Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Chest Lock Turn Freestyle

Now we’re gonna take that chest lock
position, stop our opponent and now this time when we’ve sprawled and cleared our hips
our opponent doesn’t come back up. So now we’re gonna look to make that into a two
point turn position here on the mat. So, Drew’s taking his shot. I’ve chest locked
him. I’ve stopped him. I’ve cleared my hips. Now what’s important is this if my opponent
attempts to post up on his hands and start to build his position back up, now
I create some space there. Just like we took our knee up under his chest… on our feet. Now we’re going to do that same motion but now let’s make sure we get our hips in. What I’m
trying to do is buckle Drew’s head up under his chest here and it’s gonna be a
nice hard pop again we’re look for that side position here but I go up from my knees
I pop up and I step and I arch my back. Again from this angle watch this inside leg come in.
I’m gonna turn to this right side I’m throwing my hips in hard heavy and I’m really trying to
get a nice back arch from here low to the ground on the mat. So I come back in,
pop and then we look to belly down and look for our spins our what’s available. (Live wrestling until the end of video)

39 thoughts on “Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Chest Lock Turn Freestyle

  1. I have a question about when I have been shooting I have noticed my opponents legs are farther out of my reach and it's not because I have short arms but do you know anything I should do to grab a leg because I was waiting for him to step

  2. I have a question unrelated to this move. I've been working on the spiral ride but something I'm running into I'd they are selling their far leg out as a post. i tried cradling but with the leg out straight it was hard to get a grip. so how would I stop or counter this?

  3. Hey Cary awesome tutorial. I've got a question and I'm really interested in wrestling. I'm a junior in high school and want to join the wrestling team. Since it'll be my first year do you think I'll be at a big disadvantage compared to the others? I've got experience in BJJ if that helps.

  4. I'm a freshman and I wrestle for my school and my very first time in an actual wrestling match my very first one I won and it was awesome because I thought that I was going to lose but I won and I'm short but really jaked

  5. Hey Cary, I have a question not really related to this video, but is there any tutorial on a splandle? I saw one of my idols do it and I was wondering how to do it. thanks!

  6. hey cary last year when I was wrestling my coach was doing Turks and he showed a throw that led straight to a turk and you could kind of choke them aha but I don't really remember so can help?

  7. hey cary my age is 19 and my height is 5.6 and i weigh 82 kg can i become a wrestler at age of 19 and how much time it will take to become a wrestlerand can i increase my height by 2-3 inches i do exercises like running,skipping and stretching exercises plz help me and answer to both my questions brother

  8. I love your videos I think you are a great coach. In Cuba they teach you not to chest lock down anybody because the bottom men wraps both of top men's elbows and turns him on his back.

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