Dear viewers. Like I said, once the camp is over,
you get some food to replenish
your calories. Today we have been
invited for dinner to the “Three Gunars” hotel. One can really
eat a lot here. Our plates are still empty,
but looks like something’s coming. What’s this called? It’s called
“hideg meggyleves.” “Hideg meggyleves?” – “Hideg meggyleves.”
– Which means -? It’s “Hideg meggyleves.” Which is: “fruity soup.” This soup’s really good.
I always like it. A fruit soup
is a great idea! There’s some eggs here, cold starters. The tables are filling up. I’m going to the
dining hall. It seems we’re not
leaving here hungry. You could at least
wave a bit. Let’s continue.
Who do we have here? What team is this? Why this is the
Si-Fu Darek team. – A.k.a. Dream Team 2.
– Sifu Darek Dream Team. Let’s keep going. Here’s another one. Another team. And another team. What team is this? Si-Hing Szel
Gabor. Hello. Sasha! What do you think
of the camp? – Doing good?
– Doing fine. – Everything ok?
– A-ok. Darko, I need to have you on film.
You’re very hot in Poland right now. Thank you
very much! It’s me who’s glad that
I can have you on camera. Your people is very close to me.
We’re from the Slavic group. Si-Fu Darko from Croatia
is supporting our camp. It’s really nice to practice
with him and his students. Thank you, Darko! Best regards to my
Polish friends. These are my
Kung Fu brothers who also have their
5th master grades. Which means they
are acceptable. Who’s this here?
Si-Fu Dariusz. Good evening,
nice to see you. How’s the
camp, Si-Fu? Here you are again, trying to surprise all
of us with your camera. But that’s fine. The camp?
How do you mean? I don’t know,
did you like it? I can easily say, for
the 24th time, that the camp is great.
Great atmosphere. The first camp was 3 people.
Now it’s about 103. The exams were
very positive. Especially the beginners. Very good results. They really approached
the matter with a fighting spirit. And endured the camp
along with a very tough exam. It’s almost dinner time. – Let’s go eat.
– Until later. Si-Fu Linas! You have a beautiful
yellow polo T-shirt. Like spring. Like spring? Not a grand master? No… no… But I hope you’ll
be one soon? That’s a very provocative
question. It’s like spring.
Like Wing Tsun. How would you
sum up the camp? It’s a great camp.
Like always. I’ve already lost count
which camp this is. I started going
to camps in 2000. You always see others develop.
New people come with new hopes. This time it’s a really big,
great camp with great energy. Amazing. A lot of hearts
beating to the same drum. United by their
love for Wing Tsun. Tell me what’s changed since
your first visit here? We’re getting more
experienced and older. And what hasn’t changed? The love for Wing Tsun. There are people here who’ve been
practising for over 20 years. It’s always a happy moment
when you come back to the camp and you see the same
faces and eyes. Everybody coming together,
united by this great art. It’s hard to distinguish one
very important detail. You have to come
here to feel it. A thousand words is
not enough. You have to come to
the camp to understand what does it mean
to be there among so many masters
and so many students and different generations. These are very
touching moments. You have to feel it.
It’s impossible to describe it. You heard it: if you want
to feel the atmosphere here don’t look for opinions.
Just try it yourself. – Exactly.
– Be part of this event. – Thanks a lot!
– Don’t talk – just do it! Thanks. We’ve just had our dinner. It was all
very surprising. A lot of people got their
Kung Fu master grades, from 1 to 5. We’re here with
a special guest, my Kung Fu brother
from Hungary, Si-Hing, or Si-Fu
Csaba Pusztai. Today he was promoted
to the 5th master grade. This is a very big thing
for the whole association. Scaba, how long have
you been practicing Wing Tsun? As I remember,
27 years. 27 years? 27 years ago
I started or got the first
student grade. What is Wing Tsun to you?
What does it mean to practice Wing Tsun? First time, when I was young
at 17 years old it was a practical
martial art. Maybe to fight
on the street. You know teenagers. If you have any kind of problem
with guys around you, you can manage
it with it. But nowadays it
means to me a family
and all my life. I can always find
parallel things between day by
day, real life and Wing Tsun. Thank you very much
and once again – congratulations. Thank you so much. My Kung Fu brother,
I hope we will meet year by year. As soon as possible. Dear viewers. The camp in
Hungary is over. We’re heading back for Poland. We’re all tired
but definitely satisfied. The girls in the back
can’t stop training. Which is great –
it’s wise to drill the material. Before I say goodbye, I’d like to mention
one more thing. Today, at the conclusion
of the camp Si-Kung promoted
one of the masters who is my personal role model
when it comes to being a teacher, but also a student,
as he is constantly learning and getting better. Si-Kung promoted Si-Fu
Salamon Ferenc to master grade 7. This is an extraordinary event,
since he’s now in second place after Si-Fu Szel Gabor,
with a grade that high. SiFu Szel Gabor is 8th master grade,
Si-Fu Salamon is now at grade 7. Moving on. Right now we’re in a traffic jam
at the Budapest ring road. I hope you liked the report. If so, push the like button, subscribe, click the bell icon, so you will receive
notifications regarding new clips. Saying goodbye is the
same gang that left for Hungary: my dear wife Agnieszka,
who’s behind the camera, and Dorota and Olimpia
in the back. They’re being timid, they’ve
stopped training their sections. Everybody take care, See you next episode!

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