Wu Jing VS Shawn Yue | Kung Fu VS Police MMA

Is your wife going in labor? Yes You didn’t need to drive so fast Yes, I know Go! ok, thank you thanks Jun Question them again yessir Please give me your… HEY!!! Get out of the car! Everybody get out of the car now! Can you hear me?! Let him go! Immediately get out of the car! Drop the knife! Let him go!

3 thoughts on “Wu Jing VS Shawn Yue | Kung Fu VS Police MMA

  1. Jayrule like I said on the last video both Wing Chun and kyokushin are the best and strongest styles of kung fu and karate

  2. like Yip Man he was a Grandmaster of Wing Chun and he defeated a kyokushin user no martial arts is superior it all depends on the better user

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