swinging in
trees dough this is just on the way we’re going to
have idea helena army banking on this ticket and you can’t get the united the there family through phone a along in your inviting me about five years idea that is really something i want to
know about switches how can you tell the way to me for example the cousins again yet on the
ground use google earth is flat and always comes out of town why is that a lot i wrote them weaponry thrown in time you know we
begin the family from recognizes the burner recover from review admitted into a margin of error well very small just another bike at like at the end of
the year after family lamp that’s one of the busiest
time of year for you uh… thanksgiving christmas believe that you write about and they’re
very much is that these issues fifty two cent unrest fifty-nine dress dodi address in a mink but once i thank
you you consider that like a bird about fifteen-pound bird
vesting burden and i’m interested in how he timing on
case that’s what i want hahaha lani newly married then eleven married seven years we don’t have to be able to give about uh… budget has been doing he’s going to take that resumes condominium jalan not calendar byee surprise dog and a girl though i would not mind
in a moment you complexion finding security uh… and law and you acquired line from the don’t invest my own you if you aren’t
meant to you the thriving hi let almost like a real and part of the party more than a point due to the fact what price is this guy i know i don’t think that
would you like to know what you end on sixteen millimeter apollo some movie
projector now you can still write your hollywood’s
are moving or movie deal take yourself in it sells for one hundred twenty nine
dollars fifty cents now what will be talking about in the
sky bragging about the fact polyester yet and then i think that my at obama live from dr and then came down nine underwear we now know that you know the there hardship it well yes i have a problem with all the
time a dot from what i thought that uh… bus driver a power while i was thinking for me an increase in the name of the cargill
dot and back comment that he found that
there are any family which i think everyone so what is the next installment of the
but wait for the telling us that prosperity and all the best i could only
my laugh when i got into the kind please don’t leave home and um… i think you might throw it
into something for liking my mother said cup he an attempt in on some cake yeah and felt they got
acquainted and um… dar conduct we got married during a father but the doughnut him out right through my life blaming it on the couple and we have the
fight against my responses jordan would you mind doing the honest for missus hall per well-financed simulated pearls that any price elgin
american fur you bon pain and permit the jeffries of
perfect yet for any man elgin american popular cigarette case
with today’s smart leather light gloves okay now let’s play that night the
fifteen hundred dollar gagne twenty bucks in the morning of the
company get a chance to the question later bannerman’s onstage and i know this is
how much the first couple on cellular the father of the bride in the mother of
the groom lost all their money for these people have a clear field here we go and see how i can notify
ollie you selected mountains west of the mississippi that right that’s right fisher-price toys enormous progress var and one st if i’m not with me califano higher drier well i hope it’s not fair thirty dollars
brocco permitted if a dollar believe that went legal fees mott st at liberty dot mountain where they got mad they doubled that again benefits they get there uh… its washington is right likeness of happen they all have ten dollars now have and
uh… digit bankwest you have ten dollars that’s not how much you’re going
to bed didn’t have one more question maria is yet another questioner a
parliament what status like these colorado colorado is correct run away again with fifteen dollar
alright you’re only looking at fifteen dollars easy lessons to be the other
problem coming to the fifteen and i hope all on all of this error that all the state
of mind palomar california have fun do banks in the lab from adam and contact
numbers for minimal at probably a better life and i mean i guess the fifteen
hundred dollar question at the moment i’d like to know this
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money get the chance of the fifteen hundred dollar question judge ito’s
going so far weld of what your lost life relating with thirty dollars our final couple is about to come into
my waiting room out there they don’t know the secret word it’s
gone we invited some bail bondsman some
process service the show tonight just before we went on the air our
studio audience selected bondsmen frank tivoli all and process server robert birdie and
here they are gentlemanly groucho marx welcome for other latin compact and one of you sent us a good way when
the sixty millimeter apollo son will be projected economize something you see every day mister you’re a bail bondsman and where
you’re from the green bay wisconsin though new york city play matter don’t
mind you interested in the bonds of matrimony cornered how’d you make your life and
that is to hello fm load up to no avail emmanuel
and during quiet i wonder drugs women fortuitously i’d be sitting next to me
so i struck up a crate encino pillared helen meredith when antibody given the correctness
haiti’s had anthony can open if u k as available as bail bondsman just what
do you do will only take witnesses various people
recipe or more characteristic to life in the apartments responsible through the live at the capitol cash for
themselves promises because for many of them as for example of thousand dollar bond
would cost two hundred dollars i knew about knob on brown about from this tragedy if not no and how do you know the man is a good risk i
think that we’re not going to get the country if you take a moment like talk to a new discipline that more devoted it on this i found that the bank you spring amid the epidemic i’m paying
animal pleased by the recipient financial condition depends on how much of the bank that he
got away with it what plenty of time either and what is the man for the position of
with you a lot of questions most of all as i was in the best deal
because they called me the washroom using one of those papers down with that
dot of this error i have not done it on my bail anyone
alive apparently is not going and pro i’d look at you through the bars logo so
happily until a premature so you be in jail i’d be on the outside
i like to uh… what’s your booking as the life and i think the the uh… which included mightily margaret truman dot on the
uh… there you have any visible means of support and i know that i hope it
hasn’t been alot hahaha title i get out i think that galia golan irresponsible who i was skip flattery will get you know and and i
think that i mean we’ve been process and and this is very good your judges what do you do for simon complacency when is the best time to say that
there’s a good night from the victim assembly this does that stand for uh… there the things i think all of that united
processing what is it something as if i didn’t have one of my back
pocket duties in order to uh… who appear in court the testimony testified even for the defendant or the thank you man who you work for work for the uh… golden state
processor from if you get this kind of way uh… we get it down heifers two cities
service and it’s going to have the county last month and i’m looking at the moment everything
tomorrow if we make every other but how much would you cannot decide to some
of that money were deleted you know the by my relative but had any time left and on the hong kong
himself but it by mistake on the left here and we’re happy with the light of
that you do it i guess tonight and in return we have the money gets amount of
time for bail bondsman elgin americans
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appreciate if you are the problems that looked like gold thank you very much an earlier melissa we appreciate thank you for the process over here than
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today’s smart new leather light glove thank you very much now it’s like a better life for fifteen
hundred dollars run you twenty dollars and the more than the other couples and you get into the big question late
nine ten ten am i say one of your design on state remind our listeners the butcher in the house wife who had
with thirty dollars here we go on itself by its intended for
nato you selected therefore monetary unit that you’ve got to go uh… u_s_ running our common humanity
right uh… ten dollars at the age of race
question you know that and i was one of the monetary unit of mexico the pace of the peso is right although i have thirty dollars samia going for fifteen hundred dollars
tonight how much of the thirty dollars we did that colorado twenty five point twenty five
out of the monetary unit of the netherlands let this happen baseball was prone nothing is based on a million-and-a-half
hand i’m sorry it’s together deal i o the uh… they now have five dollars you now have five dollars he just a question how much of the five
even the drive to avoid amplified heat it all right what is the monetary unit
of japan year began is correct now i have mine dot our idea of client
that amount mckinley you’ve got nine dollars division lessons to be the other
couples how much of the nine even a risk ro part of the monetary unit of canada canadian dollar the canadian dollar dr and then why not put eighteen dollars
you are not what i think now what that means stuff of what your arm the housewife
with thirty dollars get the death of a
fifteen hundred dollar question the name andrew american means the very
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work around the house why back again to try for fifteen hundred
dollars a good luck targeted fifteen seconds of the side on a single answer
between you for talking all the family and please now help me on who is the head of government in
yugoslavia he is now under fire by russia it more are on acount and one of the and see if you have
decided upon we thank you much of the always right outside u_n_ one thousand five hundred
dollar delayed until the money i know one thing i need very much in its
another umbrella at three catherine that’s one thing and somebody by well anniversary for again
stranger packwood statement because there are better try to help my
youngster through colleges homeschooling families before the g_i_ bill preferred and you couldn’t get the money
for about a five you see those lovely gets north american
u_n_ thirty dollars for fifteen hundred you want one thousand five hundred and
thirty dollars congratulations to both of you italian-american job go back to a life
of the darn good album transcriber molly was directed by bob long right now knew that my maryville remember that great requesting payment
one thousand dollars v you’re doing and then when the night of his are preview
of that your line boring problem one reasonably creators of america’s most
you will come back martyrs cigarette cases magic action lighters and one of the press is that elgin america tonight folks maybe look at your contact
lately and alma think rodney in next email the ladies and gentlemen the people who were denied his window w on indeed all w really you old but you
are a lot mala jam american winner of america’s
most notable gum bags what is the great basin magic act like yours and mine is
grudges and resend mathieu martin is the reality of american you know you’ll that
your line dominique was there it would’ve been
vans rival hollywood adhere that sterling elgin american alarm the are laying hollow lifespan
unimpeded manage made not come up bank here while he ran again with one
thousand dollars for one of our problem judge man a man who had five eleven just
before we went on the air our studio audience elected a bachelor of the
spencer and here we are mister stewart balls and this henrietta
jeremy groucho marx welcome proud american compact and one of you sent us a good way
demands a sixty millimeter apollo summer movie projector that retails for a
hundred and twenty nine dollars and fifty seven benefits to it uh… volgende whatsoever what sort of like you do is
to uh… i’m really impressed with the part
of the apartment company list a marxist here’s a fiftieth anniversary the uh… that’s a that’s a job value an
investment broken attraction is that what you want to be when you
were bowling well no i never thought of you that mayors grading about uh… missus and missus we’ll miss
henrietta red dead day you know the spencer well if you mean in the narrative you and until i can call this man said well tipper unmarried okay on my right now detected houston along a given his
friends that i mean and unmarried for the difficult question he was in the depression etc do i’ll try to make it easier to add
what ages ago become uspensky good not too i mean any any good all brown thirty and uh… along to them since you’ve
been you are just trying to find out how old
i into my k tell us the general idea address discovered there how audio or about the same age she is carrier forty k keypad now george has the break against my
response for miss it there there’s lovely
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gays with today’s smart little like look now
as to why have you merry men young jovial looking fellow like you well all right there’s a c_e_o_ saying he travels presses who travels alone utilitarian you know any other do you know any
little problem that would put speedy in his place well ticking time thinking on it he’s coming up on the scene thank you just gave you the nato has
been i had a getting back to the saudi government said why is that you haven’t
been married principle that it can take it down to my
opportunity driving up into the united we know that i might be is made knocking but on the lightning rod qualification
dwight qualifications are you looking for in a in a while well i gotta be attractive and thoughtful economical considerate doesn’t sound like that too much it would you say uh…
economical henrietta game mcclendon anemia family mildly into
again down just one minute you don’t like the
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compact that fire elgin american k on in my favorite doing it and to the
park not a question on a plane but like i remember him up to date on the road each of our three couples as twenty
dollars that as much about twenty is they want
me to four questions the couple that are in the most money
get the chance of a one thousand dollar question at the end of the show haley
galitsin ojai committed twenty dollars you select the famous racetrack to your
category right identifies question how much of it that
you have twenty bucks five hours five-dollar the mud stated they matters racetrack california is right although i have twenty five dollars and
a suggestion impeded my profound not asthma and that’s the big front how much
of the twenty five minutes right the payment dripping fifteen what status hialeah race track artist correct reclining male forty dollars alright
declining up forty bucks is it that question how much of a forty minute
drive they alan whether the senate moderates
back new york ny a lot better right really although i don’t have seventy
dollars comment to the family on a track fifty fifty dollars in what state is scheduled
downs racetrack do kentucky and all ten tacking allied one hundred twenty dollars banks and a lack of modern art and
compact and i wander off you’re still in the running for the big prize bra job the secret word is still window
here is your yes and perhaps the next couple will say we ask the beverly salesmen here tonight
and just before we went on the air the studio audience elected walsh alfonse and bruce partner there’s
a gene randall dot howz life and here they are floods meet groucho marx balkan pearls and i can contact and i
want to be sad to say that way he wins a sixty millimeter apollo son
movie project at the common words something you see every day messaging reynolds’s that’s right here
so what does your husband do gene helium stansfield said way way of from british economy met you and the children yes i have to you have to may have but haha did you make your husband imminently at a wedding yes a few hours the uh… i was that worried and seek and i think he was only
requested the orchestra anytime you turn these fancy spent and
he saw on me and if i knew that i thought right in the ground opposed to a
merry and get out and i don’t think is the would get you down what he said i’ve got you under my skin do limestone beart misunderstanding that
there’s nothing i pick up the state park condoning and he never got any money we might be
forget all about it and i think would be keeping married again by midnight do it a salesman the jump on the that that’s
right of idea cell i sell washing machines and are you a traveling salesman and salesmen are not traveling sales when i thought you know i do some farming but i’m not going to
go up on a daughter what what do you like for i worked for a far corporation that don’t know whether they’ve done it’s not that they did not like that one party eight so our bark properties alone would you like to send one of your
machines are unlike the rents out that’s fine announcement he has made and do on found itself that i was the one out
of the washing machine game written really we’re cleanup bacteria that monday for one as honestly
aa that knowledge delivered you have any other yachts it is going on
a cut well there’s another online using break
the ice weapon that is that that’s about the couple and and and steel business she and then he he steals in kiye side
of the ahead at what i said i jump in go to realize you
mentioned through the ringer is anyway do they’ve got a pretty good line up at the that anything exciting and i have new british telecom denied creation i think that meets aligning input exciting ever happening you or the whole
anti-matter rather exciting experience here last week boston i returned from a fishing trip we returned home he found out it lofty
he cells side that i wouldn’t be the one call
through the window well you said whenever necessary
coverage i fell money when uh… sixty millimeter apollo some of
the project do all right we’re hollywood’s all bookings are moving to
take yourself it’s out from under twenty nine dollars fifty cent alright
effective but for the women out but i i think i have been i got and i also found out uh… the message you know one answer
the door businesses ideas about his wine antibody inside i found out that he put me to the bathroom window and the
reason why she hadn’t come to the door that she was taken a stand on i think your statement online payment value an interesting and evil couple a
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knowledge when you twenty dollars more than the other company get a chance of a
question like bannerman’s on stage in my mouth is and
how much the first couple of spectrum spinster one hundred twenty dollars here we go out and say i committed
twenty dollars you selected presidents of the united states is your category
hazy place was you that twenty dollars on a given a truck ten dollars and not one of the name of the president
or nineteen nineteen tried to lay the foundation for everlasting peace at wilson well senator right awful to start with thirty dollars
woodrow wilson sometimes known as alexander now you are not alone now at thirty dollars and it like that i
was not as a nine of the big bright articulate that unit from twenty dollars okay bob is the name of the president
after the declaration of independence um… thomas jefferson is genocide but now i a fifty dollar you spend on
admissions and all that was written chicago named gathers in in the all right you’ve got fifty dollars is it
that question how much of the fifty eight on a crack forty dollars forty dollars what was the name of
lincoln success david the only president to be impeached dont some andrew amber jackson and da de da render dancing was one time
heavyweight champion allowed do are right about ninety dollars a few
lessons to be the other covered under the nineteen on a golf ball no parking seventy dollars seventy dollar over the name of the vigorous president
with a hair on the spanish-american war as head of the rough riders dead are all
set wide times in a lot going on tonight and
compact powder form ls probably about to live and i mean i guess a thousand
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point well the sales of the mouse wiper leading with a hundred and sixty dollars our final couple dozen though the seat
with his window because they’ve been awaiting mostly we invited some people with unusual
occupation three of the show tonight and our judges selected these two will
be on the program and they are mister a eugene mosier an explorer and that their
jaws of made a lighthouse keeper gentlemanly groucho marx doggone proud and i can contact and i’m one of you said a cigarette even
in apollo some will be projected instantly it’s a common word something
you see every day this did you know that may you know the
uh… lighthouse keeper unit here play franjo comparable come up with him and uh… yes later that day northern labels nonlinear he can you speak well are you married him but if you’re in a way that we might
have been do roller the wife he doesn’t know that i
was keeping an eye just look at life in the white house argument you like perimeter and uh… raman washington in a statement she pumped in the media three d financier granddaughters but do special items appointments and a as uh… pillowcase over to protect the
entrance to an end to uh… lawson of a no one is the harmony projection i thought it was rejected needed today well we protect the ships as well you don’t care about the harmony mona do
a better idea it was a light at the same how do you
want ships but we have a problem with uh… vote that day we uh… we have a standby folks to so upgraded by gestation because at that a or commission promise commissioning you again this demo again is that the wavelength
again malaysia where where you from uh… you know the explorers they’re wary of primary arlington virginia may well have you been for him on now i ask you play many of them rhetoric and real world replay probably you mean there is no single
placing them in during single playtime about the ladies’ lounge of the union st a place and that and all we’ve got more
but well i have a money at the do how long have you been exploring fully for moving through march thirty
one years what’s the most interesting plays you
know the vendor at what time to go to bed inmate now on road tell me how to give a common exploded
you get lost in a revolving door when you were a boy un were removed my
godfather delicious eastman better known as corrina horne out of that have news event where he
admitted unit rate of million overdue and i was born we’re very good refund from my father
william naomi i wish it to you to print and read
the return of martin luther king agriculture on doin dat traveling dude by the time you register now tell us any
of them on on annually hot experiences that you can
relate when i guess the basic thing too we almost got married in rabia namibia that the inventor anywhere portal on six arabian girl on if you go by the dozen and here i went
down into through girl from some bands is that when she took me home
and business and i’m really throughout the morning to see a movie athletes when
wearing there was a law that you could look under a veil before you met him so
i think about the railroad to reality do administration thawing out of one of
the time talking about voting sounds pretty empty handed put on the issue came up with your most
parmesan most exciting experience besides the arabian tobacco ideas that
have learned from circle little trip is going to go down with them and and more rosie within
captain and more matured executive office and i walked down and picked up
my mind and some bundle them a little bit of marine unloading did i didn’t see
the executive officer and then flew capital monitor your photo opportunity
we really have to remind mind diamond bar on the world to keep it up go quicker several reports i’d figure out where i could bring a
reporter can go over to long beach sir allegro i’d like to book my profile
report data set out always grows around long but doing i think i think it now did loader group that met them the captain separate holding facility commemorated the british government for
suggestions and worldwide will do it i think i guess we consider them and think
of myself of the team let me put on do us any good so the attorney bob
smith jirawan zero lighthouse is in a government housing project night uh… one of the facilities of the
united states coaster what are some of the other coasters said whether the lifeboat station and d_n_a_
rescue and whether personalized patrol and
things like that co-stars putting out on opportunities
now for a single young men between the ages of seventeen and twenty two i have a chance to go through the coast
guard academy you asked me what i have a century and down hahaha as your life ninety four feet above the load hai muddied up there you’ve got up on the
tide you know we have uh… senators there stanley two steps m how do you know there is any tuesday who have come up with him every day did he’s still got a dime has why do you happen every day uh… you
know at all interested in and uh… on the
uh… we have thing to do is you know we can get sick that have been but doing on a t_v_ camera out of a loveless here you know i don’t have the steps in
noelia we have migrated to the station and do the machine to keep up take your own removal whirlpool
welcoming you know what what kind of a plea well uh… the the oldest continue north
to corporate and government of government couldn’t leaving compared to
men what do you come in every way of the
commission’s do you have the undertow on the layout of a internal been watching the they cannot
make it back to a knots most instructive have you both a
landowner and that there was no need to step in
the white house val and if you must admit that they are
not an arabian beauty dipali per se judges your ideal gives much fun or
mister does it made the lighthouse keeper of the american smart compact
with annual curbs square shape and the unusual to employment grading
his wife will love it thank you but it’s a pleasure to getting this to
me well the explorer elgin americans
popular cigarette case with a rich green leather look something you’ll be proud
to show up at all these travel night on a play a better life you do not
have to come in to get a crack at the one thousand dollars i can tell you how
much they won the judges on says remind our listeners the salesman a housewife for head with a
hundred sixty dollars here we go and say oh i can only twenty
dollars you selected leaders in our government job category that right fisher-price question twenty dollars how
much money back and for the secretary of state you’d like to see that insane as card either way let thirty dollars many going
for a thousand dollars and i think that they tell us how much we met twenty dollars or the attorney general promoter jay howard regret but i’m also
not fractious declining laid out that the dollar
decline he got fifty dollars is it that question uh… hearing how much of that here’s the mastermind behind capitalist allies on bought a house
where the director of the men directed a movie mhm writer entry right that we are i’m sorry it’s now retailer rose and to recap on you know i have had no idea that ten
dollars in his u_s_ tends to be the other couples how much of the tenido
mantra you know who heads the federal bureau of investigation who’ve pony and dog resurrected had
widened and that made the salesman ambala
housewife wotol hundred sixty dollars get the
capital one thousand dollar question and all word from myron while elgin americans simulated pros and a
handsome satin lined jewel box of gold like jewelers from god gentleman there is a gift of thrill her so i’ll
get to make you seem the most wonderful man in her world yet this volatile beautiful gift is easy
to get lustrous blowing elgin american growth
in the luxurious jewel box stock at only ten dollars others up to twenty dollars by them for her tomorrow elgin american simulated bro uh… out and they’re going to have about joe dot
also i found a salesman right in front of house now and then good luck i’ll give you fifteen seconds
of the side of the single answer between so talk it over thoroughly no help
militantly the republic in liberia’s patent in government after the united
states even on one of our president by naming a
capital city after him one of the capital city of liberia perot on mahler hahaha decision on bond and the speaker about a
lot of the and fearful of decided upon lincoln now i’m sorry it’s mun role be at the
present monroe and side so that means the big question next week will reward
one thousand five hundred dollar but he lost a big money but you one
hundred and sixty dollars in cash and you see those let me get some of the
american congratulations and thanks to both of you we all good american colin go back to
you all i really dont goodell production rennes drive hollywood directed by bob
lawmen bracelet designate gehry building renumbered next week’s request remains
one balls and live hundred-dollar we should have been in again next when
the night of the time for your when your lines dying rot your mind resented the
creators of american most beautiful combines my cigarette cases magic action
lighters and finest register al-jami american ipo relocated comeback lately unfounded and then probably tonight you
know nine combines amount unite ladies and gentlemen the signaling asleep remains to be
thrown out ladies and gentlemen the secret word
tonight is does the you and steve really you’ll back you are a lot of italian-american creator of america’s
most beautiful comrades miners cigarette cases magic engine lighters financial
assistance resigns dr john marks in the album out you know
your that your life i thought it was there a little bit
drunk driver hollywood and here that’s fairly elder of american along the or
delay he missed me a cake me honest may not
come on thank you all well here i am again at
one thousand five hundred dollar for one of our problems it and i judge it was
first we invited some bacteriology is to the show tonight in just before we went
on the air our studio audience elected mister frank look to see all his partner of missus i’d elemento sarah
cooperates of bird hospital bugs mate groucho marx welcome folks
religion american companies and if one of your says it’s a good way demands a
sixty millimeter apollo son movie projector that sells ronan twenty nine
dollars and fifty cents it’s a common word something you see
every day mister matters you know uh… you know they’ve bacteriol miami ran away from uh… but you think there’s a modicum than a month uh… uh… yes probably the night robot from
the twelve years what is the ineligible uh… back three obvious one study
bacterium kilowatts back there is a really on the
cafeteria ho but there is a unit that it structure
which is that the fed some of the fundamental process print
for the planet very good you mind if i ask you another question
the long a lot of bacteria the radar the cafeteria this is an answer that the air denied names that they
correct and he he is sitting in that uh… uh… and fifteen what is it meaning so you have any nineties significant i
was so busy getting them and that i didn’t think that you live in a minute of eid al and i knew that you think the
minimum giving your given name and he is dominated by a unit hw r u operator but it happened that grant in europe but i definitely can you stand on one leg notice right
now well you’re a doctor sort of maybe you
can answer questions and by the need for a long time what is bacteria anything like that then i think that everybody seems an ominous rabbi that be a pretty katya font-family emily pastor that you know
the punishing how did you meet your wife
uh… under a microscope uh… can met my wife
heather eastern hospital she have to be the personal where there and uh… he took down my it but i want to add a little earlier took
my application nine and does a lot of attention on k you have any answers that word there’s anything exciting about having
on your laboratory or not too much i happen to listen to uh… baseball game one day when the world
series overstepped scope you listen to another step is concerned we quit carribean the speaker loud
enough time so on might see if the pathologist walked up
to his office and came back with but this pope and places over the speaker of
the radio and gave us the play-by-play account leading
from the nine social i didn’t think he’d be a little over the
status quo in south africa most of the broken players didn’t have
any hard for those words undeniable any quite a lot about blades
in bacteria and i want to have the perfect christmas gifts marathon promises i’d elemento sarah held in
american you will vote for well i do a christmas gift for any woman
of applying as perot’s made by man i’m sure you’ll enjoy them thank family
everything and was not backing him for mister mitsubishi all our ideal
christmas gift for a man coded americans popular cigarette case
with today’s smart leather likable very nice knives and stuff bumming cigarettes i guess cal i don’t
know what kind of a view dr well we have a hard time mean kenny reading panicky syntactic
theo and parent nine year period miami vice that the by the looks at the minus pentagon downloadsend he lives in a while but if the the
blackberry interactive anthony western and leon arcane and knocking berry and i think and anything plenty of room valley evidence effective if that
happens to be the case uh… national night out system get a whole day plus a most unusual by doctrine you by
the fact of the i went and that hairpin contracting and then they show that live in and out
of time allison i was in the day off a package
of cold asshole place in thailand kind attn
engaging in line they felt mccalla plays in a long time
into outlying at one of those who don’t have a need and a family of funds now you know when you
are a young girl three younger i mean you fill it down but they give
you all agree with sunday being obeyed i think you know i’ll write what you want
to be i wanted to be a physician that he was a girl and i think they need
it if any and it’s one of them a pada mine i have just one minute that i’d like to get as
a team for a thousand five hundred dollars at pfizer today then that a clause was one man with with
your he’s everyday giving elvin american
company juliet gallons fifty lives near a woman that have been given to a name
for a dozen longing for an ad in american deficit glamorizing and show me the man who
wouldn’t scott with a fifty eight that live nearby
nobody thought held in american he has a gift
inspirational for women in downtown guardia sensational stimulated payrolls by engine american what causes this
great elgin american preference if you’ll be style perfection with a different and repeat
on your christmas shopping very by vietnam elgin american gave out valued and all
infy yes elder american give off breast infection breast implant u rest in a hot tub every man and woman on
your list soulmate that’s the question as to how
bill them all elgin american i out and it’s really going to be out when
the company of the chances of fifteen hundred dollar question families on the
road each about three couples has twenty
dollars but that is much of that twenty if they
want me to four questions a couple that aren’t the most money get
the chance of a fifteen hundred dollar question at the end of the show our other two couples on the waiting
room up stage so that i was going on out here nearly all its you know i committed
twenty dollars you selected nicknames for palestinians right but palestinian twenty dollars on if you
wanna bet what color theme is known as the indian stanford that is right kakinada philip thirty dollars you’re going for fifteen hundred dollars
tonight how much you get a dollar twenty five what college team is known as a mustang southern met with southern methodist is not have fifty dollars is it that
question uh… how much of the fifty eight on it right forty but college is
known as the mantle the n_b_a_ elana c vanderbilt that i’m sorry it’s where the big
dictators come from inside a little adolph seven dollars nine-and-a-half and ten dollars in asia
lessons to be the other couples how much it’s an eventful with that work you that the white but college team
is known as the wolverines magic in michigan is correct and citing a lot from adam and contact i
wanna rock ‘n on any of that you can still get the big question you know raggio the secret where it is still does reflects couples say it just before we went on the air our
studio audience elected a mechanic and a woman driver and here they are missus
ciller meri bus i’m mister jack mcdonald may groucho marx welcome parts of the allison and program and at one of you say the secret lady
went to sixty millimeter apollo son movie projector instantly it’s a common way it something you see
every day mister jack mcdowell union county uh… you married eject yet should any villages that i mean and you know
that i can tell event is at home ideally killer by two forty one evening photos update
with it over the name of god i got their them they were to burn
itself phyllis and uh… how people at that etc play play like jack orca marks a balloon executing sunset boulevard open twenty four hours a day pictures hehee what kind of an mechanic ideal right you are going to ride give you a connemara like a light on other time with electives but now that my clock is living in it uh… missus advice killed about him uh… well area from him and originally from ever fossa plants in what is your husband and i think they
should please assessing vice president for the
equitable life insurance company yesterday’s is interested hi valued at two yes yes i’m crazy about hugging each other now i would uh… telling me and failed
she failed to start started yarn dot natalie saying and that is private business offices in
changing my hand and fear of electives like he had a excitement and why did why did he do private day ninety nine f indicted for anything
in the seventies hank and that and his seven-day pat palestinians are again ninetieth right now the skelly being may not be able to change that i know
every day lengthy champagne if says he’s committed forget that by doctor thank you famine chinese diced onion establish our time i suppose sunday spent all day watching
the other side well this is all know one of the above
many of them anti-media leaky gas that was the most
common as the most common type of repair job
that you called on the faith people come in with it probably see has not been a little bit calling ahead at that moment life gives you the most of them and that
is a win life advisor many comes in he was reno was all about you know it and woman driver she comes in to fix it here uh… missus that buses is still in
women don’t know anything about the cottage right well i would say that you don’t have the hazardous waste i’d say how much you now for example you
can step down the starting out tell me what’s going on under the hood all makes an awful crying down catherine degenerating the backfired uh… both the line-item microfuge nominee promises but i’ll give you one more
chance if you drive around a lot of your money he yeah and has a room it sounded like a few cotton getting too
hot i miss my transmission i was very happy to have you both even a
wonderful company george has affected christmas gets my response for missus bus elgin american beautiful
dresses seven jewelers bronze or the local gold mother that i’m grateful design this is
by saying that lovely beautiful thank you from a chemical did americans explosive
hardship contacted definitely different he’ll respond but looks like gold his
wife of fully appreciate the fight on its way back to life of one
thousand five million under twenty dollars more than our other companies
you get a chance of a question i can tell em i suppose couple on the
judges on stage in my analysis bacteriology from the bird dr one twenty
dollars here we go it’s a live interview twenty
dollars you selected pictures on paper money as you look at it like that right fisher-price questia twenty allentown
katona dr fifteen host pictures on the five dollar
bill abraham lincoln talbot from atlanta thirty five dollars in
india going for fifteen hundred dollars tonight how much of the thirty five unit
right twenty thirty unit that i think but was pictured on the third ave l jefferson promised yeah vicinity right however sixty five dollars are active at
sixty five dollars in his youth i question how much of the sixty five
units rise sixty sixty dollars was taken on the fifty
dollar bill general bonnet declining now they have one hundred
twenty five dollar activating the peak you’ve got a heightened twenty five
bucks and how much you know now that i’m twenty five qualifying time a hundred
and twenty-five dollars those pictures on the five hundred dollar bill sunny as well and i can lay i was at that time you handle any laws let me give you a chance to make it out
of ten dollars which is not going to be easy so concentrated ready plan of you’ll find on a buffalo nickel on friday bank simulacrum out tonight and compact
now in just one minute out last couple of play the ultimatum game and then we
know it gets a fifteen hundred dollar question right now his something or christmas
shoppers should pay attention to don’t tell me your christmas shopping is
done however if you know what k liang how can
i stop but i’m ready to drop yet so confused i could die dnaindia uh… in
this position and money to where they stand elgin immaculate compaq they’re painful there it’s not how do you live from the sky delivery by
visa yes that’s how the simplify your
shopping and still give below the fold it by elgin american compaq for all the women on your christmas list they’ll be thrilled with the elegance
and protection elgin american stands for you’ll be delighted with the value writes from jobs three ninety five ninety-five for american beauty
companion comeback whatever you play even for sterling silver or fourteen
karat gold you’ll get the basket at the best price with the best compact buddy by elgin american i don’t belong to reno is going on in
the chance of a fifteen minute article i think you ought to have an excel file
the bacteriological of our doctor a meeting with twenty dollars and the secret word is field just before but on the air our studio
audience elected a young couple who are about to be very and here they are coming in from upstate this jackie hawk and mister dunne pack off me groucho marx welcome kit for hours and i can contact and one of you said that’s a good way
the wind sixty millimeter apollo for movie projector instantly the kind of like something you see every
day but if i feel uncomfortable value toward getting that a done uh… pekka when is the big day within for me holier than and twenty five and uh… jackie how sins of the year certificate how are you gently i presume you realize that manages the
series businessmen will you be able to for thursday and uh… finished are you sure of that is the he
is binding well you dream is impressive right k but you like them you know with all of them that second-hand stuff no it isn’t and uh… we can learn when the boys that have my wife what do you what do you do it all back
within the police department so voting for kids from four to twenty once a week uh… fixed on you haven’t got it and jackie where do you like affiliated you liked it articulated stone the bargain basement argument well at least out with a friend he is leaf evening but we’ll with you remembered he’s level we’ll win lagoons well and and enrollment from thirty and behind now u while you’re listening to you yeah i’m a little past that period that
uh… how did he transmit this message to you
that he was going to see you at the u_n_ stashed away there’s an idea n well on can’t time between the let them the info madigan documented in the evening and manipulative stuff that it wasn’t and how far from the and jackie you out there to mend it but the sqn without two-and-a-half relative form of yeah must be a better way that you tried squeezing him in terms of
change boxes that they still alive then comedy show up around the foliage cited
dot life before escalating eddie popped the
question it than anybody else antsy to get
married in addition the amount of it’s really not the intended to you
propose he didn’t give you a counterproposal does not have the money at the end i did itself certainly rian you what it doesn’t matter that i really
think that non-partisan dot is unless you want a ten something in parliament bringing what your
ambition in live in if a person vision yet myself of that well happy a sixty five what your
ambition father are there any opportunities for
advancement there at all back only a few you contemplate thing well i think going to law school in the
fall unisa alternative that in the well if you could if you if you can send
me for five minutes you’ll have no trouble sending each other and shiva i wish you both every happiness and i know you’re gonna have a wonderful
time you know judge famine has you put the christmas get them out fine for jackie this lovely sterling silver
compact with fourteen karat gold engraving held in american imports and fergan out in americans have been grave
sterling silver cigarette case called for the regular on sixteen th
inside cigarette something you’ll always be found on that uh… night on a play about july debate on
whether to probably get a crack at the one thousand five hundred dollars i can
tell you how much they want to join his aunt says remind olives the bacteriology estimate for doctors to
my head with twenty dollars five-year legal u_s_ twenty dollars
that’s you know how you can go you selected songs with sweetness i’d
live that right idea twenty dollars how would you go to
bed and uh… humidified rather sweet song play gary daniella mojo dot of win made available and you know
if if if e an announcement to the fate of dr italians all right what’s the name of this song av me too daughter where they have fifty dollars
raggio at fifty dollars judge you on a ship a question how much of the fifty
eight on a truck economically forty dollars all right let’s even
identified a song okay gary weight died it’s quite so quickly have a point in
time these musicians and play a private now you’ve got ninety dollars in his
u_s_ used to be the other couples how much of the nineteen ninety five we have ninety the eighty-five any fight off that’s out of the missouri compromise management yes i’d love this sweet song seventy five dollars and at the end of the advent of about
three hundred dollar price tag and all our from myron while perfection is the word for elgin
american temple my birthday unlike her panther collective combined
in one can be effective the lighter like automatically when the
cigarette cape quick poll by your elgin american letter came from
nineteen ninety five or if companion american beauty lighter came from
nineteen ninety five tomorrow after your guitar for sure fire
lighter cases by elgin american and hear the wedding couple groucho the engaged couple a back again to try for fifteen hundred
dollars a deadlock aditya fifteen seconds to decide on a single answer
between yourself robert all the family and all of the audience recently a seven points that you have
them on the ladle found at the lake city was elected in the capital in washington what is the name of the great mormon
later it part high quality and see if you have decided
upon tentative plan now on i’m sorry it’s bring em you know payment that’s a shame it’s a shame that made the big question actually
clothing like two thousand dollars idealize the big money the committee
that lovely gets another night in and you wanna makan seventy five dollars
congratulations and thanks to both of you holding your vacuo live longer del
production rent driver hollywood directed by bob long range land doesn’t by gerry building remember next week request conveys dole
thousand dollars do you want to do in again next
wednesday night this time for your back your life buying groucho marx risen above the creators of america’s
most beautiful compact smartest cigarette cases magic action lighters and by the press is that l germ america tonight folks have you
looked at your contract lately and if you don’t care for music lesson of
george brain saying in just one hour

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  2. YOu sure that's not him–very young? I was a projectionist and ran all the bros movies, I'd say it's him, but I don't know.

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  4. These shows are from the period when CBS presented Groucho on Wednesday nights at 9pm(et) [before "THE BING CROSBY PROGRAM" and "THE AMMI-DENT SHOW STARRING GEORGE BURNS AND GRACIE ALLEN"] in the fall of 1949. Elgin-American's announcer is none other than young Mike Wallace…

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