Wing Chun vs Boxing | Wing Chun does NOT work?

with the increased popularity of wing chun has come great criticism that suggests that Wing Chun doesn’t work we’re going to address some of these points in a series of videos but today we’re going to address the point that we can only works at close range you so one check only works at close range well the criticism comes from the fact that what most people see are reaching students using short-range strategies at long range and the issue is really of short-range strategies based around structure so if George comes forward if I was to explain structure the idea is that I’ve got a connection it doesn’t really matter how I have that connection well I have my arms on the inside the outside around whatever the position of the body of the connection is with the body I had connectivity and structures this idea where I have a frame I have a spinal alignment and I have a position where my body is quite solid and I can absorb and deflate and spit and swallow all the four energies that we we’ve spoken before in other videos now at range those strategies aren’t as important and the reason being is because we don’t have connectivity I’m not connected with the person’s arms so the idea of structure in the sense that the person is on my arms are going to be pushing and pulling me isn’t relevant in the same way so the stiffness and the straight spine and the sitting bag isn’t as isn’t required at range because what is required is mobility when you have a long-range confrontation or if you like movement you need to be able to move and have that mobility and that comes from the idea of using your feet your knees and obviously having some sort of control of your arms so how do we improve mobility well mobility comes from a number of factors it comes from the factors of how you move on your feet how you use your knees and that I’ll come to in just a second and most importantly the placement of your hands so if I’m going to face George key points remember is is that at range okay when I’m at the range I don’t want to sit back and keep my hand forward what that will do is will stiffen my position and make it very very difficult for me to move in and out or laterally side-to-side what I need to be able to do to improve mobility is essentially to be slightly lighter on my feet I can keep the same posture that I normally do I can sit down all I need to do is lift my heels slightly off the floor now I’m lifting my heels slightly off the floor it gives me the ability to engage my knees it loads the legs if I bend my legs and it allows me to drive forward drive back spring to the side swing to the other side now what allows this lateral movement and forward and back movement is not necessarily keeping your Munsell a fixed position but making sure that your Munsell is quite mobile and short so your bridge if you like is a short bridge and not a long bridge a long bridge will make it very very difficult to be mobile at a long distance but as a general rule of thumb enclosing the closer you get to someone the more you sink and the more you seek to bridge so at range bridging isn’t essential mobility is a close range and the closer I get to the person the more I want to sink and eventually want to get connectivity that’s when these ideas will structure and tone into flexing absorbing and moving come into play what is necessary is your ability to control the distance between you and your attacker and that’s the main point that we’re going to look at in future videos in this series of dealing with or discussing why we why people think Wing Chun doesn’t work

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  1. You can criticise break down every martial art fighting sport and pick fault. In all honesty in a street fight it depends on the persons mentality too.

  2. ah mr. fight science what i just saw in your video screams of boxing moves. i just want to say that boxing too has evolved. records suggest that it even predates some martial arts. boxing is one of the oldest sports 688bc. modern boxing you see now is the sweet science. the moves i am seeing you must have seen in some boxers because of the internet age and youtube. i hope some martial arts dont rip off boxing moves and tell them it came from them just to get students.

  3. What do you consider long range? All I see is close quarters…I've seen to many opportunities where I could just keep a strong fist and overpower..

  4. there is not one boxer in this video. Not one jab to stop the "brigding", no hooks when you close in, and they dont even have a stance, walking around with whatever leg first. Put up some full contact sparring for demonstration please;-)

  5. Here is the problem, u guys are going in slow motion, boxers spar full speed, they hit and they get hit. Boxers watch every part of ur body, they move extremely well!!

  6. He was ! and I'm glad you are smart . enough to understand that! because alot of wing Chun folklores about the Style! and I think it's a concept system of the Chinese arts!quick to learn! and you use it with intelligence not folklores! to many so called master's can't fight ! with it !

  7. This is the first video of yours that I have watched and what strangely jumped out at me most was the way you handle your students: no 'tough guy' BS or subtly slapping them around to impress – very respectful and 'gentle'. Also your WC looks really strong and effective. Really impressive.

  8. wing chun is fine, it's the practitioner who needs to improve his skill level to be effective. I saw the videos from those guys who complain about the style, but it is them who need to better understand its effectiveness and limitations at which you use it. I'm not going to name names but he looked intermediate and wanting in skill level. this is an art form and some will excell while most of us fall a little behind but that's expected we're not all made the same.

  9. this is false. Let's see this guy actually spar with a boxer, not his laughing wing chun students throwing weak ass punch/slaps. wing chun doesn't work as a real life fighting system. show me one video where a wing chun practitioner defeats a boxer.

  10. there is a style better than wing chun in fact the best in the world: this man currently broke three records for fastest hand speed in the world by Guinness and he's going for another record

  11. It's always the Wing Chun practitioner needs to improve whenever they lose. An amateur Boxer, Muay Thai fighter or BJJ is extremely dangerous… But for Wing Chun you must be an expert to be dangerous.

  12. I'm not sure if anyone caught on, but the longer range is similar to boxing albeit less refined and minus jabbing to set up shots. There are many valuable principles that could translate well into boxing, like changing angles to gain a strategic advantage over your opponent.

  13. A good boxer will take apart this teacher and all wing chun students in this class, no disrespect, wing chun is not boxing, well not western boxing, if you say wing chun is boxing cause it is a chinese boxing style then technically yes but so are many other Gung Fu styles but they are not boxing, people be proud of your own western culture, western boxing is superior to wing chun,any student the same sex and weight and length of time spent training, the boxer should easily knock out the wing chun person, its true that wing chun uses biu Jee and chops to the neck, groin strikes and elbows, but the simplicity of western boxing is its superiority.

  14. who teaches this is Albany NY? I've had leg and back pain since childhood…but good upper body mobility to learn this….any suggestions.

  15. I have been doing Muay Thai for 20 years. and know nothing about wing chun. But i believe that with any martial arts, it all depends on the user. It doesn't matter what fancy moves you can do if you can't use it in a fight. And with all martial arts, you have to move in close to your opponent so that your hit would connect. Would that at least mean wing chun should work most of the time against any martial arts? I have watch a lot of wing chun fight videos and so far I have been very disappointed with the user of the martial art. They can't seem to focus so they lose track of what they know and can't put their skill up in a fight. Win chun should teach their students meditation or something. From what I have seen. It can be used in a fight pretty effectively. But I haven't seen a person that been able to do it in a fight.

  16. Cool video! At long range, footwork is your first line of defense.
    Regarding boxing, I'd say it is a mistake to try to box using WC, especially when you're facing a boxer at medium range. Not that it can't be done, but you need a lot of sparring experience in order to feel the punches coming in order to exploit openings, because bridging safely can be hard in those situations. Explosively controlling with one hand while attacking with the other, especially when combined with low kicks (knee or below) can work, but it is much easier said than done, naturally. Progressive sparring can help you achieve that.

  17. Thank you for the informative video Sifu, I would like to ask you a question regarding your opinion on Lat Sao from the Leung Ting lineage of WC?

  18. The problem I have with most Wing Chun videos and practictioners is that they always claim it's 'too dangerous' or the 'Wing Chun guy was not good enough'. That and the fact that it's all theoretical. I've not seen 1 good Wing Chun guy destroy a proper boxer or kickboxer.

  19. wing chin is not a ring sport, why? it is too nasty, its all about soft spot targeting, mostly the eyes and throat, its just the natural alignment of the strikes, and we have all seen what mma fighters do when they get poked hard in the eyes or kicked in the balls, they stop the fight for like 10mins, its like comparing paintball to real war

  20. The only people I've ever heard being critical are those who think they know everything after watching videos on YouTube or who have been exposed to bad Wing Chun practitioners. I know people who could kill you before you hit the ground.

  21. what we knew in boxing for decades you just start to discover in wing chun, and not everybody, this guy is a minority, the big wing chun masses are still stupid and ignorant

  22. Great Video, I have trained for security and passion, I wish to see a great simulation next time, match example with an expert Boxer friend and experienced Wingtsun man in a sparing and analyzing the action, the fact that minds like Bruce Lee, even realized or second guest, if the system – matrix = his assume of reality the ultimate truth is by facing difficulties, we have to be resourceful and realise, that trained monks in Shaolin temple, created the master arts of expressions within a healthy lifestyle and spiritual awareness, power, we have to invest ourselves and understand the Philosophy of fighting at first, Shaolin Monks meditate and create a higher awareness of reality, everyone can resonate with this experience, who have done Yoga practice, we have to realise, the meaning of Martial Art itself, it's an art of motion and awareness, whenever we get lost in the wild, the first one thing is to get a long stick to create distance, who likes to fight, have to learn to use our senses and think intelligent, it's our key to survival, some schools are creating a business of Martial Arts, that's the reason of unaware egos, students, when we do drills and practice, we train our minds & body to be ready for the streets, we have to train like a warrior to beat a champion, who doesn't respect his opponent has already lost the fight, only with respect of an opponent we can win, that's the reason, we like to practice Mentalism, JKD, Boxing the Military concepts to respond accordingly for a situation, it's about what we learn daily, keep making new experience, instead fighting about the arts, let's appreciate our arts of defends and improve ourselfs, Thank You!

  23. I respect people who do this but I haven't seen one video that isn't biased towards wing chun, in my
    Opinions put them up against a high level fighter wing chun won't be effective

  24. I've just found your channel, and it's really refreshing to hear a traditional martial artist bridging the gap between the competitive and "historical" forms of training. We hear modern martial artists saying that traditional training is useless, and traditionalists saying that what they're doing is more than enough to learn real combat skills. In reality, I believe historical martial training from back when people relied on this kind of stuff every day involved more contact and harsh training than we see in most modern dojos.

  25. For me, it is not so much the style as it is the elements of speed, power, and precision. No matter how you fight, if those elements are missing, you're probably going to get your ass handed to you. All good fighters intuitively control the distance, stay out of harm's way, and continually assess for openings. But if they are too slow, too tired, and miss, none of what they know matters.


  27. As a person who has trained in Boxing and has some experience in basic grappling, I can not stress enough that performance and execution depends on the martial artist, not the martial art. I see alot of ignorant comments being made which critices Wing Chun's effectiveness, but that just reflects on their ability to adapt as Martial artists. If you think that something doesn't work for you, then change it, and use what does. In other words…"Be water, my friend"
    – Bruce lee

  28. Wing Chun and Aikido suffer from the same issues. Combat training and application has left them behind because their teachers were too selfish and traditional to adapt. Arts like Karate, Judo, Wrestling and BJJ all went basically full contact in various forms and as such, cemented their place in MMA and its future. Wing Chun fighters enjoy their drills amongst themselves. Never really adapting. Never really opening up their training methods to include genuine western boxing. Never having full kick-boxing contact. Never being open to simply changing what DOES NOT WORK! EVERY Wing Chun vs Boxing match I have seen ends in a humiliating defeat for the Wing Chun fighter followed by some faux humility and a lesson over why the Wing Chun fighter didn't succeed followed by songs of "it was the individual not the art." …. Aikido and Wing Chun are good arts .. CONCEPTUALLY … but its implementation is a colossal failure. Change how these arts are taught and they will succeed .. otherwise they will be extinct in a decade. If you want your wing chun or aikido to work you must:
    1. Aikido: Do another art like BJJ or Judo to back up your aikido.
    2. Wing Chun: Constantly spar with other strikers. CONSTANTLY.

    The fact that these have to happen shows a flaw in the art or at least how it is taught.

  29. It's simple – if you're best at fighting in close range, get in close range. It's easier for you to get into close range than it is for them to prevent you from getting into close range. I mean, if you're advancing to close in, and they want to keep you further away, they're gonna lose ground, they're gonna be backing up. Deflect, dodge, wait for the opportunity, distract them with a few light hits to goad them into giving you an opening, or even just take a couple of hits, so long as you get through their threat range to a distance you're more comfortable with, then you've got the fight.

  30. I think what Bergenranger should be saying is that there is no one here wearing hand armor to take shots at the WC guy. Boxing gloves are armor. They give an illusion of fighting, because no one can box with bare fists in the same manner as with gloves. Remember Bas Rutten in pancrase? It was palms only, and the punch count was way lower than "boxing." Also, remember that he used an extended guard that remarkably reaembles WC man and wu sau. Mayweather is God with gloves on. But, without gloves, even Tyson breaks hands. Bare knuckles are far slower more deliberate boxing matches because we have to orotect hands. It is less flash and concussions than gloved fights,. Gloves mean concussions an more pay per view. I believe that bare knuckles will be more deliberate and less bumblebee, will be more like WC. Ip Man and Master Wong show how elbows against a boxer like Tyson can destroy the bare fist. I will admit that WC seems very suceptible to takedowns, but I will argue that the rooting and deliberate style of attacks in WC are more realistic than fights with hand armor.

  31. So when it's wu Chung u need to be trained by a master to be good but some one who learn to box at the wmca have a better chance at winning

  32. When people ask how they can use Wing Chun vs boxing, what they're really asking is how to use Wing Chun at long range. In my experience, it's mostly a matter of strategy and having good footwork while mantaining a good root, which is one of the main challenges of Wing Chun, since it's very hard to move freely with your hips firmly tucked in and bent knees without a lot of practice. The old saying "no root, no kung fu" is also valid for WC.

  33. supposed to be 2 hands on 1 technology.thats why wingchuner,s dont stand sideways like a boxxer. winger,s aren't trying to jab or box.they want to trap which boxers never TRAP

  34. Boxers punch one arm at the time while wing Chun is both arms at the same time well mostly but wing Chun is smart instead of resisting, wing Chun thinks there's another way . It's obvious that wing Chun will win

  35. Other thing people need to realize is that Wing chun was a kung fu, designed to combat other eastern martial arts. It's uses against boxing and other western style are very limited because they're from a whole other world. My problem with people's mindset is that they think that just because you learn from one school of martial arts, that you cannot change in any way to combat its weaknesses. A practitioner of wing chun could also take Muay Thai, or hell, even boxing, and use what they find useful from all of those style to what suits them.

  36. Love this video. Any martial art where someone has stone feet and stiff fighting stance will lose to a moving more fluid opponent. We can't be slaves to stances, forms, and many other teachings in real fight. They are tools to be used, once those tools stop working, it's time to adapt and change. Make the tool fit the situation, and not try to make the situation fit the tool.The only thing I care about it is surviving or winning.

  37. Your practicing modified wing chun, your straight on techniques will fail against a lot of martial arts boxing muay thai, you need to work footwork with techniques to avoid punches.your good but remember wing chun is a martial art made from principles theory then techniques.

  38. an real fighter you can only recognize in an MMA circle, no matther which technique he learned.
    In an real fight other laws come up than techniques.
    One of them and the primal: INTENSION TO DESTROY
    There aren´t exist an technique who stays above all other techniques.
    Only a fool who never was involed in an real fight want to make you believe that.
    I´m from Austria, therfore sorry for my english – but I´m thinking you got it 🙂

  39. So.. what exactly do you do when someone tries to bulldoze you into the ground and pummels you like a madman?

    I'm really unsure about all of this. If someone's putting on huge pressure by relentlessy charging in, demanding an in-fight. How well will Wing Chun do?

  40. When a WC guy meets a boxer, he needs to adapt the Boxers footwork and mobility. Thats the first and serious advantage boxers have, footwork and headmovement, they are absolute masters at this. Many WC vs other styles I've seen, the WC guys were very rigid and static and rely solely on being able to offense with speed in an forward confrontation. They don't wave and slip.
    Just my observation, maybe not all WC guys are like this.

  41. I hat those all wing chun videos which says that wing chun doesn't work that's not true when you not get into it?

  42. Too many of these "boxers" lift their chins up, easy to knock out. This not what a real boxer is going to do!

  43. In order to use the wing chun technique and concepts properly you have be aggressive and get in close to your opponent and do combination attacks (speed is key). It is against all your instincts to walk into a punch but this is what you have to do in order to get an opening to land your attacks. Also most ppl forget the kicks as well. You gotta keep punching and kicking while walking into your opponent forcing him to back. Donnie yen does a good job in demonstrating this in the Ip man 2 fight with twister at the end. Since no body wanna be punched a lot of wing chun user just instinctively walks backwards.

  44. Wing Chun gets a bad rap because MOST PEOPLE IN IT HAVE A GLASS JAW AND CANT TAKE A HIT!!! You WILL get hit in an encounter with a guy on the street and if all you do is drills and chi sao with no ability to shake off a punch your going to freeze or get knocked out.

    Wing Chun is taught like a conversation topic not a hardcore art.

    Just study Muey Thai

  45. Given that both opponents are competent, whoever moves first is most likely to win the street fight. Simple as that.

  46. Keep in mind that even a wing-chun guy can know boxing techniques and distance attacks, its not like I do wing-chun and nothing else…

  47. To qoute Bruce Lee, who abaondoned the art, "Wing Chun is good for the bathroom." Now why would you get in a lot of fights in a bathroom i dont know but your prefrences are for you. It is devestated by long rang attacks, espically low attacks.Do it enough and they will screw up their guard and u can graplle and what not.

  48. Wing Chun is deflect and hit what your doing when sparring is pushing or parrying ( and then hitting.) To get maximum power you must deflect and hit the same time that way its too late for your opponent to react. Some where along the line the true fundamentals of Wing Chun have disappeared, how ever blending deflect and hit with boxing works best.

  49. An interesting video, however the content doesn't seem to have anything to do with the title, in fact I don't think boxing was even referenced in the video once!
    Did not mention crane for long range, kicking, or bridging to get into your effective range. Didn't even compare the wing chun ranges with a boxer's range and how to avoid engaging in ranges a boxer would be more comfortable in. You don't even say about fighting at long range just say you don't have to worry about posture so much which though may be accurate don't see how it's helping anyone.
    If you are telling people they should raise their back heel then could be argued that if a JKD stance is more effective then are you saying that people should learn JKD instead of wing chun as you are adopting one of the few things that wasn't taken from wing chun?
    By raising your heel are you not effecting your rooting and therefore the actual engine/mechanics of a strike, as traditional Jin power generation would require the heels to be touching the ground (I believe)? So if you put a boxer's snap instead of Jin on the end of a strike you are doing JKD instead of Wing Chun, as have heel raised?
    Just mentioned the lack of mobility from a flat footed stance, which is a valid point but you didn't mention boxing footwork so really seems to me to be a very misleading title.

  50. I have mixed feelings about Wing Chun, I wouldn't trust my safety in just WC alone, but I wouldn't mind integrating various techniques from it and add it to my arsenal. I don't like immediately bashing M.A.s like most do, I try to be open minded and visualize what I see useful to add to my repertoire.

  51. As a Sanda guy just wanna tell yall wing chunners, Dont Box a Boxer, Dont Wrestle w a wrestler. Wing chun is purely for self defense against a aggressive attacker with limited skillset of combat. BUT If you guys want to fight in a Cage or Ring, training has to be done differently you have to train with other combat system/styles and most importantly Sparring. No such thing as you not getting hit, its always training for that hit you will 100% get.

  52. I've had a hell of a fun time learning Wing Chun concepts. The type of Wing Chun is negligent as the core concepts are the same.

    I came from a western wrestling, boxing and Tae Kwon Do background. My wife has a wrestling/JJ layman background that works well. What I found is that the more I incorporated WC philosophy + basic Pak Sau into my form that I improved my standing and grapple evasion game write dramatically.

    What this means is that the "problem" with WC is all in the mentality of application rather than the style itself. Head game over hand hand game.

  53. I mixed my experience with American football like tacking and lineman hand defense moves… some take kwon do kicks, some boxing hits and wrestling…it works amazing….it's a mixed martial art but it's usually American football based…there are some rugby players out there that can also defend themselves pretty good

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