Wing Chun Vs Boxing REAL Sparring **NO KICKS**

hello philosophers and welcome to the
Wing Chun Wednesday Season Finale Wing Chun vs. boxing sparring butts with only
hands so stay tuned the rules are simple it’s pretty much
just wing chun and a boxing match so that means no feet no elbows we’re going
to be doing 390 second rounds I’m gonna try to use as much a strict Wing Chun as
I can I have a fencing background as well so since the Wing Chun stance is
designed to stop kicks I’m probably going to use a little bit more fencing
footwork I’ll try and pull off some chain punches for you guys I started
doing see lot in 2003 and when I came to the city I started boxing I’ve got a
coach box with Scott great coach following I’m happy to be able to help
what I know the test and do low smart mobility guys just say you know we are
not professional fighters the point of this video is to encourage you to get
out there and train have fun and hopefully you learned something from
this awesome experiment sparring is a conversation not pin partner this is not
to see which part is better but to better both arts and ourselves all right
it’s time for round one post your commentary below and subscribe
to see future sparring and fight scenes let’s go one minute oh that’s what I’m talking about guys
really having fun in here P now there’s one sweet shot that was so square how
can you have a couple locking me up because I’m I fight Orthodox and he was
just like yeah my leg and the jab hands somehow and I was like dude I think yeah
I think I had two so it’s just our body it’s so what I’m trying to do is go in
and out but like say and as long as I can I was like weed stuff like this and
then like in like crank that I can’t do that so I’m trying just like deuce do
what I can but the gloves are so big to you
I try to do change bonds I don’t know that trying to do it for you guys it’s
this it has to be like I would like that and you nailed me I have to be legit so
right round now you know I had him up drop it you swung block so I think we’re
gonna get back in there and do it and do it let us know in the comments again
guys um we want to know what you’re noticing but it’s really interesting
experiment because again without the legs it’s almost like if the jab of Wing
Chun is like this yeah steai if you’re noticed like I always tell me with a
kick kneecap and obviously guys were holding back you can see like a couple
hits I’m sure he would knock me out I was gonna say yeah I think you get
matchup but having a lot of fun anybody who actually practices kid like
understand like that how this is like a really beneficial exercise it’s funny
with your friends and stuff so so it’s good for both of us also shadow at the
jar she’s gonna be helping us film today we want to thank GRE for filming she’s
amazing make her check out her Instagram page she’s met cool all right let’s get
back in there let us know what you think in the comments
three two one action okay one minute yeah all right so another amazing round
Aldonza de rigueur like movement was amazing because like a lot of times my
kids were like moving up and down you know so I want to do something that like
totally not loud which is like I try to like get in super close but it’s good
because he’s capitalizing on it so it’s a very cool exercise I’ve been joined
and I live on deploy this is see like what if I only had him because I mean to
be fair he’s as weirded out a dime so I’m breaking probably every rule in the
book as far as energy wise like we expelled a
lot in the beginning and then ultimately sound like a good middle ground we’re
never working on a deed and there’s a lot of slipping weaving through nurse
but I did a lot of box out probably the least lucky one I’ve ever use in boxing
I did a lot of this turn the shell and I just saw it I think it’s having mine
right there but I perfect perfect like bait for a Wing
Chun too because look we did you get this house what I wanted to do of course
was like goo whose heads open and then guess what totally exposed
alright so we’re gonna do one more round it’s gonna be epic guys again let us
know what you think like if you see weaknesses places where we can improve
and of course like how is Wing Chun look without legs because I’m really curious
myself I can’t wait to watch this let’s get back in there stay tuned guys ready
and three one go one minute lately I’m getting holy that was an
amazing last round guys like yeah what guy all the way like that he just
came down on me dude there’s like all the classic boxing skills because I
actually did this to you and then one for the hit and he’s flipped out did a
couple times like one point he hit me or like a three-room combo my headgear got
messed up I push it up only to see him like right there less tired every round
more energy control yeah I don’t think it speaks to our conditioning it just
speaks to a like car find somebody you can train knows where you’re gonna get
better not worse also I think there’s a lot of style adaptation because we’re
doing like Musashi don’t do anything of no use hope it was helpful to you guys
as we said what you guys took away from this and maybe like some suggestions
like if you saw the Gugu I noticed that Wing Chun every time it goes in Xyz you
know boxing in this range is that we want to hear some analysis so you guys
can use it help each other out and we can both work – yeah we’re gonna do a
lot more of this in the future as well so I’ve lived with Phillip for so long I
started this channel I keep it going and so it’s an honor for me to be in his
videos and he’s got high standards for the type of content puts out for you
guys he genuinely cares about the martial arts and like the gaming that he
does and you know it’s anti-bullying message and everything like that so I
just want to say thank you fell for all the hard work and I know I speak for a
lot of these guys and I say like your videos are inspirational everyone who’s
ever helped out yeah I mean it’s just an amazing show and this is design C great
to be part of it and you know thanks man thank you I tell us in the comments what
you want to see next you want to see more of this do you want to see Wing
Chun vs. another style the message here again is about learning and as you can
see itself friendship get in there have fun guys and keep training
please subscribe there’s more fighting on the way as well as drawing gaming and
fight scenes

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