Women in the Swimming Pool Industry: Part 4

Absolutely. With Coast to Coast Pools I feel like we are
all on an even plane. I have other designers here that are male. One thing I love about this company is all
of the designers are a team. We work together, we help each other. I don’t feel one has more opportunity than
the other and that’s why I’m here. And I also see, even from people that work
out in the field there are plenty of women that are even out in the field doing work
and watching crews and things like that. So I definitely feel that it is an equal opportunity. If you look 10, 10-15 years ago, it was mostly
men and nowadays you look and there are a lot of women. I feel I’ve been given every opportunity
as long as I put forth the effort. I was given the chance. And working for a woman, I mean Susan was
with Florida Water Products for 35 years and promoting within her company instead of always
looking outside. I mean, I’m proof. I’ve done so many different things. I’ve done counterwork, I’ve driven a forklift. I was taught all the same things the guys
were taught. I feel like I’ve been given every opportunity
that has been put in front of me. We do. We have the same opportunity they do. I think it is a balance between men and women. We have our strengths and weaknesses. You know sometimes they’re good at something
else and we’re better at something else or they are and vice versa. But I think it’s a good balance. They need us and we need them. I think respect is key for a woman in the
pool industry. There’s no reason why more women don’t
get into it. And I love the women that I work with, with
our builders. One of the things I’m really passionate
about is in this industry bringing more awareness to women in the industry.

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