wing chun vs boxing why boxers are dangerous for wing chun?

Welcome on this part here onto the wing chun versus the boxing now out here the minute it’s bloody cold so when you’re outside if you do wing chun or all this fighting stuff that when you’re outside when you’re punching You’re gonna mess up your hand it gonna be freezing. So on this bit here I will go through you’re into the basic movement already that you practice and see that Wing chun against boxing this bit here. We concentrate on to talk a little bit about the boxing what skill and movement they got And why they’re so dangerous to it. Let me show you some with this So you’re getting a basic idea (elbow you there now,) now the boxing style, they’ve got two. They do this all the time. Jab Cross Hook Uppercut They’re using this all the time that’s what they’re good at and is very powerful movement coming in yeah very powerful To have the hand in the wrong line. If I go like this form that will be land and suddenly with your rushing coming into attack you won’t got a chance to to move A lot of time when you block I’m gonna hit he will be straightaway attacking you straight away. Okay? And it’s very difficult for you to try to try so to using the wing chun style and on this [movement] Why he moving it’s not even moving up, so now we move it It’s very difficult to disable coming in to make it Very difficult to use your hand Why on this basic movement here that we showed you to using but boxing with glove on is to give your idea if I start Doing boom wrong. It’s a connected body movement. I get bashed straight away To keep your idea, the boxing. It’s very dangerous, okay. They’re very very good at what they do. Because what they do is only got four to Four power moment get through all the time we’ve been busy doing this he they will come in. I’m doing all that and attacking all different part of body And attacking with a lot of power your hook coming in the body you know the power It’s a lot of power movement coming in okay. for the wing chun attack, it’s very light coming in then you get bash up very easily so when you’re working on to the Boxing style, to deal with this, you need to learn couple basic understanding. So, when the attack coming in. A lot of my drainage right away Okay. The hand. Why keep the hand further out the way They’ve got a chance little bit for me to counter-attack though So I can have my hands close to him here all the time, okay? So when you come to attack you safe
to go, safe to go for him to come in again okay and keep my body like this But if I tried to doing like when they attack I try to raise in now, I’d very close to him if I keep my body in line That’s you. If you some of you doing the courses on our training course we have a lot of this kind of movement Onto a ring keep the distance away, so when the attack is coming in. I give a lot of it keep them a lot of it space for them make an attack so every time I come in him to me to make an Attack to me to me to make an attack and make you know I can attack I can attack him quickly, okay, because you’d using the hand to control the boxing hand So that’s the idea, The wing chun. can do many thing, but you can do anything, but it’s very dangerous You’re going dead so a lot of time try to keep the lines like this keep in line like this Keep them away like this. I’m no,t not even attacking yet to keep them a distance so to get an idea. Ok, thank you a lot So that idea of a movement it learn the control the position and keep them in line Ok. Further away. So that didn’t able to attack you and hurt you. And don’t take the boxing lightly They are very good They will whip your ass very easily into the real life the scene street style the boxer will Kick the wind chun man any day. Because if a wing chun man is not up to the standard and you don’t train like this you get the problem so when you’re training you need to think little bit so you can understand so when you’re working you need to understand distance So if you got any more problem in the movement, I will go through with you on this spend some time to practice I will see you on the next video

100 thoughts on “wing chun vs boxing why boxers are dangerous for wing chun?

  1. 1. Your ass would get knocked out in less than 5 seconds doing this.
    2. In what world would you find yourself against a boxer in gloves in a real defense situation? He would just grab your arms and take you down.

  2. Master Wong was probably never involved in a real fight…People please…don't do this shit in a real fight, you're gonna get your ass whooped real fast

  3. I see what MW is saying here. On the street, you see very little that resembles boxing and what boxing you do see is fundamentals, nothing fancy. Adrenaline and the red mist affect everyone and most styles evaporate very quickly. Simple principles go a long way and the two handed walk-down is a staple in Thai. I like it but you need to be decisive and fast and to know what your objectives are. In Thai, you use it to penetrate a puncher you want to clinch-up. On the street you can burst the double-hander like a powerful shot, straight into the face region and then clinch up or continue to rapidly attack the face at very close quarters (the head as a weapon in ECQ is great).

  4. What is this guy talkning about? If you raise your hands that way, a boxer will punch your kidneys out or sidestep and punch you in the face. But boxers are still easy to take down if you have patience. I trained Muay Thai for 12 years and i have taken down every boxer in serious sparring sessions and one real fight. Boxers have no guard whatsoever under the waist. Use 80% kicks and keep the low, go for the thighs, knees and shins to seriously damage his posture and form first 60 seconds. Mix it up little bit with front kicks and sidekicks to the waist. You legs are much longer and a bit stronger than his arms, he is totally defenceless. He will start to get lower to protect his lower body, that's when you start mixing up with upper body kicks and head kicks. And also, you have to keep moving around to keep distance, don't get rooted to a spot. No problem.

  5. Nahhhhhh bruhhh. You gettign knocked out! The real way to do it is off a shield with your chin tucked, then you have to close the distance. The way this is shown you will get whooped.

  6. Utilize front kicks rather then extend hands to cover your upper gate then by bridging the gap with biu soa on boxers lead arm larp sao focuss on taking the boxers balance disrupt his entry. U dont wanna be stuck dealing with multiple punches but boxers are good but front kicks to target area around the stomache and groin can give space or leave seconds to react and enter with biu gee

  7. Footwork plays an important role in getting a boxer's punch to land. Their speed punches hurt because of it. You CANNOT just stand stationary all the time. Footwork helps keep you in the distance that you need. It helps you to defend yourself, it helps you to attack. Nomatter how fast your hands are, a good footwork can override it.

    Look at all the types of ways boxers keep the hands up, they have a phlly stance, they have their mexican style, theres the classical style, also the bladed style. But what makes them all work is because of their footwork.

    Sure putting your hands up forward like that may help you, but keep doing that WITHOUT good footwork for the next five rounds and you're going to get a good beatdown but a basic boxer.

  8. Scary technique to use against anyone, most people’s tendency to close the gap while swinging fast punches makes it hard to keep distance with your arms extended!If you are not a trained fighter don’t try this one! People who has trained in academies with Senseis and not coaches don’t even dare!

  9. Master Wong is # 1 but Wing Chun will not work against a trained Boxer. He will hit you in different ways and with lot of force. If you know kick boxing , Brazilian Ju Jit su that will definitely help…..

  10. I don't really have to block like this or this? Because I am aware of boxing, wrestler and jitsu because I will be quickly and dodging against hitting and reverse grapples.

  11. Extremely inteligent fighter n being real deal on the diference in styles n how to think of your oponents fighting style. Similar to Bruce Lee who would constantly study oponents fighting style. "Thank you for your wisdom Master Wong".

  12. Hi Master Wong. I wanted to say I did what you said when I was messing around with my friend. We actually hit each other. I have high success with what you teach. Thank you Master Wong.

  13. For the morons saying “I will overhand right, uppercut or hook around your guard,” can you explain how you’re going to do that when you can’t close the gap, have limited leverage from the stiff arm and restricted weight transfer while being pushed? There are leverage guards in boxing as well, just look at Klitchko’s defense vs Joshua, and pushing is banned in boxing for a reason. It is on the boxer to adapt, not the martial artist.

  14. It is funny how he is showing counters for general boxing but there are techniques that counter his hand placement again. Most obvious one is because boxers train with these few punches the reach is optimised, so it could travel far enough to hit. Second it is possible to duck/slip and move in with a hook from an angle. Without gloves it is harder to stop, and with arms high like that a powerful left hook in the liver could end the duel.

  15. Im glad made this video very realistic situation. Someone is moving or hit n step back. It's hard pak lan Sao tan what ever. Wing chun schools are not prepared for that.

  16. A boxer is trained to swarm hit hard dodge block take hits have endurance…. like the only thing you can do to fuck with them is kick their legs… trust me I learned the hard way

  17. people who dont train martial arts tend to underestimate boxing. they just think that karate and kung fu fighters are omnipotent because when they see them on tv they dont even understand what the fuck is happening

  18. I found this hard to take serious because of his accent ,,agjagjagj, super funny ,, boxing a very dangerous, if you get it wrong you get a dead, lol alot of skills and moves in all fighting works but if the opponent is very strong and can't fight you in da shit ,, you block and his punch blows you and you're gaurd away, you try to twist arm and it's like trying to twist a solid beam , you hit them with fancy kick and it like kitting a pine tree, you block their punch but you get overwhelmed by the force and fall over or get put off ballence then grabbed and gorilla pressed onto the highway

  19. Not going to say I know more than the legendary Master Wong but I'm fairly tall and have been boxing for years. My instinct seeing you have your arms up like that would be go for the liver, solarplex, gut, spleen, whatever. It would leave a lot of opportunity for a boxer to strike effectively. Clearly, an extremely talented fighter like Master Wong is someone I definitely wouldn't want to fight but I'm not sure using the technique of Wing Chun against a boxer is a necessarily smart move.

    That all being said, there's no point to prove fighting. Avoid it by any means but if that's not possible, strike hard, fast and go for the body. I don't care how conditioned your hand is. Punching some cunt's head with no gloves or wraps equals a fucking sore wrist for a fortnight.

  20. What the fuck is this chistian bordet fool replying to me for saying a good mma fighter will kill a boxer,, um go watch Lennox Lewis kos video, or Roy Jones jr kos or muhamad Ali kos or any of the top heavyweight boxers kos and tell youreself that a good mma fighter will kill a boxer

  21. How come these videos never show an opponent that knows what he’s doing like a boxer that really knows how to box and doesn’t throw slow looping punches that are easy to pick off

  22. I get that boxers are bad for wing chun but say they kept blocking you off from hitting them why not find a way to try to get rid of what are blocking their chest so then aim for trying to harm the arms but not only does that get rid of the blocking defense for them that also weakens their arms making it hard for them to try to punch so that's how you could beat them?

  23. Just hold your arms out. Boxer defeated. LOL

    This is so fake how can anyone think this guy is legit. A boxer would just punch you in the stomach or ribs, your hands come down and then he knocks you out while you're trying to catch your breath

  24. I see the idea but the problem is you're square and not moving, as they say in boxing, "off line" – both hands out you're open straight up the middle, if you have a reach disadvantage he can come around the side/ over the top – if the boxer has any know how he can tap down one of your hands and come over the top. I don't know two things about wing chun but this technique could get someone hurt haha

  25. I see a bad boxer throwing a lot of punches but no head or body movement and definitely no good footwork . You can tell his lack of footwork by his lack of body movement . He's also holding his hands really low when he retracts his punches , which tells me he's not a very good boxer .

  26. It's very difficult to keep your distance from a boxer.
    Solution very simple Don't try you're wing chun on a boxer you'll get sparked out within seconds

  27. that looks like terrible advice….why not step back and throw groin kicks …. sidestep and try something dirty… way he can match power with the boxer and his hands out will buy him 3 seconds tops
    But I give him credit for admitting the well known limitation of WIng
    Chun against boxing…..there are loads of videos that illustrate this

  28. I would love to see this in real life/real fight situation….I am pretty sure it wont be efficient at all and youll get hulliated… I mean,theres no way it is efficient…You are a master,doing it for 15 years + and it makes it look not efficient….For example,if we face this vs 15 years + boxer THERES NO WAY ON EARTH for this to work….

  29. Hmm, you stretch your hands towards the Boxers face while he's standing the whole time, but I experienced that boxers often duck upper pressure and response from the ducking movement with hard liver punches.

  30. Keeping your hands out like that isn't a solution. The good boxer will hook that hands and pull it down then punch with the other hand

  31. Ok! What if he punch on your nuts?
    This is bullshit, the only way to defend a boxer is to never mess with them

  32. How to beat boxer with wing chun? Use low kicks to keep boxer at distance. Once boxer gets inside, wing chunner is f**

  33. I can not make an opinion of something that I don’t understand.
    But i do understand boxing. Boxing is so beautiful because you can generate a lot of power with combos. Jabs uppers straight hook and end with a vicious liver shot haha nothing like it. Ooo the bad is the freaking headache you’ll have for the next week 🤣

  34. The thing with boxing is that everybody boxs different theres never the same style but the technical boxers like my self are the ones that are dangerous for many styles of fighting but the kicking would be different for us we just know how to block our upper body and I believe that would be the down side of that

  35. In a street fight boxing would probably be the most scariest and dangerous for anybody unless it’s an mma fighter lol but you’ve seen boxing fighters getting knocked out or knocked the wind out of them with a body shot U cant even imagine with the gloves it would hurts the boxers hands but your face would hurt much more

  36. What if the boxer punches the hands out ofv the way and uses that puched away hand to attack that side?

  37. He cant just stand with his hands like that, redicioulus. A good boxer smashes a wing chun guy every day. Wing Chun has no power at all.

  38. This guy shouldn't even pretend like wingchun has any answers to boxing, what he's advocating just looks dangerous to me

  39. Wingchun is fantasy boxing is reality and master wong is a theorist not a combat fighter surely he will lose in real fighters

  40. Master Wong is “wrong”. Placing arms outstretched to keep distance is suicide. Good boxer would destroy that strategy. Best wing chun defense is to take angle, use foot work never stand flat footed and make use of pak da action to boxer’s face by way of indirect /direct attack depending on what boxer leads with.

  41. This guy would get knocked out in a flash and he’s going to get his followers knocked along side with him.

  42. Why is he not using the “high-line, low-line” principal? THAT is how you beat a boxer! That’s the ONLY way! I know…I’ve tried it!

  43. This is interesting..bc power to the body from like Tyson would have put the master down..but then again the master might have used something taking out joints or something..I really dont know🤔

  44. As other commenters have said. Arms out like that is a very risky tactic to employ against a boxer. Especially in-fighters or "swarmers" who are used to closing the distance and working the body. Elbows up means your ribs are exposed.

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  46. If I was certain I was forced to defend myself against a trained boxer in the street my entire focus is: Force a Takedown and grapple or face certain Death or bodily harm!

    Gotta get them off their feet!!

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