40 thoughts on “Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Techniques for Beginners

  1. That looks like a fun training. Easy to do but hard to master. Thank you!

    Now I just need a wooden dummy.

  2. Sweet video. Appreciate that. Want to get one but I didnt have a clue how to use it. Good demo and explanation

  3. Great reminder about the forward intent/force, makes big difference, you can really feel it in partner practice. Dummy work also helps stance and balance, rooting, power. Love your vids, good practical tips.

  4. Hey Dan ! I would like to learn more wooden dummy training or techniques, i have look other video but they go too fast or just dont explain has good as you do, thx !

  5. I trust your teaching as opposed to some others on YT. Thank you. Please note that the camera sometimes trys to focus on objects in the background and it blurs you. I don't know how to fix that but others might. Thanks again! Please do more wooden dummy videos.

  6. Legend maintains that Wing Chun (beautiful springtime) was deveoped by a woman, who realized she didn't have the strength to overpower a man. She is said to have seen the limber pine bows moving in the breeze and adopted a deflecting style allowing her to get inside and around her opponent's reach . At least that's what I heard.

  7. Thank You, for the video I recently got a wooden dummy and I can't wait to try out these exercises I will definitely be subscribing for more. Thank You!

  8. And maybe a link to where you can buy good cheap Wing Chun dummy I can't believe I can't find a place that sells them in packs you can put them together and maybe a video tell us what a good Wing Chun dummy is cos I've seen some pretty bad ones that don't wiggle I am in Australia and it's scary some of the things people call Wing Chun dummy here I was looking at buying one from America and I was like $1,000 and $2,000 shipping mind-boggling

  9. The master Wong is a tool and a company gave him a free Wing Chun dummy to try out and he teaches you some things that will get you killed

  10. Hello and thank you very much for taking the time to make this video. My only issue with it is that the combination of the room acoustics and your accent make it difficult for me to understand exactly what you are saying. I have seen other videos on other subjects that provide captions for the videos. i think captioning yours would be a huge improvement. But regardless, thank you very much for taking the time to create it.

  11. Dan, what is the name brand of the dummy you are using? I see it says “the warrior” but I searched for that and can’t find it. Thanks.

  12. From this demo I learn that the proper use of wooden dummy is nothing more than hanging my clothes/hats and talk to it as it is always here to listen to my complains. lol!

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