Wu Tang Collection – The Sword of Revenge – ENGLISH Subtitled

In Pursuit of Revenge Screenplay – Directed by
Deng Yuen Action Director:
Yu Cheng Hui Big Brother! Wait Need to take a leak Hurry up You done yet? Yes almost, what is there
to be afraid of anyway The Merry Inn wasn’t an usual inn, but did you see the boss lady’s
watery eyes staring at me all the time. That inn had huge mess hall,
perhaps we’ve been spotted Your shoe is here Come on We are just passing through You know our reputation
give us The pearl You can take the valuables, but look
at the banner of those you rob are you sure you want to it? So you work for the Golden Lion Escort What is your rank and name? I am the deputy chief escort
Sung Cheng Der We fear the power of your chief
so we will not bother you -Let’s go
-Go Good skills That’s not good Who are you men? We come to take the Pearl
and also your lives This pearl, even those highway men
dare not take it What gives you the right? Those men are already dead We mean business Well then I suppose I’ll have
to give it to you then Brother run! Green Dragon sword…. So you must be from….
the Green Dragon Sect… Search Who’s there? -You want us to search there?
-No, go I got him! I got him! Dad, I got him! Dad…Dad…. Look, I shot the rabbit I used this to get him You gave me these when I was five When did you start
practicing this kind of kung fu? You’re always away from home,
nobody plays with me so I practiced by myself Let’s go home and cook it From this day fourth
I will stay with you everyday Yesterday I went to Golden Lion Escort
firm and handed in my resignation I have now withdrawn
from the martial world You say you will stay with me but
you really want to practice swordplay Am I right? You wish to learn the
Free and unfettered sword style those that manage to reach
the 9th level become invincible But so far
no one has achieved the 9th level -You are not qualified to learn it
-Why not? Those the learn this style must
be without any pressure or stress only then can they grasp what
this sword style is all about only those that can achieve that level
of enlightenment can master the Free and unfettered style The highest level I was able to
achieve was the 8th level after your mother died
I lost the motivation to study Welcome my lord Is chief escort Yeh here? He is on the hill
playing with the prince I’ll tell him of your arrival Father, you spent vast sums of money
to find a cure for mother’s illness is that why you became an escort
to pay the bills, right? I Drink too much wine
now my hand shakes a bit I am afraid that ….
the Free and unfettered sword style will be lost forever I see what you are getting at,
you want me to carry it on What I want most for you above all else
is not to enter the martial world and not to become an escort Don’t take the same path that I took You might not understand, but to
be an ordinary citizen is the best My lord, Escort Hsu is here
and seeks an audience Did you not inform him that I am no longer
under the employment of Gold Lion escort Yes I did, but Escort Hsu
had a look of urgency about him As of today, under no circumstances will
I have any involvment in these matters -It’s indeed an honour….
-Greetings my lord, help me How may I be of help? Deputy Escort Sung Cheng Der was
carrying a priceless pearl he was ambushed in the woods Deputy Escort Sung lost
his life in the robbery Who did this? It was well planned the ones that did this are dangerous,
cruel and ruthless No one who was with or
had contact with Escort Sung lived Even the landlady at the inn
and her son were slaughtered This was found at the scene of the crime Recently I have heard of people
using this kind of weapon We need your expertise on this case I am afraid that I have just retired
and am concentrating on raising my son But… Come…. Here is a deposit in earnest
for your services I have made more than enough money
these past years, please leave Brother….My worthy brother….
I’m must be frank with you, the Pearl is from King Nanyang’s palace
and was placed under our protection It was robbed last night, it is
in fact a rare priceless item Today the king has personally decreed,
the deadline to recover the pearl we are not allowed to notify
the local government. My hands are tied, I don’t know who
I can turn to I beg of you my worthy brother
please help me on this matter Although this is no trivial matter…. I will have to decline your request My sincere apologies I accept your apoligies,
I will not force you This is a big case,
I can’t sit still and wait Dad, you should go You don’t understand I do know, it’s because of me the doctor came to see me, I know
the diagnosis is not good have I got the same illness as mother? Don’t think such nonsense But I felt seriously dizzy recently Master…
Master there is someone to see you I am not open for business He said it has to do with the
secret giant pearl He insists on seeing you No one is permitted to enter this room Please say your piece sir Open at your own risk Why do you come here? To kill you You alone? Those are special darts, they are
doused in poison Master Yeh, you have been cut
I advise you not to move if you do the poison will take
effect more rapidly I could tell those darts carry no passion Great eye skill True, the darts were not poisonous However that paper seal you just held
was soaked in a deadly poison Who sent you here? You’ll never know You’ll be dead soon,
no one can crack this case Dad…. Dad! Dad, what happened? Son, I’ve been poisoned That was an assassin and you can be sure
that more of them will follow All I can do is to slow down the flow
of the poison -I can no longer protect you
-Dad….. Hurry and make for Bi Yuen Temple look for the Taoist priest there
he will look after you Dad… Remember never get involved in the
martial world Dad, tell me honestly,
how long do I have to live? I don’t know I can only stay with you
for three months I am so sorry to your mother for that No… If I can survive for three more months
then I will protect you I will find the best doctor
and he will cure the poison I’m…I’m afraid you won’t make it Master…Master… It’s…it’s bad….
There’s bad men outside…. Let’s go and find Yeh and settle this Hold it!
I’m Yeh, what do you men want? Who are you, little boy,
who blocks our way? Call Lord Yeh to come out now! His lordship is not in at the moment You can settle your grievance with me Not in or scared to see us?
Three years ago he crippled all of us Today we will pay him back
and we’ll kill you too So you are the Drunkards
from Ying mountain You inflict much evil on others,
3 years ago my father spared your lives he gave you the chance to repent But you are ungrateful and come back
here looking to get even I suggest you leave here at once Or else…
when my father returns Could he be telling the truth Let’s go in and see for ourselves Right, let’s go! Go! Brat, you dare fight me,
I’ll kill you Stop it! What’s this? So you all looking to get killed No Well if you don’t want to die
leave here at once We’re going Dad, dad Dad, dad…. Son, you must go The information we got was correct
he has been poisoned Charge! That was not the 9th level I…will never reach that level Dad!!! Nien Ci Don’t be so headstrong I, Hsu Fu Cai,
a major figure of the martial world how can I place this heavy burden
on the shoulders of a child Perhaps….but anyhow…. How am I worthy of your dead father?
How I am worthy of you. . . . . .? They did not want my father to get
involved in this case, so they killed him Correct? I want to get to the bottom of this
find out who killed my father so I can avenge him That gang…. I know that gang is powerful I doubt I can get the Pearl back We can’t escape form
the Nan yang King’s grip Death is all around,
I too…..will die soon Uncle Hsu, my time is running out
this is my last chance, Please help me! Uncle Hsu I will have several top
martial artist go along with you Please don’t, I don’t want anyone
to know, it will put me at great risk Very well, this silver
and this horse take them both Take care Don’t worry uncle Hsu, if I get
in trouble I can always run away I spent a lot of time and money
looking for you You must tell me the truth I swear it was The Green Dragon sword The Green Dragon sword is
a scared heirloom, how could it… Right, that fellow mentioned the men
were from Green Dragon Sect Green Dragon Sect How could a nothing sect like that
dare carry out such an attack I hope you have not wasted my time I swear it’s the truth Well at least I know
I’m after thieves not fighters I..I..didn’t say a thing You said quite a bit Mu Rong Jen pays his respects
to the great chief You have done exceptionally well
everything has gone to plan I have done as you instructed
and Framed the Green Dragon Sect For your tremendous endeavours I am going to award you
with a position as one of my Four Mighty protectors,
go and take you place Thank you Chief Excellent…You are very brave,
The brave will become rich and arrogant Arrogant men live comfortable lives So long as you can endure the hardship you will be able to revive the prestige
of Mu Rong House make haste to prepare as planned,
you must not be careless I obey Remember, before our plan
is launched into operation Obedience, Loyalty, and secrecy
to be upheld at all times Your Chief needs pearls,
the more, the better My friend, is this the road to
Green Dragon Sect? Sure is But there has been a big
incident there recently There are guards along the way
to the entrance turning folks away What happened? I heard that the Green Dragon elder
suddenly passed away How did he die? Did you ever meet him? I have, he was fit and strong I figured it would be false A good way to sneak in and out Sworn brother, where is the killer? I’ve captured him No…I…. What you doing in there
with our masters body Did you kill him? I….I..didn’t…
I….. Bring the sword Master in heaven
your disciples will now avenge you Hurry, light the candles The Killer is gone The killer has vanished? After him! My name is Yeh Nien Ci
thank you for saving me sir You’re a…….girl All the Golden Lion escort men
are dead now Only this little squirt is left
to complete the mission Don’t look down on me
what’s so great about you anyway Who are you and
how do you know who I am? You might be young
but you got an old man’s temper After your Gold Lion Escort firm
were robbed King of Nan Yang employed the services
of our Wei Yuan Escort firm People in the escort business
cannot keep secrets Wei Yuen escort firm has one
top fighter in their ranks goes by the name of Sze Ma Yen
well know throughout the martial world Could you be that person? You know a lot for someone so young But would Heroine Sze Ma
really behave like this? Recently, Wei Yuan Escort darts and some
other firms darts have also been robbed, I was searching for clues
so I came to Green Dragon Sect but I never expected to run in to
a little squirt like you Fine. I see you are more than capable
I bid you farewell Wait a moment! you rescued me and then
I thanked you for it what do you want with me now? You are a big player in this case I’m just a poor pathetic squirt,
I’m no player I made a mistake, you are not a squirt,
you are in fact very clever boy Is that better? We are not partners or friends Where are you going? Xiao Yen, I have something to do,
Sorry got to go Bring forth the prisoner Bring him forth! Will you run off this time? The fact that I’m here
means I won’t run off I just want to know why you blamed me for the
death of the Green Dragon Elder Read it The assassin of the leader and one
responsible for stealing the Dragon sword Will come tonight to examine the
leaders corpse tonight Take great caution.
Faithfuly yours. Who sent that letter? A young masked fighter
versed in light skill sent it here by dart and
Magic Flick kung fu Just because it says I’m the murderer
on that piece of paper, that means I am? If you are not the killer, then why
did you need to open the coffin lid? I was…… -He’s the killer!
-Arrest him! I have not finished yet! What you just told us
is the whole truth? Not a word of a lie Looks like the killer of the Elder Chief
used the Green Dragon Sword as a decoy I was here on my own business
but someone intended to kill or frame me This is really sinister. According to what you say, the
one who worte that letter is the killer I guarantee it Can you prove it? Can you tell me how and
when the Leader was killed He was killed suddenly
while he was practicing at night He was poisoned The Green Dragon sword
was also taken When we found out it was too late Can I see the Elders remains? Well…. You’ve seen the weapons, the corpse,
everything, what else you need? Come on explain Mr Assassin what else do you have to say? From the wounds on the Elders body
one can surmise that the two darts used to kill him
were launched by magic flick kung fu Am I not correct? Reverend Monk, what do you make
of these two darts…. This type of weapon is very seldom
seen in the martial world These two darts are…. Master please
don’t stand on ceremony A lot of people use Butterfly darts
in the martial world it’s not that rare But those who know the art
of Magic Flick kung fu are very few Right? Only three or four The master at Mt Wu Tai and Ghost hand magic sword also Chief Mu Rong of
Mu Rong House You’re right, I think it must
be Mu Rong Can you explain It must be someone with a grievance
against Green Dragon Sect so he’d have more drive to do the job I heard that ten years ago Their Leader defeated Mu Rong Jen
using the Green Dragon Sword I think that is the reason Buddha bless you I am very surprised that someone
as young as you to have such profound insight
into these matters Thanks to my father he was
a leading figure in the martial world Ever since I was three years old he told
me stories of fighters and swordsmen Sadly……He’s dead I must leave now Wait a moment…. I made a promise to your father
to look after you and protect a child like you
from the martial world Before my father passed away he
told me about this But now I have urgent things to do
I cannot stay here The House of Mu Rong in a deserted city,
a place full of traps and barricades Many a hero has lost their life there Even today, although dilapidated
it’s still a very dangerous place indeed. By going there you are sure to die Master can you give me some advice? In the past I have heard it mentioned to enter Mu Rong Fort you can
take either the odd or even way You enter from the Even side After you pass through
the main entrance take the old stairway Take care you will be fine Thank you master for you guidance Seems deserted here You got those darts? We’ll spilt up here,
if you are discovered use the darts then get out as fast s you can
you take odd , I’ll take even Surprised it’s in such a bad state No wonder they declined Take the odd or even route? Those who come to Mu Rong fort
take either the odd or the even route You know too much I have changed the route You Mu Rong fighters
are nothing but amateurs Is there anything you can do? You trying to force me to fight
I’m not fooled by you kid I am forcing you to a fight,
you dare to fight? I should just kill you here and now I suffered ten years of
hard training waiting for a day like this
when I can use my skill Today I’ve found myself a victim in you That’s no use, that girl
has also fallen into my trap No it’s your turn Not too bad son Well…now let me demonstrate
my Magic Flick kung fu Rotten kid Kid…I’m going to make you suffer Well you took your time didn’t you I did all the hard work Well you can talk I shouldn’t have taken your advice I was caught as soon
as I entered the fort it was very hard to fight my way out Are you alright? Yes I ‘m fine , never felt better Is that all you can say? Speak up, where is the treasure I’ll use your own dagger to carve you up Let’s see if you are harder than iron I…. Oh no… -Who said to follow me out
-Who said to follow me out I lost a good pair of shoes
but I saved my life Live…better to let them live And me….
I wonder how long I’ve got to live? Sunbathing, you rotten lazy bones These past two days, it’s gone very quiet
in the martial world, bit strange I think that Mu Rong Jen
was just a small fry the one who controls him
must be very powerful Also Mu Rong Jen uses a sword
he’s not the one we are after It’s getting complicated,
don’t you agree? Stop just saying, mmm What should we do now? Try to figure it out I’ve figured it out already Who? it could be any one
of a hundred swordsmen Give it some proper thought Think…Think…
I think I just want to die! I need peace and quiet Stop bothering me Fine! -What are you doing?
-I want to treat you to roast lamb -Go away
-You love eating roast lamb Stop being so aggressive,
I’m being so nice to you Come back, I want to tell you a secret The shoes you bought me are too big No way, I measured your feet Awesome, you touched my feet
what a loss of face Don’t hit me sister I never had any
brothers or sisters growing up so I’d like to call you sister Dad was right, a man can’t be free
in the martial world What did you say? Nothing I often talk to myself,
an old habit I guess we all have odd habits You think it’s odd? But what did you say just then? I was watching that eagle…. thinking that animals are
much happier than humans Of course They only care for themselves And humans? I never thought that before Human’s lives seem to be governed
by outside forces Why do you think that eagle does
not leave that area That’s his hunting ground Hunting…. That’s it If they don’t come out
we can never find their base We need to give them something to hunt
so they come out to get it then we can find their base Yes…. They take interest in noble people Right, let’s go find some cheap jewels Let’s go I think we are being followed I knew they’d fall for our trick Please come this way So should we… I’m not going in here I just want to take a peep Take a peep at what? I’m not interested in those girls Just want to see who’s in there I’ll go in, you find
a place out here to hide If there’s any fight action come on in Go hide You need to be ready
or I might need a new pair of shoes It’s you Aren’t you Boss Hu? Please come in Boss Hu Boss Hu, long time no see,
you’ve lost a lot of weight Been busy Boss Hu, we have a nice room
waiting for you upstairs But get something nice to eat first I know what you like best of all Boss Hu,
what kind business are you doing lately? Recently….. I’m doing jewellery business Boss Hu, there’s lots of bad guys around
you should take care Good…. Boss woman It’s Swordsman Zhang I’m so please that you have paid us
a visit, Swordsman Zhang So it’s the Gold and Silver Rats You are wanted felon’s
you won’t get away from me Boss Hu, don’t panic -Up here!
-Go! Bollocks Master Zhang you are a great fighter Boss Hu, you can sleep safely tonight Who is this refined young man….? He’s the one I often tell you about
Boss Hu, he’s our old client Boss Hu, it’s an honour to meet you Swordsman Zhang,
your reputation precedes you, -bravo, bravo, Please….
-Please Swordsman Zhang, a marital legend,
Boss Hu, a business genius Let me propose a toast to you both Please Boss Hu, seems to have travelled
far and wide I am sure you must have a lot of
jewellery on you Do you think we could have a look? This jewellery is nothing special
you are welcome to have a look I think once I open that bag
you will attack me You might think you’re smart
but you can’t outsmart us If not for the Chief,
we’d have some fun with you That’s enough,
just follow the chief’s orders This kid has just drunk poisoned wine,
he’s nothing now I hid the poison wine under my tongue
and then spat it out Tell me who your chief is,
otherwise…… So you were acting just now This way we can divide up
who kills who We’ll go first You…. So they were the lead actors Quick get after them Quick get me the anti-venom I..I thought you were okay I figured they might pull
a stunt like that So I came prepared Last time you lost a pair of shoes
this time you lost jewellery But we did get to learn one thing That those men, a part of an evil sect But who is at the head of it….
The chief? The chief? Why are you staring at me? What are you thinking? I was thinking…. how come every time we make a move
the opposition knows about it and even laying in wait for us Someone knows about out secret and has informed the enemy I’ve thought it over…. There is only one person
who could do that Who? You Only you know all the secrets When the shit hits the fan
you are never around I also thought it strange that the
famous heroine Sze Ma Yen uses a whip and not a sword I searched your room and I found no sword In fact you are not Sze Ma Yen So who are you? That’s right, I am not Sze Ma Yen Don’t panic, Let me explain When your father was young
besides your mother he had another lover After your father married He was living as a
recluse in the mountains Vowed never to step into the
martial arena again, Who are you? I am his disciple
Ou Yang Hung Ying After your mansion was attacked
he sent a letter to me told me to come down from the
mountain and protect you And if I was your enemy,
why would I come to your rescue? Because of my duty I have to
turn my back on my own well being But to be honest…. I am really quite fond of you…. Little brother I’m sorry to have offended you sister But what….. The Chief is powerful and all seeing he must have sent
someone to spy on us or how can he know our every movement The martial world is a cruel place… I should have heeded those words Only if we can find out who
it is spying on us can we find out the truth but… They are in the dark, we are in the light can’t think of a way to solve this Just now the spout was facing you It’s bad…my head’s dizzy What’s wrong? Spider? The Chief is a very ruthless man He’d rather kill his men
then let us capture them If I am not mistaken He’s probably the leader
of the spider sect they call him The Flying Spider but how could he be… Master are you ill? I’ve just taken medicine,
I’ll be alright I just won’t be able to
help you any further today Take care of yourself master I’ll go and hunt that spider I hear that The Flying Spider
does not practice in the open he trains in the yellow pagoda
behind the great hill We got here too late What’s wrong? Staring at him will not change anything Did you hear that? What? A strange sound Get out How could they know we were coming here? Why did you take him out
he can’t talk I think he’s not dead What…
the Flying Spider is not dead? It’s not possible,
we never miss a target I have word,
that the kid was not blown to bits and he took Flying Spider’s body away
to a small inn Have you made a thorough check Well we can take the risk of him
being alive They were all seen at the inn
getting ready to depart Depart to where? A deserted village
not far from Green Dragon Sect The Flying Spider knows too much He must not be allowed to live -Nan Gung Lo
-At your service If you cannot fulfil this task
you need not come back here Don’t try to scare me The….. Chief wants you…… Are…. you man…….or ghost? He was long dead what we are after is you You think I will tell you anything? If you talk, you’ll die
and If you don’t you still die Only your killers will lose out However there is a way out for you What? Help us Tell us who your chief is
and we will let you live You got some nerve Are you confident of success No we are not…. But….if you talk, then we would
be much more confident Very well, let me out Lung Ze Yen At your service,
I have failed in my duty I know about your
shortcomings concerning the boy But the young girl’s involvement in this
you too have failed to discovered My martial arts have
attained the highest level I cannot let them know it
or it will spoil my great plan Also the Green Dragon Sect
still pose a great threat to us Prepare the men, we will finish off the
Green Dragon Sect once and for all! So the chief eats them? This kind of esoteric martial art
is complex each time you achieve a higher level
you need to eat a lot of pearl dust What about the Night Pearl? That pearl has not been used yet The chief loves to eat the pearls he’s getting ready to crush them Is that style really so powerful? One he has mastered it
he will become totally invincible and reign over the martial world I think he is close to mastering it You really have not seen his face He always wears a mask I’m doomed, doomed, doomed… Chief..we have fallen in to the
Green Dragon Sect’s trap What the.. It’s not over yet Be careful! Be careful! You’re wounded It’s nothing She is not the Chief….
she is…..Lung Ze Yen…. We’ve got no clues left We don’t need any more clues The Chief’s martial arts
will soon be mastered What evil will he do once he
has fully mastered it? He will kill us both for sure We are dead men walking Death…I wonder how much
longer I’ve got What’s wrong with you
are you ill? I’ll go and fetch some water You’re awake, you really scared me Here, have some wine Whenever I get ill I drink wine So what is wrong with you? It’s nothing I suddenly got dizzy, things were not
as they seemed The mountains were no longer mountains
Water was no longer water People were no longer people People were no longer people,
what were they then, Ghosts? What did you just say? People were no longer people,
what were they then, Ghosts? Ghosts…. Ghosts…. You…. Sworn sister Sworn brother, why are you here? So you come again I’m here I guessed you would here soon The Chief is you It’s me, so you know You have done many incredible feats If I had not taken time to
reflect and analyse everything I would have never suspected
that it was you Firstly, you were
my father’s closest friend Then I thought only a person close to my father
would be able to arrange his affairs Am I right? Secondly… It was your suggestion that I
go to Mu Rong fort I nearly lost my life there You wanted Mu Rong Jen to kill me
that’s why you sent me there Correct? Thirdly It was you that told me about the
Flying Spider’s pagoda the explosion at the pagoda I thought that was
too much of a coincidence Now I see clearly that
only you could have know that Am I right? I had planned it all, the only thing I
did not plan on was you finding it out To prefect my kung fu
I need to eat these pearls You used and killed many top fighters
just for those pearls, right? You want to destroy all other styles
so you can be supreme, right? My kung fu has now been mastered No one can stand in my way now Stand in your way….
you want to rule the martial world You are a very smart lad,
but there is one thing you don’t know What? I had one good intention that I did not want to kill you myself Actually you dare not kill me Because you kung fu is not fully
mastered yet and you can’t take the risk If I escape and expose your secret
you’ll be finished But now I have the opportunity to do it All you can do is dream Now I’m going to
administer the death blow Wait! You will never take my life I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you I’ll kill you! Don’t drink wine Should I drink to my health….. …..or to my death? What did you say? Nothing… I was just thinking…. I know now why
father used to love to drink wine Is there anything you want to ask me? Yes…there is..I’ve been wanting
to ask it for a while now Ask…. You might think it strange What? I…. King of Nan Yang has so many troops
at his disposal why would he need to use a small
escort firm to transport the Pearl and after the loss instead of using
local government resources… …to investigate,
he’d rather do it in secret You are very clever So you already knew it I know that you will die soon That wine is poisoned and there is no antidote I am not Sze Ma Yen,
nor Ou Yang Hung Ying I am a servant of his majesty
from the Wa La kingdom, Tor Mu Hua So you came for the pearls Your Southern Emperor has long wanted
an alliance with our Wa La kingdom He knows our king loves to collect pearls So he sent him a gift
of this Giant pearl It would be the perfect gift,
but it was stolen our king got news of it
and demanded we get it for him But why do you…. We needed to get you involved
because we knew you’d protect it and then we can take it from you -You….
-Now you understand if it was not such an important mission if not for my brother under orders
from his majesty I would not have murdered you You and I are the same
we don’t act selfishly This world is in a real mess Infighting in the courts
power struggles in the martial world Good people like you…..
trying to survive..too exhausting Don’t hate me You need not have bothered I am very ill,
I was going to die anyway But I never expected that it
would be you that would kill me I….. I wanted to tell you…. Here she comes Sworn sister! Sister we have succeeded,
let’s get going Sworn brother, quickly leave here You…? I’m not coming back So you’ve fallen for that grotty kid He’s dead already, you need not
bother with him The King treats you as his own daughter
but you…. -I…I…Took the poison
-Get on the boat -Sworn sister
-Nobody’s going anywhere You never expected that I’d live If only my mother had taken this poison
she’d have been cured too Your poisoning me has
cured me , I am reborn This good fate is truly Gods will Not only am I cured
I am even stronger than before And how do you feel? What’s wrong with you? You’ve suffered a lot I feel tired You did this to her, I’ll kill you! Go home and never return Father was right all along No one can live totally free Same goes for the
Free and unfettered sword style no one can reach the 9th level I doubt I will ever master it But I’ll give it my best shot,
and I shall return to the martial world Starring:
Suen Chen Xi as Yeh Ni Ci Zhao Xue Qin as Tor Mu Hua
(Sze Ma Yen, Ou Yang Ying Hung)

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