WUSHU COMPETITION | 2 Days of Chinese Martial Arts

Okey guys, is 6:20 in the morning. We are going on our way to Liangshan. We are here in the bus. Everybody is kind of sleeping. After 2 hours we are finally here. From the air conditioner. I need to wake up, seriously. I’m like sleeping. Man, in China, in this kind of events, you feel like a famous, because a lot of Chinese people want to take photos of you. And it won’t end. You think it will end, it won’t. 1 hour and it will be like this. I’m representing Poland! Oh, Colombia! Okey, now we’re going in. It’s gonna take a lot of time, because we are the first delegation entering just with the organizers. Spain, Columbia, Australia Okay, that was the opening ceremony in this place. We need to go, grab our things. You like it? Amazing this Yeah, the kids are amazing. Man, so impressive. How they jump. It’s like, it looks so easy. And in this ground that is so slippery. yes. yes. Slippery and hard. Hey guys, see you later. We are arrived here, to the hotel. What is going on? He wants money from me. They are already warming up here. Oh, look Basia. Here is our room. We have a nice bed here. Chinese view. Basia trying to open the window. Let’s see. Window vs Basia round 1. Window. The window is winning. Let me try. Daniel vs the window. Daniel wins. Hello, my name is Gidion. Nice to meet you. The room is amazing. Competition’s been good so far. I’m looking forward to this afternoon. I agree with what she said. All good. I think everything is garbage. I don’t know what I’m doing here. Because you’re standing next to garbage. It’s time to go to the competition. So , attention please now. When we arrive you 5. We’re going together, okey, to check in. and there is a number for you. So we find out what is the order… Good luck! Is no battery. Gidion, he needs a lot of attention sometimes. I like the camera, you know. So, 4-5 students gonna perform this afternoon. And the rest gonna perform in the night, like Basia. In the evening. In the evening. After 7. From…Yeah. From 6:30 to whenever. This is sparring field here. Taekwondo. But these kids have a lot of protection. Yeah. They have huge helmet. Looks like they’re just fighting like crazy. Without training. No much technique. But yeah it’s just kids. It’s very hot, so with these suits they have, they they have to sweat so much. But Basia has a nice fun here. It’s already 2:10 and we haven’t start yet. Actually I think, they started. They put 6 kids to perform in this small place. It’s like, man, they just gonna hit each other, you know. We have a singer. Yeah. Singer. Very good. Basia is trying to talk with some chinese kids. These are my new friends. So easy to make friends in China. They already talk 20 minutes and they don’t understand each other. I understand them! Now we’re gonna go outside to check some weapons. Spear… Stuff… Wang dao. Basia you found something? You want to buy some spear? So you are the next once? Yes? Yeah? Finally, people of our school are gonna perform. Basia, but let’s buy the ice-cream. Liang ge (two) Everybody is eating these ice-cream here. This ice-cream is just 1 kuai. That is like six part of a dollar. We come here to see the Sanda (chinese boxing). Ambulance arrived. They are going for a guy, who had nokaut. Super hot inside, but it’s raining a lot outside. I was thinking that you’re gonna do the double sword. No. Are you feel okey? Was good? Yeah. It was okey. It’s definitely different doing it on those mats. It’s like your feet just keep sticking into it, right. Just thinking. It’s always weird, when you’re doing it in front of people, who are like, they all watching you, judging you. So I was like, Oh Fuck! But, went well. Okey, it’s time to go. It’s almost 6pm and we will come back around 8:00. Gidion this time is not performing, because, I don’t know, he’s a lazy guy. Yeah. You know sometimes you just don’t wanna perform. It’s just the way it is. No, he’s actually injured, so he didn’t want to perform. Me as well. People are there. How you feel Rishab? Was good? Yeah. Good. Next is staff form. And you Keven? It was good. It was great. Better than expected. Peace and love to everyone! Now, out of the crowd of people, we are gonna have some dinner. So, in each room of these is like a table, like a private room. Squid, my favorite. So, we already selected the meat for the barbecue and now we’re going to like this room – vegetables room. Let’s check it out. Look at this. Oh, look all these dishes. This is Basia dishes. Pig ear. Pig ears! And you eat it just like this? No no no, we slide it. Very good. You like it? No, too much fat man, there’s no meat in there. No way. I not gonna eat that. I like this one. Is so good. Man they have so much. Look. Did you see the fish with legs, Dani? This one? Yes. It’s crazy. It’s like a Cocodrie (he meant crocodile). Octopus. So even if we open, if it’s closed and everything, it’s good to clean a little bit more. And now you throw this in the… in the trash bin. Just like that. I am not being dirty. It is like how Chinese culture works. More is coming and is a lot of food here. Get this last dish and it’s so good. It’s like a piece of bread toast. Gidion eat a lot. And Basia still needs to compete. Okay guys, see you later. Okay guys, we are already here again and these guys need to perform. Basia was already late Warm up a little bit after so big dinner Finally, our last two participants… and it’s 9:20 in the night. Emily and Basia. Okay guys, that is everything. We need to go back. Maybe tomorrow we come back. See you. Okay, we already arrived to the hostel, to the hotel. We are discussing what are the plans for tonight. They are talking about karaoke. But Basia, don’t like the idea that I sing. We are here drinking. Hello guys, today is the next day and this morning we had breakfast really fast and after master Wei, the head master of the school tell Basia and me to come here because they wanted to talk with them like the people that is organizing the competition so we come to this fancy hotel. I go there, but I cannot talk. Okay, we’ve just finished. See you guys, now we’re going to the Liangshan – Robin Hood mountain. Okay guys, this is the entrance. a butter knife we Basia and I, we decide to don’t go in, because there is no much time and we didn’t wanna to see very in a rush. and actually, it’s really nice spot here. There is a river. So we’re gonna take a look of that. Looks very powerful. It’s about the story about Robin Hood. There were some. 180 men. Kind of rebels, but they were actually good and the government wanted to catch them, but they didn’t want to get caught. so they went to the mountain, which was surrounded by a river and it was very difficult for the government to go there and look for them. So, they actually created their own small country, with their own rules. and yeah, that’s the story, like a Robin Hood. and there are as well some sayings that they were helping poor people and they were kind of taking money from the… rich, rich and not good people. We found our spot, really amazing and it’s like this place for us, specially. The weather is not the best you know I think it’s pollution. But, you know, I breathe and I don’t feel it, like bad air. If you go down here. You will see vegetables, some farmers, locals plant things and you can really see almost everywhere. We are in the middle of the city and they do it everywhere in China. Hey guys, I just gonna throw you up and see you I don’t know where you’re gonna land. See you. Okay guys, we’ve just arrived. We are here in the school. And I was sleeping in the bus. How you feel Basia? Everybody is arriving here to the school. So sleepy guys, so that was our venture and our experience in this kung fu competition. So guys, see you next time. Hope that you like, like it and enjoy it Don’t forget to share this video if you like it. Okay guys, see you. And yeah, there is a novel of DragonsWarriors.com that you can check it out. Look what you get after… 2 years of kung fu training? Let’s learn chinese from us. Let’s learn english and chinese. So in chinese, in Basia chinese is Liangshan. Daniel chinese is Liangshan. Are you feeling scared right now? This is so annoying right now. Come on jump. Inside my mouth? No. Maybe inside her eye? No. Where we go?

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