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Hey little mama let me whisper in your ear. Tell me something that you might like to hear. I’m YBN Cordae, and this my Mind Massage. (snap)
Shhhhh. All right, this a cheap ass Xbox controller. Very used, obviously.
(coughs) Whispering makes me cough. (gulps)
Aah! So yeah Jay, Nahmir, and Glizzy, they all met on Xbox Live. Which is like the coolest most millennium shit ever. And then um, we created this YBN shit, which brings us here today, so thank you Xbox. (clicks buttons) I’m really fucking good at 2K, I’ll bust yo ass and your mama. (cracks knuckles)
Ah! I know y’all ain’t gone like that. Oh! (cracks knuckles)
Ooh, ah. Now my back hold on. (cracks)
Ah. (crack)
Ooh! I’m really excited to draw. (crinkling) Nice brown.
(squirts) Ew, that sounds like shit. (squirts) This looks like someone is sharting. (laughs) If you don’t look at this as shit and just look at this as chocolate. What if… Yo, I’m
I’m, no I’m not gonna do it. You know my album is called “The Lost Boy” and it has a big ass sign on it that says “The Lost Boy” and it’s all brown. I love brown that’s like my favorite color. One time I did a tattoo on one of my fans so my penmanship is obviously supreme. Yeah. You know like, it’s always good energy at my shows. I’m very hands on, I’m very personal with all my fans. You know I talk to each and every last one of ’em after the shows. So yeah, make sure y’all come out and see me on my headlinin’ tour. It’s comin’ soon. (crinkling)
All right. Okay so, right here we have this very cheap Fisher Price house. (house slides on table) Actually it’s not that cheap. This a pretty dope kitchen, it got a island and a bar. Wow!
A big ass toilet. Yo’ ass can get flushed in there. The toilet is almost as big as the bath. How inaccurate. This why the youth is stupid. So right here we have a house and this relates to “The Lost Boy” ’cause I’m kinda talkin’ about home. At the beginning you know, it’s “Wintertime” I’m describing my path. And then the second song is “Have Mercy,” third song is called “Bad Idea.” I dug is as if I never went home again, you know what I’m sayin’? So basically representin’ how you first embarking on your journey. You lookin’ back like, “Nah I’m never gonna go back home.” And then you have “Thanksgiving” ironically as the next song. ‘Cause it’s like you’re reminiscing you know, when you left home. And then you have “Way back home,” then “Grandma’s house” right after that, and then “Been Around.” So all of these just circle around the theme of embarking on your journey and heading home. “Up and down, round and round, “tryin’ to find my way back home.” Man I love going home, it sucks that I’m not home ’cause my family is really close. I got like 30 aunts and uncles, and like a hundred first cousins. (knocking)
Open up nigga. (opens door)
What’s up? (Velcro rips)
(taps gloves together) Imagine if we had mittens, if our hands were boxing gloves instead of our five fingers. (thumps gloves together) On the project “The Lost Boy,” I got some bangers. One of ’em is “Have Mercy.” And on “Have Mercy” it’s like, it’s as life hit you with a light jab. (thumps gloves together) Mike Tyson strike back. You know what I’m sayin’? I feel like my music was very therapeutic to myself. Whenever I’m going through something I write music. (thumps gloves) Know what I’m sayin’?
(hisses) Everybody on boxin’ be makin’ they own sounds. (hisses)
When you slap boxers. I felt like if the world whispered instead of yellin’ a lot less wars would be going on. That’s just my perspective of ASMR, it’s pretty dope. (beep)

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  1. Lmao Im trynna be a rapper but if i ever made it i dont think id promote it with asmr. Unless im whispering on the track

  2. 1:27 well that is brown paint which looks like shit, but it also looks like chocolate..
    Wait if that could be chocolate it might taste nice.
    Imma have some

  3. “I got like 30 aunts and uncles… and got like a 100 of first cousins.” Lmao I’m an aboriginal native and we natives can relate to that shit. 😂😅

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