WOTR About Martial Arts And People  Ep 2: Karate Junior – Alex |Documentary Film

[ powerful music ] [ Oss ] [ Kiai ] [ music slowdown ] [ music returns to normal ] [ music ends ] [ playful music starts ] The Questions part Let’s Start What’s your name? Alex How old are you? 8 years What do you like to do in general? Play sports By sport do you want to say ….Karate? Karate, Bascketball And besides the training? Besides of training I like to practice…techniques, movements But something that doesn’t belong to training? I like to play with my brother Also I like to go fishing And I go almost every day with my grandfather and my brother to fishing What do you wish? This is a good question Well, I want my brother to be more better and quieter To have have more time for reading So that I don’t get sick and… that’s all What do you like to read? I like to read about samurai What do you know about samurai? They were some… people very good in archery, in the handling of the sword and also they were disciplined What class are you on the school? I will pass the 3rd class How is on the school? I have a teacher… who knows how to make our hours more beautiful Do you have a model? Well… on Karate class, I have my Sensei and on Basketball class also I have a coach What do you want to do when you grow up? I hope I will not change my mind along the way of life… but architect Do you want to build houses? I want to do all kind if you will have 100,000 euros what would you do with it? Some part I would like to make
some children more happy This would be the first thing And how you will do it? Well for example le’t say… if there are some people who don’t have a
home or food well… Well I would I would invest to make them a house and I would buy them backpacks and feathers and pencils so they can go to school What do you like more Kata or Kumite? Honestly, I like more Kumite Why? Because you can move, you can fight to do techniques You don’t have to do like in Kata, just some techniques An advice for those who want to start martial arts? Will be good to start? Yes! Will be good Why? Because for example… if you have a situation when somebody will atack you on the street and you are… How can I say… you are after shopping with bags in your hands what are you doing at that moment? If you don’t know how to defense, you don’t know how to kick Do you ever had a fight with somebody in a real situation (not of the training) ? Fight for real, not But you are ready for a real situation, right? Yes, I don’t have problems And what if he is bigger than you? Does’nt matter, it can be bigger and weaker What games do you play? On the computer.. I play Asphalt 9 On Xbox I play Fifa And …. outdoor I practice kata’s and I play basket Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Well.. at the training, practicing karate I remember he coming in 2016 in the dojo Half of his class school started practice karate and… of all the children he was the most serious I noticed he’s physical qualities he can do any sport and will be the best Also he has an enviable intellect at his age and it was very serious and he always understood what I told him and that’s why he become in 3 years the best sportskid in our club How do you see him in 5 years? Over 5 years if he will keep it up, I see him national and european champion But just if he wil keep the good work. [ music ends ] [ Sensei: You have to do with footwork… ] [ outro music ] [ In 20 years ] [ outro ends ]

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