Wushu Fundamentals – Wheeling Arm TUTORIAL

Hey guys, this is Nick from Enter Martial Arts. In this video, we’re going to go over the
wushu wheeling arm. Now, a few things to keep in mind as you’re
learning this: make sure to keep your arms totally straight. Try not to hyper extend or bend your arms and also, make sure you look only to the
left or to the right. You don’t want to be looking straight forward
or to the back, at all. Okay? And most importantly, make sure you pay attention
to the stances. Stances are what’s going to make this
wheeling arm work. Okay? Enjoy! Okay, so to practice this technique, you want to start out with your feet shoulder width apart, your hands open just like this. Okay? And what you’re going to do is drop your right
hand as you lift your left hand. And you’re gonna move your shoulders all the
way over so now my shoulders squared to that back wall. I’m going to open up so my shoulders are straight
again. I’m gonna turn so my shoulders are squared
to that back wall over there. And then back down again. Okay? So here, Right hand down, left hand up. Good, now , right hand up left hand down. Straighten out. Right hand down, left hand up. And then, right hand up, left hand down. And finish. Now, to perform this full technique, what you’ll want to do is go down into your bow stance. Just like this, right here. And then, you’re gonna start with your right
hand down, just like that. Over, left hand. Now notice, I’m still looking over there and as I switch my stance, I’m going to look in this direction here, as I switch my stance. Now left hand went over, my back heel is off the ground and I’m going to slam my right hand into the ground. Okay? Just like that. Good, again. A little bit faster. So, from here, over, over, down. Just like that. One more time. Over, over, down. Okay, so a few things to remember when you’re
doing this tec hnique. First thing you want to do is that once you
go down into that drop stance you’ll want to make sure you’re not bouncing around. You want to make sure you’re solid. So, when I’m going down here, POW. I want to make sure I’m solid, not, not bouncing
around in my stance. Okay? So here, around pop, POW! Just like that. Okay? Totally not moving at all once you get that
stance. Now, the second thing is: where that back
hand goes is actually really important. Okay? You want to make sure you’re in a straight
line as you do it so, I’m going to go in this direction. I’m gonna slam my hand. Watch this back hand. It’s in a straight line. Okay? I’m not all the way back here. And stretching my pectoral muscles, too much. Now, I’m no longer in a straight line, okay? Straight line, just like that. Here, let me turn this way so you can see. Just like this. Straight line. Not, not way over. Just like that. Okay? So thanks a lot for watching, guys! If you have any questions or comments, feel
free to leave them below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

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