Would an MMA Fighter Be A Good SEAL? – Jocko Willink

do you think that most MMA fighters have
what it takes to be seals the mental and physical the brutal weight cut the
brutal fight camp and stepping into a cage with a train and a league opponent
well this is one of those questions where you might think there’s like a
really definitive answer mm-hmm but there isn’t really some MMA fighters
could definitely be great seals for sure some of them actually wouldn’t stand a
chance as seals and there’s a lot of things that make people quit and not
want to be seals or quit during SEAL training you know you got the logger
some people don’t like the water mm-hmm some people are uncomfortable in the
water great athletes not good in the water some people don’t like the cold
and they can under stake and take all kinds of punishment of physical nature
but they don’t like the cold some people don’t like Heights and you get to the
top of a 40 or 50 foot cargo net and you got to climb over that little pole at
the top get to the other side some people don’t like that some people can’t
do some simple stuff like memorize mmm you can’t memorize certain facts and
there’s a there is a intellectual level that you have to have some people aren’t
situationally aware right so some of these like for instance you need certain
MMA fighters who are real wild and it’s one of their good characteristics is
that they’re oh they’re kind of out of control it helps them do wild things and
fight unexpected things you can’t be like that in the kill house would go and
live fire right you can’t have that why you need to be able to suppress that
some people can’t suppress that so what you’d end up with someone is some of
that’s kind of safety issues because they they’re too instinctual and they
can’t get those instincts under control some people might have too much
endurance but not enough strength some people might have too much strength and
not enough endurance some people are injury prone right some people are just
injury prone and it’s not their fault many cases but they are and and then you
take so that’s sort of the things that it takes to be in the SEAL Teams that
wood could hold up or trip up somebody that’s just standard MMA fighter
now the same thing is true with seals that would be MMA fighters right or or
could seal potentially be an MMA fighter there’s been there’s been a few seals
that have that have you know that have fought really well and good fighters and
all that but to make a blanket statement there’s gonna be things that trip people
up and for instance some guys in the SEAL Teams that they’re not the best
athlete their athletic ability is not as high as it might need to be to be a true
competitor in MMA you know whether that’s they don’t have the explosiveness
or they don’t have the coordination of the flexibility there’s some thing
that’s gonna make them not competitive and normally those guys I mean sometimes
they might not be the best seals you know but some of those guys are super
smart and so they’re the reason that they’re good seals is cuz they’re just
they’re just tactically sound and or they’re really good leaders
they’re never gonna beat people on the range shooting cuz they’re just not that
coordinated don’t have the hand-eye coordination but they’re good seals
anyways but when you put them in a purely physical competition like MMA I
shouldn’t say almost a more physical on physical competition like MMA they’re
not gonna do well and of course obviously there’s a skill set right MMA
fighters trained MMA all the time that’s what they do they trained you Jitsu in
boxing and wrestling in Muay Thai and judo that’s what they do
mmm-hmm and seals also train all the time but guess what when you’re in SEAL
team you’re not just training just fighting right you’re training shooting
and you’re training tactics in your training patrolling and land navigation
and parachuting and combat diving and fast roping and repelling waterborne
operations all this stuff and then on top of all that stuff which is the stuff
that you actually really need to train then they put on a level of mixed
martial arts training to make sure that if you are for whatever reason without a
weapon or if you need to handle somebody that doesn’t have a weapon and so
therefore you might not be in the right to just shoot them and kill them you
gotta be able to handle yourself so there’s some level of MMA training some
fundamental jujitsu skills some striking skills some fundamental
wrestling skills that that seals get but it’s not at the level of what a real MMA
fighters going to have so with all that I think there is a a good percentage of
MMA fighters that would make it through SEAL training and be good seals and
there’s a good number of seals that would probably make really good solid
MMA fighters if they chose to do that and focus their lives on it because
there are some common traits with both of them both of them take hard work both
of them take some level of physical suffering right grind it both I mean
you’ve been around when we’re running an MMA camps for people it’s a grind yeah
it’s a grind it’s a day in doubt right now there’s some luxury to that grind
mm-hmm there’s some luxury that grind because when you’re in an MMA camp yeah
you worked hard as hell from you know 7:00 in the morning until nine o’clock
doing your strength and conditioning but then you’re gonna go home and you’re
gonna get a massage and you’re gonna get you’re gonna have some really good food
standing by and you’re gonna sit down you’re gonna relax and then at eleven
o’clock you can go back to the gym and now you’re gonna do your your grappling
training and you’re gonna train really hard for an hour maybe an hour and a
half you can do drills you get worn out again and then then you’re gonna go eat
some lunch you’re gonna relax you’re gonna go back
home you’re gonna lay down maybe take a little ice bath in his little jacuzzi so
there’s some luxury to the mmm agent and the SEAL Teams there’s not that
happening you’re just getting ground down and when
you’re going through the basic training and when you’re going through you know
the advanced workup training you’re you’re just getting beat down all the
time it’s it’s a grind but both of them are a grind and that’s
why I think though the work ethic that comes with a really good seal or a
really good MMA fighter there’s a very strong similarity there and the ability
to take that grinders is what I think that that intrinsic discipline is what
would make the crossover occur so that would make a seal into a good MMA
fighter or an MMA fighter into a good seal or a good Special Operations guy
yeah and there’s I mean the crossover it’s ultimately just phases kind of hard
to identify it overall this
real general because like a MMA fighter is training sure he’s training to be a
better MMA fighter in general but mainly he’s training for an event so he knows
ok it’s gonna be this many rounds it’s gonna be this long per round I’m gonna
get this much rest for this round and I’m training to win that no real
specific so the training is if it’s good training it’s gonna best trained him to
function in that event and there’s parameters yeah

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