Worried About Bullying? Clayton NC Karate Classes

– Hey parents, this is Scot from Revolution Modern Martial Arts and since 2009 we’ve been
helping kids build the confidence and discipline that they
need to be successful at home, school, and in life. I get to talk to a lot
of parents and it seems like the levels of stress,
anxiety, and worrying is really high right now
with regards to bullying. It’s a terrible thing to
watch someone get bullied and it’s even worse to
see the negative impact it has on someone we love. Kids are being bullied
in their neighborhoods, at school, and even on social media. You, like me, know that
as a child gets older the kid who is bullying
them right now may move, stop, change schools, et cetera. The negative effect that bullying can have on your child right now can
stay with them for a lifetime. The good news is there are some tools your child can learn to help them through this difficult time in their life. And I know from firsthand experience that there’s one character trait in particular that can really reduce the effect of bullying on a child. And that trait is confidence. This reminds me of a story recently where an 8-year-old
boy whose mom called us and wanted to come in and
find out about our lessons. It turns out that her 8-year-old
son was being bullied. When he came walking through
the door of our school, you could see the defeat
all over his face. Now this particular school year
was very difficult for him, but prior to that was he’d been a happy-go-lucky kid. It was heartbreaking for his mom to see this change happen. Apparently some kids at
school were being mean to him, excluding him from games,
calling him mean things, and he was really taking
it very, very hard. He did not want to go to school and he was withdrawing from everybody. His mom knew right away that she had to do something about it. She made the decision to explore the idea of martial arts
training for her child. And the research on our facility prompted her to give us a call. After a very short period
of time training in karate, learning how to set and achieve goals, and develop life skills, he began to move differently
with more confidence. He started to smile more often, which allowed him to make new friends. Now he’s in our martial arts
leadership training program and he’s doing a terrific job building his confidence and his skills. Confidence doesn’t eliminate bullying, but it allows kids to
deal with it differently. When you are walking
around and standing tall feeling proud, it sends a
different message to the world. And when a child has the confidence to stand up for themselves
and tell the bullies to stop in an assertive tone,
the bullies often listen. Here is my challenge to
you, over the next 24 hours do nothing but encourage
your child to stand tall. Encourage them to look
you in the eye and smile. Every time they do this,
give them a high five, a hug, or a kiss, tell them you love them. It’s parental support
that can really start to make a difference
because your child needs to know you really care for them and love them unconditionally. When you become their biggest cheerleader, they will know that you
wanna help them through this difficult time in their life. Then you’ll be able to
positively influence their behavior in the right way. Kudos to you if you’re
still watching this video. I know all parents love their children, but I, like you, are the
type of parents who are gonna take the time to make
things better for our kids. And if you’re looking for an activity that helps build your child’s confidence, go to claytonkarate.com and request some information
about our program. Until next time, this is Scot signing off. And if you know of another parent who can benefit from hearing this message, please feel free to share the video. I’ll see you next time.

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