Xgirl Nerf Gun: Battle Angel With Criminal Group

This time, nothing to steal so we will have nothing to eat there Rob it Stop Who are you? Why block my motorbike New motorbike We are bandits Please let me go go? Ok, leave the motorbike for me I just bought a motorbike, let me go Not talking much,
get off the motorbike fast Go away Let’s go Take gun How to start the motorcycle? Ok Let me ask, are you guys the Xgirl group? That’s right, it’s us, what’s the matter? I would like to report, I have just
been robbed by these two bandits I look familiar to him If I remember correctly the cross tattoo on the neck
was the robbers of Alibaba That’s right, I remember this guy
looking very familiar Don’t worry, I know them Luckily, please help me Please rest assured
go home after getting back the motorbike,
I will contact you Thanks, I’m home We act Down Let’s go Where did you just go We just stole a motorbike Very nice, you look You guys did well, I will reward you The motorbike is over there,
we carry out the plan There are 3 people here,
you go to the other side Tonight let you two go to the bar to play Already in position Okay The boss is number 1 Action 1 person upstairs, 1 person on the left,
1 person on the right Okay And 1 person upstairs Ok Their boss is here Say quickly, where’s the key We are go home This is your motorbike key Thanks, no friends I lost the motorbike Nothing, next time be careful I know, bye

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