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  1. a thought, concerning the word "martial" in the art. Military. each move has deadly intentions with military application of a "martial" art. Are these arts as you embody like , the MMA . . to fight, maybe incapacitate, but not for killing, therefore not "martial"? "Long Fist " was developed by a General after being taught the basics by shaolin monks, his intentions with long fist are truly "martial" and i feel maybe, that aspect is lost here? .. maybe

  2. I stumbled upon your channel man. The end of this gave me chills… Great message. I would love for you to compare Wing Chun with Tiaji. I practice Wing Chun and Tiaji. Long Paw might be next!

  3. WOW…. learning and building on our knowledge from other styles… awesome. It's not a new concept for me, but I think it's new for many others. Thank you for another great and educational video. Two thumbs up from me. 🙂

  4. I had been really put off by wing chun in the past because the practitioners I had met were so belligerent.

    Of course, it all starts with the instructor…your instructor seems like a really great guy.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Phil have you ever heard of the eight-extreme fist? I will love to see how wingchun fight agains such strong and in a way bossy type of moves. Btw love your videos mate

  6. Love your Wing Chun videos! Like how you let your guests describe their fighting style and their advantages before moving on to how Wing Chun can adapt to it, and how both styles work fairly in demonstration. It's not another 'Why Wing Chun is better' video; there's no bias and that's awesome! I've been dabbling between months for a year, and I like to find time to commit to Wing Chun. Keep up these great videos, hope to see more soon!

  7. He has plainly the jeung and stance of the wing chun.  Should keep the shoulders square though while teaching.

  8. Holy crap. That may as well be called "Hammerfist Kung-fu"; they really do sling their limbs like a hammer. So much power buildup!

  9. So did they use Longfist for the fire bending technique in Avatar? (The awesome cartoon not the awful film) Because it looks similar, to my untrained eye.

  10. And i thought iv seen most of the fighting styles by now .. how did i miss the Long Fist kung fu.. it looks great i like it.

  11. you are juss awesome! im completely blown away by as well as the awesome ppl u always have on your show. everyone is so talented. im learning so much. thanl u so much for all you do.. xoxoxoxo

  12. Ok,i am really curious to know which style of longfist is that. I mean,longfist is a pretty broad term…

  13. It's not that wing chun is better than any other martial arts, it's just that you make it look so damn cool because, YOU ARE AWESOME in wing chun. I also practice wing chun and I am a pro kickboxer. Wing chun is the basis of krav maga and other self defense arts and I am fascinated with it.

    You will often see many wing chun vs boxing vids where the boxer beats up the wing chun practitioner, that's only because the boxer spars against people trying to hurt and KO him, if a wing chun fighter spars with a boxer for hours everyday, in the beginning like everyone else he will get his ass kicked but after a year, he will be on par with good boxers in toe to toe sparring/fighting.

    Fighting, be it wing chun or boxing is all about practice, it's a skill. Boxers are good fighters because they fight for real, if you wanna be a good wing chun fighter you gotta fight for real.

  14. why does no martial arts focus on breaking up fights?  and interjecting yourself so that no harm can be done to two fighting people?  have you ever heard of such a style?

  15. Not tryna hate or nothing….but why is it mostly white dudes doing martial arts videos these days? It's almost like all the interesting cultures of the world, even, and I never thought this would happen, Chinese martial arts are being absorbed and taught by white people? It's like how rap is slowly gaining more white than black rappers, and how in the future it will be mostly white people. The same with rock and roll in fact, and even culinary arts!! Who woulda thought….but what I'd really like to see is an Asian artist who's known in a mostly white country. I hope the cycle comes full circle and minorities do things they couldn't before

  16. Holy shit…you can actually see some slight overlap between Chang Quan and Jeet Kune Do. That first demonstrated move has the obvious backfist technique, the lack of intricate maneuvers or blocks to instead favor attacking newly made weaknesses…personally, I'd like to learn Chang Quan and Wing Chun together to have some nice diversity going on. It would compliment my JKD, Kali, and Silat nicely ^_^

  17. I love the good message that you try to share "the passion of what you do" but not, searching "i'm stronger than this martial art"

  18. Hey friend the long fist boxing guy was copying some of the wing chun techniques after you have shown him the wing chun techniques

  19. Long fist kf is what I think of when I hear "kung fu." I started a long fist style last January, and it's been amazing and humbling. I've never been athletic, and it shows in my kung fu (though I'm in a much better place, now). But it's so much fun, it looks awesome, and I get to be around great people.

    Martial arts are cool in general, but I couldn't see myself doing anything else. This is a cool video. Nice to kind of highlight the differences in northern and southern kung fu styles.

  20. longfist had good stances and torques compression waist movements of 90 degrees to perhaps 180 reminds me a lot of my choy lee fut training

  21. I would think you would never use longfist against wing chun. One is used in open spaces and the other for indoors and tight alleys.

  22. Great video!

    My only objection with the "would you punch a guy on the foot" idea… Is that hitting a non vital part of the body like the foot with your hand wicg is weaker than the foot, is not the same as hitting a vital part of the body like the head, with the strongest muscles in the body… To give you an idea, hwavy weight boxers strongest punches are almost always somewhere between 400 and 600 kg of force… There are taekwondo fighters that can kick with over 1000 kg of force… And most of them are not as heavy as a heavyweight boxer… With that in mind… If trained right… A kick to the head is a good idea… Its just not what most people should do or rely on… Just like no one should rely on a liver shot… Because its not easy to oull off… Even if it can end the fight in one hit!

  23. wing chun is southern style better for short guys who are weak in strength but fast.
    Long fist is better to the big guys who can punch hard but low in flexibility
    Good arts bro

  24. Kung fu can be use in UFC just mix with bjj and learn muay thai in order to understand how your opponent will strike

  25. Real internal power NEVER uses the shoulder to generate power. This is some good external kung fu… But the slim few who can do inner power will destroy this.

    Long fist has a lot in common with Pigua (ax fist) or Choy Li Fu, so I dig it. But Wing Chun guys, although I should have more respect for them, they screw up their stance, don't have a straight spine, and lean backward. It ruins what Wing Chun has to offer.

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