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Ever since I started boxing the men would all laugh at us. People talk about us
behind our backs and say things like “You’re a girl, and you box,
where will that get you?” Come on Raju, stay in close! Attack! Stay close and hit him! Hit him! Nice! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Raju, keep it close! Raju, stay in close! Even male boxers today don’t take us seriously. If you compare our
achievements to theirs I’d say I’ve achieved more. How do people react
when you tell them that you’re sparring with a
five-time world champion? Did you have breakfast? A little bit, not a lot. No? Okay, then you will have now. I hid the fact that I was
boxing from my parents. I boxed in secret. My parents gave me an allowance
of $3 a month to buy food. After saving and saving I bought
myself a pair of boxing gloves. They cost me 350 rupees ($10) and were really poor quality. My parents still had no idea I was boxing. It wasn’t until I won the state championship a month later and they saw my story and picture in the newspaper that they finally learned the truth. I started boxing for the
love of my country. When we compete
internationally and win medals I feel such pride. I feel like I did something
for the country. I live for boxing. So, when I go home for a few days I’m always thinking, what should I do? Boxing is my life. Why don’t people in India know
anything about women’s boxing? I don’t even know why. Look at the villages, they don’t even
let the girls out of the house. Forget boxing, they don’t let
the girls go to the city to study. Why would they
ever let them box? They’re not allowed to play
any sport, especially not boxing. Some believe the girls will get hurt they won’t get married and
their faces will get scarred. People worry that these things
will happen, but it’s not the case. I was never afraid of someone hitting me.
Since childhood, I was very brave. So I didn’t care about getting hurt. Do you know Chhoto Loura
or Mary Kom? They’re athletes. They’re athletes? Have you heard of Chhoto
Loura or Mary Kom? She is from India. What’s that? She is from India. Yes, what do you know about them? We pay more attention to cricket. We don’t watch boxing. Sasha, do it again! Again, Sasha, again! Yulia, stand firm! One more time! Yulia, again, one-two! Winner in the red corner Sarita Devi of India. Since our father passed away
when we were very young we didn’t receive guidance about
building a career and a better life. Living in a village in Manipur without many
opportunities made things harder for us. I help my family by sharing my
financial awards with them. Winner in the red corner Chhoto Loura of India. People thought I’d never
box again (after my accident). I thought, I’ll show them. It was my stubborness. And I did it. They are making a documentary
on Indian women’s boxing. They came here to film the women who are from Manipur. Onler: I heard that Mary, one of our Kom ladies,
playing this and that so one day I went to visit her where she
was doing a practice in Nehru stadium. I met her first at that time and I talked to her, “How is your
game, and what are you doing and how is your preparation?” She’s the only one from our
tribes to represent India. I work on everything for her and even do marketing for her also from the time I met her. In Manipur most of the athletes come
from poor families. There is a ‘’do or die’’ attitude
among the athletes. We have a strong drive in our hearts. We can’t let anyone beat us,
and we work extra hard. God gave us, what should I say he gave us more strength compared to other Indians. The moment I realized I
was going to win gold in my heart and in my soul,
I was very happy. I won gold three times in a row. I felt so proud. I am very happy, so happy! I feel like crying. They’re tears of happiness. Tears of happiness. Right? Thank you, sir. She’s done wonderful! Mary Kom, Mary is ours. For me at least its a very weird picture to even imagine. the kind of dress, the attire
we wear and everything now if you are boxing you cannot
do it in a sari or a salwar kameez. You’ll definitely wear something
which will look cheap or something like that. So obviously, ultimately you are degrading women in general I guess. What sport do you think they play? She looks like she plays field hockey. Field hockey? And her? She’s probably a chess player. She looks like a chess player? Not chess, it’s tennis. Has your family ever
seen you compete? No. They don’t know anything
about boxing. The only thing they know
is that I play a sport. They don’t know my level
or what I’m doing. They have no interest in boxing. Do they know that you are
third best in the world? No. Not at all. Hurry up! Jyostna, why are you smiling?
Do it quickly! I will slap you if you
show me your teeth! Change! Hurry up! Change! You stupid! Tribal girl! Junglee! (Wild one) Stretch more! Stretch more! Stretch continuously, in a flow, in a flow. Stretch in a line. In a line, in a line, in a line! Stretch! Extend your punch! You have such long arms, make use of them! Take a little pain right now you will appreciate it later. If you take it easy now, you’ll cry later. Even though we bring medals to
India, we’re not recognized. If only I could show people… the pain we endure. After practice I was going
to my uncle’s house. Uncle just had a baby so I was going to visit them. I crossed the street to get onto the bus but the bus driver started driving. I fell down and went under the bus and the back tires ran over my legs. Both of my legs were broken. The doctors said I’d die within 10 or 15 min. That was in 2002. It took me two years to be okay. Everyone had lost hope that I
would ever walk again. I thought to myself if I stay alive
all I want to do is box. After two years off I have
started training again. I have some weaknesses but I am catching up slowly and steadily. Within a month I’ll be ready. I will overcome my weaknesses
and regain my fitness. So this is my challenge for the world championships to get the gold medal. On August 5, 2007 they were born. I had twin boys. Come here, baby. God gave me two babies. It was very difficult to handle all of this. The competition is so close. I have intense training. They won’t let me sleep at night. No matter how tough it gets,
I know I can do it. One baby missing! Chhoto, do you like children? Yes, but I like other people’s kids. People from the north and east of India have different features. We look more like we are
from China or Bangkok. I guess I should say we look more “Asian.” Other Indians look down on us a lot. I don’t think it’s only
about the way we look we also have differences
in our diet and culture. When I think about it, it really hurts me. We are still part of India. When people look at me,
they think I look like a boy. People next to me on the bus think
there’s a boy sitting next to them. They think I’m a boy. Whenever I go out I have to tell people I’m a girl. When I go to the toilet at the
railway station, people say “Hey, you’re a boy, get out
of the girls’ washroom!” Use your hook! Don’t back off! Hit her! Finish! We have very little time left Your concentration should not be
on your family or other things just the world championships. Right now, it’s only boxing. When I won the bronze at the 2005
World Women’s Boxing Championships, the government of Manipur honoured
me with a Sub-Inspector’s position in the state police department. When I wear a police uniform I feel like I’m not
a civilian anymore. When I wear my boxing uniform I feel like a very simple
person and a boxer. To be honest, I got into sports because
I came from a very poor family in Manipur so in order to help out my family I thought I’ll try harder in sports because
I’m weaker in my studies so that I could make something
of myself in the future. In 2006, after the world championships,
I got a job with the Indian Railways. Clerk job. Once training camp finishes,
I have a five to ten-day break. That’s when I work in the office. I only go into the office for
one or two hours a day. There’s absolutely no work to do, none. They want to know what
kind of work we do here. I told them I don’t do anything. We’re also wondering
what work you do. Sir, tell me what does each person
do around here? I have no idea. This for example this letter I enter the number, date and subject. I make the entry in the registry. I label which officer it goes
to and just put in the pile. Then my work is done. Only easy work. No hard work. Attention! Good morning. Good morning, sir. Begin the national anthem. Thou art the ruler of the
minds of all people. Dispenser of India’s destiny. Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab,
Sindh, Gujarat and Maratha of the Dravida and Odisha and Bengal. It echoes in the hills of the
Vindhyas and Himalayas mingles in the music of
Yamuna and Ganga and is chanted by the waves
of the Indian Ocean. They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise. The most basic thing you
need in sports is fitness. Don’t think we don’t know
who is doing what. If you’re not training hard
regularly and you’re not fit why do you even aim to be
a member of this team? You don’t even want to come
and work in the camp, you just come and stand here, like this. Coaching is a 24-hour job. We have 25 to 30 years of experience we know who has what problem. Understand? She (Mary) also had a
problem, we solved it. So, you have to solve your problems. For Sarita, the problem
is the mobile phone. Sir, you don’t even give
me a chance to speak. Okay, okay, speak, speak. How does a phone disturb? Speak child, speak. I’m with you. The phone doesn’t really disturb,
I only use it during full rest not during practice. I have come late okay that’s why I haven’t improved that much. But I’m trying. You don’t train you have mental tension 24 hours a day. I don’t have mental tension. Are you trying to lecture me? Don’t say this Sarita. I have high expectations of you.
You could be world champion three times. Every time, I begged
them to select you. I made them sit beside me and said,
“Look at this girl, you need to select her.” I begged them, “I want this player.” I begged for you to be
selected for two years. Then don’t beg for me. But you don’t do this nothing matters to you, you are
playing for yourself, not the country. I’ll play well then. If I play well, I will get selected,
if I don’t I will not. I’m not begging you (to do this). Exactly, that’s fine, if you don’t
want to play, don’t play. If I play well, I will get
selected, if I don’t I will not. Once you’ve lost your daily
practice, it’s all over. If you don’t practice regularly at least do some running at your station. You can do running, weight training, shadow
boxing, skipping but none of you do that. Sir, we are only here to box. Come on, now you sound
like you are feeling hurt. No need to feel this way.
We are with you, don’t worry. You don’t have to feel so bad. We’ll fight here, we’ll die here. Breathe. Now, just the opposite right straight sway back right, left hook. Clear? Some people frowned upon
me for returning to boxing after having my children. They didn’t think I should continue. They didn’t believe I could get
a medal after having kids. When they talk like that it only gives me more incentive to succeed. It’s what fuels me. Chhoto, look at you! Oh my god, you look so beautiful! Wait a second let her take a picture of you. You look really beautiful now! Should I get it? Should I get it? I’ll wear it to the office. Everyone
will wonder what happened? Should I get it? Don’t get it in that color,
get it in black. Madam Chhoto! Does it look like real hair? Yes, you look famous. The tag’s sticking out. It’s sticking out? Come on, let’s go. I want to try the curly hair,
I think that will look better. You’ll look like this. Oh, I look like the Bollywood Mrs. Doubtfire. Chhoto, move to the side! Side side! You’ve got 4 points! Winner is Chhoto
Loura from India. M.C. (Mary) from India. Winner is red corner,
Sarita from India. Forty-five seconds left and
she’s three points ahead! Meet her head on! Get her and hold on to her! Just hit her, hit her, hit her! Hit her, Sofya! Turn around, turn around! Move, move, move! Sarita, attack! Let’s go, Sarita, punch
her hard! Move to the side! The side! In the last 15 seconds,
Russia was up by one point. Only one. Fighting spirit, killing spirit Sarita has a bit of a
complex with this. She can land a
thousand punches. Sarita has the capacity,
fitness, speed, endurance. She has the technique but the problem is she has fear in her heart and in making decisions not only in boxing but
in life she hesitates should I do this or that? Mary Kom has no fear Mary is not afraid of anybody. If she gets one punch her mind
tells her to punch back twice. In the red corner Steluta
Duta from Romania. Up! Hit her, up! No. Point wasn’t given.
Point wasn’t given. Point wasn’t given. Okay, okay, okay. It’s the last round! It’s the last round! It’s the last round! Last one minute! Ok, ok, ok, good one! The score looks good! Forty seconds, Mary! Winning the gold when
people least expected it and thought I could never win I owe it all to God. I was really, really praying for the world championships. I mean continuously four-time
world champion, I’m so happy! Oh God, I thank Jesus. Really she’s unique, really unique. Continuos five years,
five world championships and this is her fourth gold
in consecutive years. It’s good? Really good, amazing. That will power made her. If you seen yesterday Sarita’s bout We had more hope from Sarita and yesterday
she spoiled herself. She was the fittest girl
in the Indian team and yesterday she didn’t perform. Mary Kom wasn’t that much fit but with the experience she’s really good. Luck and practice both. You need both. No matter how much you
practice and practice if you don’t have luck,
you can’t win. Sometimes you practice a bit look at Mary Kom she practiced five or six
months and got the gold. Is that luck? Is she lucky? Lucky girl? Training, training, training! Where is my gold medal walla (person)? Sir, sir! I’m here! Preeti! Here she is, sir! Sir, your gold medal! I thought this girl would
bring my gold medal also. Sir, your gold medal, sir. Now make two good boxers
from your two children, ok? Good luck! Leaving my kids behind for such a period of time frankly, my family was a bit angry and not very happy about it. But I wasn’t the only one
looking after my kids. My husband was also there. And my family also
took care of them. Even before we got married,
he was always supportive. Some boxers are not allowed
to continue after marriage. I guess it’s Indian culture. Because I left my kids
to become a champion and because I became
a champion after becoming a mother this gold is the most significant
medal I have won. This is my room. I sleep here. This is the rod I use to heat water. This will take some time to fill. When the bucket is full then you insert the rod like this. You turn it on here. How much time? Twenty minutes. No TV, no fridge. It was all stolen. On my journey back I
got a call from Auntie. Auntie said, “Hello.” I said, “Hello Auntie, how are you?” She said, “I am fine.” Auntie told me there was a robbery
and everything was taken. I said, “That’s okay, no problem.
I’m coming home tomorrow.” I didn’t feel upset. It’s just my stuff that was stolen. If I lose a match I lose my mind, I get so upset. You can take anything of mine
and I won’t feel a thing but when I lose a bout it hurts a lot. My kitchen is empty. There is a light here. Before when I had stuff I used to cook everything
myself and eat here. Now that everything has been stolen,
I eat at my neighbour’s place. I did live with my family. When they start fighting my brain gets so disturbed. When they fight I just feel like crying. I decided it’s best to live alone. I can live peacefully. Sleep in peace, live in peace, eat in peace. I can go where I want no one tells me what to do. When I live with my family
they’re always saying don’t do this, don’t do that. Why did you go there? You didn’t do this. I don’t like that. We’re a very close family. We’re seven brothers and sisters. And we are close to our neighbours. Sometimes we get into arguments
since we all live so close but we always make up
with each other in the end. My big brother goofs around a lot he’s number one at it. What kind of chores do you do? Oh geez, those sorts of questions. I sweep and stuff but most
of it is done by my sister-in-law. What do other girls in your village do? Harvesting and weaving and making clothes. Was that ok? My first impression about Sarita was her simplicity. I can see in her eyes a sincerity an honesty, a down to earth nature. Very reserved. I can see in her eyes
her ambition. And those qualities just keeping to herself, just… don’t open up much. Those simple qualities. This is my brother, Ishu Loura. This is my sister-in-law. And she is my elder sister. She is my sister-in-law. She is my Auntie. Come. Come. No. Never? Why? I don’t like it. I want freedom in whatever I do. I don’t like marriage at all. I want the freedom to live my life. Do you remember the wedding? Yes, I remember it. I’ve never seen this album before. This is the first time I’m seeing it. On the outskirts of my village people know that there
is some girl who boxes. But if I walk past them they don’t recognize me. They
just think it’s some boy walking by. Sarita: Since there were only three
weight categories in the Olympics and everyone wanted
to be there so badly we all had to adjust our
weights to try to qualify. Losing weight was pretty tough for me. Everyone knows that the
Olympic Games have the highest status. My main target is to get
to the Olympics Games. It’s my husband’s dream for me
to compete in the Olympics. He’s really hoping I make it
to the 2012 Olympics and perform well. It’s his dream.
He inspires me. And if I have a baby it will be after the 2012 Games. In the Asian Games trials there were three other girls
in the 51 kg category. That day I defeated Mary. But the results were withheld and they did not declare anything. When someone wins a
competition fair and square I believe that should be the end of it. Last month, before this
world championship they had a selection trial
for the Asian Games. They are not favouring me the coaches, and the referee,
the selection committee. So, I have a tape a video recording of the
trial selection bout. I already talked to the media to to flash this bout,
the video recording. I want to let the
public decide who is winning or
who is losing. Actually Sarita gives them money or
something I don’t know what she’s doing. Make a friend make a close friend with
the coach, these people. I was there at the trial. Sarita played better than Mary. Out of four boxers
Sarita was selected. But the announcement
was not coming because of the pressure from
Mary’s side not to announce it. See, this is a competition I’m not afraid to say it but there is no one comparable
to Sarita in India right now. Sarita is the best one in 51 kg. In our society there’s competition even between two sisters
there’s competition. There may be some
controversy about it. It’s very difficult for me to gain weight and maintain it. So, actually I’ve had a lot of
experience in the 46 kg so I managed it. Excellent. Well done and
good luck for the final. Thank you so much. Before going for the
second bout, Sarita she was told by the General
Secretary, Brigadier Murli, that the Asian Game trials would
be held again in Delhi after this world championship. And that really disturbed Sarita
to a large extent. they all know that
Sarita is a bit weak… weaker than the rest of
the players mentally That would make
a little bit I know that they were playing
a psychological game. Up until now I don’t know…
I’m also preparing for the Olympics. I don’t know, I will try to compete and Mary will also try and both of our performances will be seen. Since Mary is shorter the 51 kg
category will be a little tough. I came down one weight category
so I also have a height advantage and other coaches have suggested
that they have more faith in me. I will see. If there are a lot of politics,
I won’t play anymore. Congratulations! You’ve just entered the boxing history books I think. What are your immediate feelings? I’m very excited and very happy. I thank my heavenly God Jesus I thank for giving willpower after motherhood so I can continue and win a fifth title as world champion. In my opinion I don’t think anyone could
have accomplished this after getting married and having kids. To be a five-time world champion I don’t believe anyone else could do it. I stopped boxing because
there were a lot of politics. No problems, I had no injury, nothing. I only quit due to the politics. By politics, I mean they
select their favourites. Either you select those winning in the ring the boxer who is clearly superior… You lose the will to keep doing it. I can’t forget boxing, I won’t my entire life. That’s why I’ve gotten a diploma so I can become a coach
and stay in it my entire life. So that I remain in boxing forever. When I become a coach
I’ll be very happy because whatever I couldn’t achieve I can help other boxers
achieve by training them. After the Asian Games controversy
I decided to quit boxing once and for all. With all the politics I was struggling
to keep my focus on training. But my husband said, “You can’t
quit now,” so I returned to the game. Coach Chandra Lal Sir and my husband encouraged
me to move up to 60 kg for the Olympics. In six months I reached 60 kg. A lot of eating. Chandra Lal Sir sitting Chandra Lal Sir would sit
beside me and one morning one morning for breakfast I ate 10 boiled eggs. Ten. And milk… so much. Lal: In Indian boxing nobody has worked
even 50 percent as Sarita has worked. Even Mary Kom… You know by birth certain
qualities she has got it. And she’s a fighter. Whereas Sarita is a very
soft girl, very loving girl very soft by heart. So, she has to be trained and made to toughen her. So, this makes a very big difference the other one is born tough,
and this one has to be made tough. Her chances depend
on the opponent and how the other Asian
countries turn up in the draw. So, our chances in both
weights are good. Mary Kom and Sarita both have
a good chance of qualifying. Who do you think are your biggest
challenges in this weight class? Everyone! This is the… this is the biggest…championship. This is the main championship because it’s the qualifying for Olympics 2012. This is the main, everyone wants
to play in the Olympic Games. She’s really sweet! Keep your hands up! Hit her for fuck’s sake! Hit her! Hit her! Let’s go! Vikeesha, Vikeesha! Vikeesha, Vikeesha, Vikeesha! It’s a bit of a pity, that you didn’t qualify
for the first opportunity to join the Olympics. What are your thoughts right now? Hang in there, Dong Cheng! For me going to the Olympics
is very important. It’s my last chance. I’ve tried so hard, so hard there have been disappointments. My achievements are pretty small compared to how hard I’ve worked. So, this Olympics it’s my turn. The right should fall straight, go down. Tuk! Upper, right-left hook. Try to impress and try to dominate
right from the start. And keep in mind one-two
is also very effective. One-two is very effective. Left-hook, right, left-hook,
very effective. Close range, right upper cut
left-hook is very good. I feel very good and closer to getting
a gold at the Olympics so I’m happy. To qualify this is the first time I am fighting in 60 kg so it will be tough in this category but I have worked so hard and God, and Jesus are with me so I will definitely qualify. She has won gold medals in five
different weight categories in amateur women’s boxing. She has won in 60 kg. She has won in 57 kg 54 kg, 52 kg, and 51 kg. And she’s the only woman
boxer in the world. That really is a rare achievement. If I don’t qualify I will take a break from boxing. But will you miss boxing? Yes, a lot. I’ll miss it a lot. So, why quit? Since I am going
to be turning 30 I need to look after my family,
now that I’m married. I’ll look after my family and baby. I want a baby too. No disrespect to the other people
that I fought in the first two fights, but she took me through
my paces and she made me dig that little bit deeper and pushed me harder than
anyone else had before so. She’s a really good opponent and
I hope her dream is still alive and hope she can still
get through as well. Well um Yeah, uh, in the quarter final I lost to Nicola (Adams) so I’m sorry but we don’t allow video The Olympics are very
important because everyone is watching
the Olympic Games. There’s no telecast in the world
championships, you know and tournaments like the
Asian Championship and some training competitions no telecast so no one
knows in the world. So, only in the Olympics
do they know they telecast every
Games, you know. So, that is very important. And the world somehow
knows women’s boxing is doing boxing is doing very well. It’s a talent no? It’s a God gift… God gives that. Would have been nice had
there been more people. Mary, come take one photo. Come over here, Mary. Mary? No, no, hey, hey! I have a cough. I have allergies. I have a cold and cough
so no garlands please. The smell bothers me. I’ll get another chance at the upcoming
Olympics and I’ll definitely try to win. Your ‘A’ should point
a little more upwards. See people are watching you. Rechungvar! You have rubbed it off again! Rechungvar, I’m keeping the eraser
away from you, you’re using it too much. Yes, that’s ok. Write it just once.
Don’t keep erasing it. Mama, I don’t rub too much. Yes, you don’t, I know. Nainai writes very neatly. Repa! Come on. Nainai! Nainai! You’re not responding. They can’t read but they can play I don’t know how, I’m just watching them. ‘Start’ ‘Play’ ‘Again’ no? Everything is written I don’t know how they know,
how they know it. Right now, I’m in the Games Village. Games Village, Imphal, Manipur, the home
given to me by the Government of Manipur. In 2006, I became the world champion
so the Manipuri Government in order to… honour my achievements,
they gave me this house. When I was a kid I always
used to hang around this area. I am very happy that I got
a house in this location. This one is taken after winning a bout. Against Turkey. I like all photos, my memories. With Natasha Jonas, the moment you lost how did you feel? I was very disappointed. Also knowing that my Olympic dream was over I felt very sad. I was very disheartened. That day was very bad, I couldn’t sleep. After two or three days
I got a hold of myself. She fought more beautifully than me. When I beat Turkey, who was
ranked number two in the world I thought about how badly
she must have felt. She also lost her chance
to go to the Olympics and that must have been hard also. Other good boxers were also left behind and not selected. They didn’t qualify for the Olympics. When I thought about them,
I felt very sympathetic. This is how it is in sports. Sometimes you win,
sometimes you lose. I thought about it and let it go. In the first round she didn’t land a
punch but they still added a count. In the second round the journalists below
were yelling the points were equal. And in the last round,
I was a little… in the last round, 30 seconds,
the last 30 seconds it was a little hard to recover. I was tired so her punches and I thought the referee said, “stop.” Because I heard “stop” I dropped my hands
and she landed three straight punches on me. Those three punches counted
and sealed her win. And I was left behind. How far away is Mary’s place from here? Mary and I live just one
house away from each other. Just one house apart, we live
very close to one other. From the very beginning when
we started boxing Mary and I rented a place and trained together.
We were together from the start. But in between there were some misunderstandings and we are
not as close as we used to be. There is a small gap. You should say it’s getting better again. There were difficult times
but it’s better now. A little. It’s getting better. Very good. I don’t have any problem with I mean with them. But they have a problem with me. It’s very… Why? Why? Because you know from from my idea (I believe) they’re jealous of me. Now I’m getting, now I’ve qualified. And… on the outside maybe they’re happy, but inside they’re burning. I wasn’t at the trials because I was doing my diploma. I watched it all, the bouts all of it. But I felt hurt that I was left out from the team. A little difficult? It was very difficult. When you are at the training camp,
how much do you miss me? I miss you so much there are no words to describe the feeling. What are your plans for the future? For now, I will take a break for one year
and then compete in the 2014 Asian Games. So, what about the next Olympics? For the 2016 Olympics I
may be over the age limit. I heard that amateur boxers
can play until the age of 36 in the Olympics. Thirty-five. Thirty-five? You’re only 29 now so in 2016 you’ll be 33. What has your boxing experience been like? What has boxing taught you? Let’s leave this question for tomorrow. Is that your wedding ring? Yes. Can you show the camera? I don’t wear any other jewellery. I kept everything at home. An arranged marriage. At the time I was under so much tension. I was under so much
stress due to boxing So, my family members
told me to get married. I was at the proper age for
marriage, so I agreed. Then everything was arranged
and I got married. Who has time to spend 9 months
and another two to three years after that? The process is just a big waste of time. I’m going to miss you, sir. I’ll be praying for you Mary.
I swear I really will. You’ll be fine. You’re a lovely girl. This is my medal. Only the colour No! We love that colour! If the colour was gold I would
be very happy but but the colour was not. My promise is if I’m getting
a medal in the Olympics the whole of my country they will know me.

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  2. became emotional …..these girls are superwomen …..there real work is behind the curtain ….and medals are merely glimpse of that.
    I congratulate Saritha for her bright future with her family…..chhoto laura u are inspiration for many of us, salute u.
    Congratulate mary kom for everything and hoping high as sky with her.

  3. Came here after seeing an article on The Hindu… You guys have been filming since 2006 ..wow. You guys deserve salute because You recognise the talent of these women when no one did…. I am extremely happy to see two women sarita and Mary from my state Manipur…I know they will continue to achieve more for the country in future ..I also wish chottu a bright future… Congrats to all of u….

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