Without this, you cannot learn any martial art

Today we talk about passion and self-discipline. Hi, I am Kongling for 6DRAGONSKUNGFU.COM. The first lasts 2 months, the second, an entire
life. The fact is that everyone who starts training
martial arts thinks to be the next Bruce Lee, to learn everything in a few months… Starts the pain, the routine, the fatigue… If you do not use those 2 months to start
building real self-discipline… you will fail. If you want to build real martial skills you
have to train every day, to transform training in something you need, like drinking water,
like eating… something that in your todo list is at first or at least at the second
place. A real martial path is something that ends
with our lives… all the rest is for amateurs. See you in the next video and on 6DRAGONSKUNGFU.COM…
bye bye!

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