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  1. thanks for addressing the "you are never too old" topic. At 62, I am starting over, learning to live alone (well, i have my cat) and decide what i am going to do with the rest of my life. Your calm voice, manner and delivery of info makes it easy to listen to the message. Thanks again.

  2. this is a constant thing for me, so thank you for talking about it. i really need this reminder/reassurance (for the exact same reasons too – education, driving, and transition). so like several of your other videos, this has been added to my "recovery" playlist for the darkest days <33

    what you say is helpful and good. i especially love the way you phrase it at 9:23
    "it's okay to take things slowly. going slowly doesn't mean you're not going anywhere, it just means you're respecting your own boundaries."

  3. NEAT, I wanna work in some company like this after graduate, that's the dream…

  4. Me: ):
    Aaron: um You look nice today :))

    Me in my PJs after waking up at almost 2 pm and watching this video: (: aww thank

  5. I am literally twice your age (I turn 50 in a few days), and I graduated only two years ago, and am having top surgery in August. So yes, it's definitely never too late! 😀

  6. You heckin springtime sunshine boy, this video did me a smile c: ✨✨✨

    It did hit me in the feels, but wow I loved that "DON'T LET UR DREAMS BE DREAMS" energy xD

  7. On the notification, it just said "Do Karate" and I was like wtf Aaron 😂😂 but I clicked nonetheless

  8. The timing of this video though, I got a violin today (at 22). I am going to be absolutely horrified and die of embarrassment for a while but damn if I won’t try 😂

  9. Feeling too old sounds toxic, of course being too young too transition is another situation. But, being told or thinking you are too old to transition, sets this tone that everyone should transition at a young age or you aren't valid. Which is wrong. Transition when it feels right and you know what you are doing.

  10. CONGRATS ON COLLEGE BB! I am really behind, because I financially cannot go to college yet and everyone my age is graduating this year pretty much. You're 100% correct on this one bud, it doesnt matter what time you do things! Go at your own pace

  11. Congrats on heading to uni, the sponsorship and changing cologne! Love the message of this video, I taught English as a second language to a lovely group of retirees and they were having SUCH a ball being beginners, something which would usually made my younger students embarrassed and self conscious. You’ve got this, no matter when or what you start, and you’ll find awesome people/communities who will support you 💚
    Edit: and from a teacher’s standpoint, it genuinely doesn’t matter 🤗

  12. Congratulations and thank you!! I’m 32, FTM, and just starting my transition. I’m pre-everything and my age really gets me down. It means a lot to hear someone that I look up to say that it’s okay to be figuring this out now. My age complicates things because I would like to have children. My bio clock is ticking. I need to transition, but I have a small window left for fertility. I have to transition first because my marriage has to survive my transition before children are brought into the mix. Freezing eggs isn’t possible for me. It’s like I understand that it’s never to late to transition, but figuring this out at my age can definitely mean it’s too late for me to have children. Even if I’d figured this out just five years ago…there’s time, but there also isn’t.

  13. You smell nice Aaron. Congratulations on getting to go to university. You have found more answers at 25 than a lot of people twice your age. Take care.

  14. Thanks for making this video!!! 🙂 im 24 and also just starting the higher education process, I've had these same feelings alot since everyone i know has graduated already lol, so this was a good reminder 👍💜

  15. Try to not compare yourself to others. There's no time limit. It's the journey not the destination!! Much love and respect to you, Aaron. ♥

  16. I’m so proud of you for getting into university AND your first choice of program! That’s AMAZING! You’ve got this!!

    Thank you for this video ❤️ I’m twenty and going into my third year of psychology/visual arts double major BA program at a smaller university than my siblings and this is an entirely different field than my family, and I’ve been behind in life in a lot of milestones such as learning to drive and looking after myself and many other things. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to achieve things when you achieve them 🙂

  17. I’m about to turn 20 and lately I’ve been feeling like it’s too late for me to get my life together. My last semester of school I got hit by car (🙃) and I had to drop out and got fired (ultimately because I got hit by a car) in the span of two weeks. So yeah you could say I’m a complete mess and I feel like its too late to fix it

  18. I am about to turn 24 in a couple months and I'm about to enter my sixth year of working on my bachelor's degree. It could take me a 7th or even an 8th year for me to finish. It's hard sometimes because most everyone I know who is my age have already finished their degrees and most of the people around me, in my classes, are younger and further ahead in our degree than me. And a lot of times they're doing more side projects and working as assistants for grad students etc. Sometimes I feel like I should be done already that I'm lagging behind and I should be doing more and what not, But I also have to remind myself it's not a race and I've dealt with a lot of bullshit in the midst of all my studies and yet here I am, still going, and the fact that I'm doing it at all is an amazing thing. A few years ago I met a woman on the bus who was 66 and had just started to go back to school to become a social worker and she was so excited about it. Everyone lives life in their own way at their own speed and we should always pursue what we want no matter at what time we start to pursue it.

  19. This is right on time. I am 35 and I've been disabled for 9 years now and Ive been so frustrated that I haven't been able to do more.
    Also I think that therapy needs to be better at determining the difference between the symptoms of physical health issues affecting mental health and depression (because they can be similar and or overlap due to social/ environmental access to things).

  20. Your walking through how to do the counseling process was excellent! I, too, need to see it being done first so it’s not so anxiety-producing. Thank you for this encouraging video, as I often feel “too old” as a 40 something newly-realized transgender/non-binary being with Autism and EDS who is learning as much as I can to be my true self and do what I love—as my true self! Thank you for all that you share and do! It is truly appreciated!

  21. I feel like this so much and I’ve been trying to work through it but it still gets me sometimes, thanks for this video

  22. Recommend doing due diligence when considering online counseling i.e., making sure the professional is licensed and your data isn't being sold. 💜

  23. This! I'm 25 and just starting to work on my transition now, I lived with my parents until six months ago and didn't feel comfortable coming out until leaving that environment. I ended a relationship that wasn't making me happy and started realizing that I needed to work on being myself regardless of how old I was or what others thought. Also yes do karate lol. I started taekwondo when I was 22 and am now about three ranks away from blackbelt! Just do it, don't let your dreams be dreams lmao

  24. I really hope you get to see this Aaron, but you said (and I may be reading this wrong and I'm sorry if I am) that you are scared that what you do on this channel is not enough and that what you do is not enough, but I really do want you to understand what you do in each of our lives.

    I absolutely spoke for many people there, but to give out my own experience. My best friend sent me originally to the old podcast because I had finally told her, after years of internally knowing but fearing what she would think, that I am trans. She was happy I found safety in telling her, but she knew I had some deep internal issues with stepping outside the binary and wanted me to hear you and hear your experience.

    Needless to say, you absolutely changed my life. I'm still getting used to referring to myself with the correct pronouns and correct name, and I am trying to stay patient with myself on this journey, but you really have opened my world view and helped me feel I wasn't alone in how I thought or felt. I can't thank you enough for all that you have helped me discover in myself and all that you have truly done in these beginning steps of my journey.

    But the most important thing I wanted to really let you know is that you really are enough, you are more than enough, and you are always more than enough. Thank you <3 <3

  25. Felt like you were really speaking to me. This is so what I'm going through. Also thanks for going through the Pride Counselling sign up, It's pretty cool that they let you choose an LGBTQI+ counsellor or counsellor who is a POC or non-religious. I reckon I will actually sign up.

  26. This is how I feel towards starting ballet. I'm not super comfortable to go to a studio, for fear of being judged on my age. I feel like people start ballet only at 5. And from the outside it looks like a super strict discipline. I might do it for just a few months, because my foot bones are not super healthy. Researching studios now!! 😀

  27. Awe, Aaron! You are so sweet and inspirational. Thanks for making this video. I struggle with people judging me for trying new things. I'm 36 and frequently feel too old to do X,Y,Z. I also have anxiety too so that compounds it. So thank you for putting this out there.
    PS My dad, 55 at the time, took karate with me all 4 years of high school. It was awesome having him in class. I believe karate can helps all ages in a multitude of ways.

  28. Great video Aaron! I had kind of given up on counseling, but Pride counseling seems pretty cool. Do you think Pride Counseling is good at working with Autistic people? I'm Autistic (self-diagnosed) and I don't necessarily need an official diagnosis, I just really want to talk to someone about stuff as I'm processing it. I tried to talk to our University therapist, but it went really badly. He dismissed what I was saying and didn't know anything about autistic people

  29. I’ve been really struggling for a while now but this is something I needed to hear. It wasn’t long ago when I thought I wasted my life. Thanks Aaron. From your trans sister Cleo.

  30. Get out of my brain again! 😀 I'm recently 26 and I feel so fucking old, because I feel a disconnect between the picture of 26y/o I have in my head and my own life. I don't have a licence, I'm still in uni. I keep putting off dreams and plans, both thinking "I'm still young, I have all the time" and "I can never do that, I'm too old now!". And I'll never be as young as I am now. I feel comforted by popular artists publishing their first work in their 30s or even 60s.

  31. 24 and still pre surgery. I've always felt like I can't do things like going to Uni because of my transition, but I kind of want to try anyway. thanks for the video, this was so good.

  32. I have similar thought limitations. I now tell myself:
    "life is not a race to the end" (for obvious reasons)
    "it is survival of the fittest, not survival of the fastest" – i.e. it's more important to look after my health and well being than try and do everything at speed.
    Congrats at getting into uni, and well done for taking the time to fully realise that it is not to late to learn karate! 🙂

  33. Congratulations for going back to school !! I know how hard it might be, I am 32 and 2 years ago I decided to go back to college and it was not easy ! So congrats and good luck !

  34. I wish there was a <3 button. I often feel that way with schooling as I am 35 and about half way through with a “2 year” degree that I have been working on still 18.

  35. Thank you so much for this, it's like hearing something I didn't know I needed to hear but I really did. If that makes any sense. I'm going to university in September too, to do games art. Because I'm self taught and started drawing only a couple years ago, I kinda felt like Im too late to really be any good, and that I don't really deserve to be accepted on the course. But knowing someone else felt that way and is working through it is super reassuring. I always watch your videos to cheer me up when I'm feeling down and I guess this is why haha ❤️

  36. Thank you so much Aaron for making yet another video that I didn’t know I needed to hear. I am autistic and 29 and have always felt so behind because I’m not where most people my age are at so thank you times a million for saying it’s never too late to start something you love ❤️

  37. im 62 and I just had top surgery 5 weeks ago and started HRT last august. OLD, my friend was in her 70's when she transitioned. one is only as old as they feel not as others perceive.

  38. "My back pain? It actually comes from the weight of carrying all my baggage"

    This is the most relatable thing I've ever heard.

  39. omg congrats on the spon and getting into university! we both start uni at the same time too (i'm studying physics #/nerd lol)

  40. Congrats on getting into university! Rooting for you!

    This video was… exactly what I needed. Just today I was thinking about the fact that I'm almost 23 and don't have a driving license and it's like every year it gets harder… I want a driving license but I'm just not sure if I'm ready, if I could handle the anxiety of the driving exam and of, eventually, driving. And I can't waste money if I'm not ready. I can't count how many times I've thought "let's not even think about this", partially because of anxiety and partially because of the fear of it being too late now. Basically, everything you said really resonated with me and it got me thinking more rationally about this topic.

    And this especially includes school. I never finished high school and it's a whole mess but I've been kinda thinking (more like, I try to avoid the thought but sometimes it pops up and gives me anxiety) of trying and finishing high school. Probably online cause I couldn't handle it otherwise. And after watching this video for the first time I was like "I should start looking up how I could finish high school online here". Maybe I'm gonna. Maybe it's gonna take a little longer still. It's okay either way.

  41. Oh my God I love you so much for going through the sign-up process with people that is amazing and life-changing and everyone needs to do that LOL!
    I’m already in all of the therapy so I don’t need this resource but I can’t wait to share it!

  42. I'm 32 and I don't have my licence :/ I can drive but the social anxiety means I can't do the lessons because I have a panic attack every time. Yay! I'll still do it one day though. But I get what you mean, feeling like its too late!

  43. Thank you for this. I've been feeling a lot of really, really ugly feelings because I feel like I'm so "late" in life. I wish I could go back and do high school, and do the beginning of college, all over again as I am, because I spent a lot of it being anxious and taking alone time. Now I feel like I've missed it. I feel like I haven't ticked off a lot of boxes for my age – no partner, no intimacy, no internship. I waited to drink until I was 21 on the dot. I didn't vape until yesterday, and I'm 22 – I know that's not a typical life goal but people had been offering hits to me for years, and I just never took them up on it. I was afraid.

    But you're right. The impact of those things was negated once I actually did them. I was now a person that drank, and all the times I was kicking myself before dissipated, like they never existed.

    So, thank you.

  44. I'm 24, started transitioning last year and getting my drivers license right now! Everyone has their own timing for things and that's totally fine 🙂

  45. Thanks for this, im currently 22 and have to wait another few years before starting T due to waiting lists in the UK.

  46. I have adhd autism and gender dysaphoria and starting my hrt for mtf and not regretting my decision it will make me happy and true to where I will fit into society

  47. Aaron your channel makes me so happy and uplifted, I can re watch your videos a hundred times and still love them and have them make me less depressed

  48. Dude….we need smell-a-vision!!! Btw, I’m 63 and I’m doing TKD, and starting to trans…..slowly! Gonna look into Pride counseling. Hey – you do it – when you do it!!! Don’t sweat the small stuff!! You got this sweetheart!!!

  49. My back pain, it actually comes from carrying the weight of all my baggage 😂 I have never related to anything more than this.

  50. I started karate at 26, I'm a second degree black belt now.lol. If I ever transition(at this very late point in my life) I'll be doing so with A LOT of emotional maturity, balance, and clarity 😉 (I expect.lol.) do Shotokan caus' it's cool.

  51. Hi Aaron! I shared the clip from 7:45 to about 8:50 with my boyfriend, He started uni at a later age like you and has felt inadequate or that he's going too slow. I think it's helped him
    I also really loved the "do karate" joke, made me laugh a lot! I hope to work on more of my writing this summer. Its not so much that I feel too old for it, just that I'm not good enough in general.
    Lots of love, always, another french canadian 🙂

  52. Thank you so much for making this video!!! I really needed to hear this today. I struggle with these things a lot. It feels really good to know that I'm not alone and to be reminded that it's not too late.

  53. The best thing about being an adult is that on the most part there is no deadline. When you're a kid you have to walk at a certain point, talk at a certain point and so on. When you are an adult you can be a college student at any age, become a parent at any age and so on.

  54. Any other older trans folks reading the comments here that feel like they'll NEVER be able to transition because of marriage, kids, jobs, just LIFE that happens over time and that there are OTHER PEOPLE that are involved – not just YOU, as it would be if you were single or have no children? Would be great to hear from anyone who is in a similar season of life….

  55. Thank you for such an uplifting video! I also want to compliment you on your speech. You enunciate and pronounce the entire word (especially finishing the t at the end of words). That’s refreshing in a world of mumble-vloggers. Keep up the great work and good luck with your exciting new ventures!

  56. I struggle with these kind of thoughts too, like I’m so afraid of now knowing things beforehand. If you think logically it makes no sense to believe you have to know everything before doing it or having it explained to you. I’m trying to get better at dealing with these kind of thoughts.
    What a nice video you’ve made, Aaron. And congrats for getting into university 🥰

  57. Does your university/college have "non-traditional" student discounts? I went to college after 10 years of work, I got a grant that paid more because I was older than the straight from high school people. Just a thought as i watch this! I was 38 when I started transitioning, I'm 42 now, and the only thing I'm sad about is my voice did NOT change at all. I still get misgendered all the time because of my high voice. I've been looking up voice training videos online, but I notice when I'm happy or excited, I still squeak lol 😀 I can't hit notes as high pitch as I used to though, so there was a slight change, but nothing completely noticeable.
    I still won't get my drivers license, anxiety stops me. I don;t like to throw up after getting out of the car when I've been driving. My friend even got me a key chain that says "WARING: I throw up easily" lol
    Thank you for this video, I really needed to hear this, I've teared up a bit from you saying it's OK to start with anything at any time in life <3 grateful happy tears

  58. Congrats! 🎉 and thanks for this video, you always seem to bring up subjects that I really relate to. 🙂

  59. Yeah I failed out of two schools and got fired from three jobs before finding a college program that worked for me, and even then it took me 6 years to get my 4 year degree, but I STILL DID IT. And got a job that I actually enjoy. Life is not a race. You're doing just fine.

  60. Hey, you’re gonna do great in uni. Know that you’re there because you actually want to. Many people are there because they feel like they have to and that not being there ( even if they feel terrible being there ) is them being a failure. Take in all the brain things, skill things and meet cool people. You’re gonna do great whether yo graduate in 2020 or 2037.5 💙

  61. Hey Aaron, not sure if you're going to see this comment, but you should check out your college's mature students' association!! The MSA was pretty big at my uni and a lot of mature students found it really beneficial 🙂 Good luck for starting classes 😀

  62. Wow, I really needed this right now. I've been feeling like I'm so behind because I'm about to turn 21 and I haven't started moving towards medical transition, and I can't drive, and I'm not going to graduate "on time" and I'm too old to learn the violin, and too old to learn to draw, and, and, and.

    It's hard to take a step back sometimes and just tell yourself that your path isn't necessarily as direct as other people's, even though I know that I'd never think any of these things about anyone else starting or progressing at the same rate.

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