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– It’s easy to win one
championship, so easy. Like, relatively easy. But it’s so complicated and difficult to remain successful for a longer time. It’s probably the most
complicated challenge. Obsession, the definition
of one’s thoughts or feelings by persistent idea, image, or desire. (uplifting music) Hi, I’m Wladimir Klitschko. I’m former world
heavyweight boxing champion. I’m having in my life one person that is always, has challenged me and continue challenging,
that’s my brother. My older brother. Vitali is five years older and
he always showed me the way, how to get things done. I definitely wanted to be as good as him. He was an athlete. He started to travel and I was a kid in Soviet Union. As a kid, you had, in the Soviet times, no chance to get outside of the border. So you have to be an
athlete or a politician to be able to do that. So for a politician, I was too young. For an athlete, it was perfect. So I found this tool, the sport of boxing, to make my dream come true and travel. When I started my boxing career,
I lost my first two fights, believe it or not. Even though I lost my two fights, I learned through those losses a lot. If you want to be successful, you know, you have to know your failures. And I think in a certain
way, it’s a mistake if you always concentrate on success. And eventually you will fail. You will. And then we’ll see the
qualities of your character. (suspenseful music) I remember, I was running on the street, back in
Kiev, Ukraine, 1996. The Olympic Games were coming up and I set for myself a goal. I want to be nominated to participate in the Olympics. And not just to participate and be part of the Olympic moment. I want to win gold medal. Well, when I said to friends of mine in a very small circle, “Guys, I’m definitely
gonna go to the Olympics “and if I’m gonna go to the
Olympics, I’m gonna win it.” They were laughing about me. – [Announcer] This really is the fight that the world want to see. – [Second Announcer]
He’s a rather mechanical sort of a fighter, Klitschko, but he’s got a good left jab. Wolfgramm, who’s ever so slowly, and eventually he’ll tear you, and there it is. [ [Announcer] Yeah, he hurt
the giant Klitschko there with that lovely right hand there and then an uppercut after it. – [Announcer] It’s three all now, and a nice combination
put together by Klitschko. – [Second Announcer] Klitschko
sparring with both hands. He’s got a one point lead now. Klitschko’s got on target
and he’s going away to take the gold medal. – This meaning of this
gold medal and achievement was motivation for me to move on and get more. I got this new goal in my life. I wanna turn professional. I wanna be world champion. I was 24 years old. And I remember walking
in the ring and thinking, this is my night. No one else. I better die than lose. (suspenseful music) Eventually, I was holding this title. The world champion title, the belt, after the match. You always dream about winning the titles, winning the titles back, being successful, and
suddenly, it’s happening. You can work for these goals so long and go through a lot of sweat, pain, mental or physical, and eventually you’re getting it. So sweet. I never felt the satisfaction, feeling of satisfaction for a long time. It was just seconds. I got it, I achieved it. Well done, Wlad. Keep on going. Next camp. Next fight. (suspenseful music) To win it once or twice, it’s okay. Difficult, but manageable, but to remain this disciplined, just do the same drills over and over and over and over again is the most complicated. If you’re not obsessed about your goal, choose something else. It’s not for you. (upbeat music)

16 thoughts on “Wladimir Klitschko: What Drove Me to Crazy Boxing Success | Inc.

  1. Vladimir Klitschko, along with his brother Vitali, represented class and sportsmanship in a world increasingly filled with controversial fame whores who only lives for social media notoriety. It's sad that they're no longer active. But he left behind a legacy and a significant mark in the world of boxing and fighting sport in general.

  2. The best hw champion !!!!!!!!! So much title defenses. The era of Klitschko and Mayweather was great. Joshua is very cool too

  3. For me easily in my top 10 of all time heavyweight's.

    1. Muhammed Ali
    2. Joe Lewis
    3. Jack Johnson
    4. Wladimir Klitschko
    5. Lennox Lewis
    6. Joe Frazier
    7. George Foreman
    8. Evander Holyfield
    9. Rocky Marciano
    10. Vitali Klitschko

    Not ranked based on head to head, more based on what they achieved and not just in the ring. Holyfield I'm abit skeptical on as it is known he was probably on steroids. I think Fury, AJ and Wilder can potentially all become top 10 all time greats. If they fight each other.

  4. Respect to Wladimir, every fighter grows old and as sad as it is to see him loose to two men he could have beaten 10 years earlier, he ended his career on his feet in a fight that will be remembered.

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