YBN Cordae “Kung Fu” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

All of my old friends that I grew up with a genuine as fuck won’t even barely talk But whenever we do talking we link it be love But it be the people who I would just like be cool enough to die up with no, bro You’re not gang gang shit only like home team my real good friends. We is love forever, but don’t make this fucking Hell yeah my mom put me in a karate for like a week how it used to be a big Michael Jackson fan when I was young so he took me out of Like a week as I do still like just dancing the mirrors and shit, then she like put me a boxing and shit He’s the box from like 12 to 14 and shit. So I’m hands. I you know, the sign is I’m gonna say Let me tell you how come dude with the one-two kicking shit like kung foo Treat a bad bit like she averaged on my side bitch, lo hall what you wanna do. I’m about cashed around fast imma
Get that loan nigga by Any means I’m gonna complain but my bald man’s but it’s all saying couple racks in my skinny jeans My mama is always like and them jeans tight as hell man Take them shits out, but it’s like but they got racks in these jeans mama, you know what I’m saying? So let me wear my skinny jeans and comfort hit it up one time niggas gonna get it to the sunrise It’s gonna hard knock some alumni bitches on my dick like fungi. Okay, like fungi sticks to shit You know I’m saying once this dere is stuck. So I’m like bitches are stuck on me There’s no fungi fungus or anything on my dick. It’s clean Its soot we good on this side super-good won’t stop. What’s that? Keep the tummy yummy like a rug rat nice Try it with a bus at tell my mama quit but I love cash I used to sell weed and shit like my senior year at high school And then I was selling like weed and college and shit. I got in trouble for it I need you to make my own money I didn’t want to ask my you know, I grew up with a single mom and shit I want trying to ask her for bread So I just like found out to be the easiest thing to do is just start selling weed and shit. I Might just get it then get it again come up. So I split with my friends a 20 of them 20. Mm 20 20 20 trifling put forward to a bitch. Imma get it Imma, get it regardless bussing chugging used to trap on to college. Give me brain I sweat I bitches the scholar no snakes around me only snakes on my college I think I had a Gucci shirt But my managers boy For me because we had like a photo shoot and I was wearing that shirt and wheels in the stewing shit And I was like no snakes around me like none of my gum and snakes this snakes on my car That’s the expensive lifestyle bro. Like I ain’t rich like that to be buying like $3,000 shoes bro, cuz all the richest niggas don’t do it me go should be endorsed by society They should get 5 million dollars from every year. I doubt he gave him any fuckin down or a discount I’m a defendant. I pray to Jesus to Christ better Hope he believe in your life free my Luna go Saudi was catching on bodies He find his demons alight Saudi is referencing to assemble so and my little brothers who locked up right now for first-degree murder and shit, so I was this, you know Just stand by him in a song that shit, but free scent But he’s gonna come home soon for show O my niggas be trapping your niggas be wrapping it robbery you asking what happened got a new bitch from China she wearing designer I’m listening I ran into fashion, huh? I’ve been all around the fucking globe baby. What shit? No Motherfucker better tuck intro got places to go niggas mister last flight livin in the fast life My my said you never act right goddamn Guess I’m a bad guy But I’m on my ground like a halfpipe cuz I switch it and flip it and cook it up mad Nice til I see them flashlights and I’m gone fast flash like our futures at a bright Because when they ran is doing your business new and your old friends be resenting you like my women brown and my Benji’s blue shit Is fucked up when they envy you and but niggas got killed over penny shoes when I’m from niggas dying like Kenny dude, DC Foamposites DMV area like we was crazy over phone posits Like I remember one like the electric blues came out and if pewters came out like I was in middle school Bro, somebody at my middle school literally died bro over his fucking those pewter shoes, but that shit was fuckin the same But I literally died like niggas dying over, you know Penny Hardaway’s shoes and niggas dying like every day like Kenny do cuz you know Kenny from South Park He died every day of shit. So I thought that was kind of cool Take a hitter this packing his handy juice only one of me, but it’s plenty of you It was all a dream reminiscing over smaller things grow my cooking like Paula Deen my grandma be making biscuits from scratch She be rolling them biscuits up like with flour and powder put them joints in there She’d be making some good old lemon pepper chicken issue. I love going back to Grandma crib, man She’d be cooking like a motherfucker. It ain’t hard to sing grew up with the starving teens. They’re gonna plant Stillwater ring I feel like majority of people is raised by a single mom nowadays You know I’m saying she made sure to like keep me on my shit You know I’m saying she was on my ass about anything and you know, I love her for that

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