Wing Chun training – wing chun how to destroy the boxer Q36

So Master Wong and now we’re outside You know what about if you come across and street somebody knows like a lot of boxing movement and like how do you reckon wing chun can Deal with that this is the thing how what do you mean by that well? I mean like you know right you can pay for some gloves on and I yeah You need some gloves on you don’t want your hand to Be breaking and then even you can’t grab No more titty then you definitely to prepare the glove on just test out see what you mean yeah Yes, what do you mean, basically you know somebody give you some basic boxing movements or something like And this exactly what happened Soon you’re attacking me with a boxing combo in I don’t even know so Tom I come here come here come here and now straight away attack me You shoot away if your hands still there that’s where I can attack you straight away and bust you up. That’s imagine That’s your hand. Yeah, so a lot of time in this kind of thing in the street This is where we are now in a street in the park I don’t know I got no attention to find out what you know Should you put forward a punch at me don’t you have to land first see that it lands first and that directly attacking to you pin down here and the pin down here, and that will be reacts at once this is the problem the problem to understand in the street and Classroom complete different no john you can’t gamble. You don’t know what going on, so imagine without no glove What happened to your face I felt that already with these on so so when you come within my first attention is learn to Wait that why do my here because you want to put me in a fighter? Oh? yes, oh, yeah, punch me one more ,mmm, that’s hurt yeah, when you punch me this is, Hmm, but hmm Then close this is Tom kill. then sooner coming and I’m here This is a problem Gotta bust you up and then you got turn up to be the instinct How do you fucking eat you because you can’t play with some finger nice too dangerous you understand yeah? You answer the question this answer that no felt you felt it as well you get a run for your money. Yeah This is the problem in the street. So now we like this you don’t know what going on You don’t notice God been pumping some steroid the asshole or something or take some drug or something you don’t know and soon they punch you this is the first line of defense You need to bust him up first and then return in and attack them and you’ve got to make sure you turn into killing instinct So you can able to deal with that it’s an answer your question

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  1. All these comments seem to be from people with less than 10 or 15 yrs. Training in martial arts. They really don't get it yet. It takes .more yrs. Than they have to be able to do right. Thus the shallow comments.

  2. I'm not sure how effective this is in a real street fight or against and actual boxer but i know those faces he makes are fucking scary

  3. while on duty, alert is number 1, your moves MASTER WONG have improved my form of defense…thank you…love your videos keep up the outstanding job.

  4. 00:30 lmao look at how long numbnuts freezes after the first 1-2 because that's exactly what Master Wrong told to do. Look his stupid face. They planned this so much he fake flinched to seconds earlier than he was supposed to. This is totally not preplanned.

  5. I saw a boxer get picked up and slammed on his head on the sidewalk in Vegas by what seemed like a Judo dude. It was like a combination of some kind of hip throw and body slam but the velocity generated was stunning. Don't know if it killed him, but it look like it should have. Brutal

  6. Mike Tyson: Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face

    Master Wong: Everyone has a plan until their nut is whacked

  7. I like how all comments are maximum 1 year old. You guys just saw Xu Xiaodong beat a fake master and now you guys think all martial art is fake and boxing is superior, just lol.

  8. lmao this is bullshit a well trained boxer with quick hands will blow your head off before you can even do all that kung fu trash

  9. Why would a boxer be wearing gloves in the street?😂 Master wrong you have some good videos but this is a joke

  10. Ugh, boxing is great but these comments putting down wing chun seem foolish to me. While I prefer boxing there are still many things to learn from wing chun. Boxing just happens to work well against wing chun, that doesn’t make it better.

  11. This technique wont be very useful against fairly good boxer or mma fighter bcs they will use their footwork to create angles use feints and throw a lot of body punches and it will be very hard to block all of the punches and most of them will connect.Their hand speed is also gonna cause problems.P.S pls no hate im just sharing my opinion and expirience in fighting.

  12. I like wing chun but i dont belive that he can with a slap to break the defense of a Boxer….. he need more for that, in Training it looks everytime easier at it is

  13. 0:13 "You need some glove on if you don't want your hand won't be breaking, and that means you can't grab no more titty!"
    Master Wong 2012

  14. This guy is full of shit lmfao the only his strategies will only work is on the movies. So many guys like him get the head rocked before.

  15. This is like a boxer who went to 1 boxing lesson and then had a dominos after it and felt good about headmovement, slow hands, no pivot, no foot work, just stop

  16. Ok now with a real boxer instead of an amateur and no pre-planned sequences. This kind of technique is clearly taken from Filipino boxing and it can work. If you're already familiar with boxing and can work it in sparring. If you want to learn how to counter boxing you need to get some boxing experience and train with actual boxers otherwise forget about it.

  17. dont listen to all the fools on here making foolish comments , mr wong. they are taking a small video as if its all there is. great video stay positive . love the words you use

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  19. You can’t elbow someone’s punch and expect to perform a successful counter. If it was that easy all UFC fighters would use this technique.

  20. Real talk"? Mr.Wong, if your really a great master then go challenge other Martial Artist for people to see you not just trying to impress spectators on social media that your really that good Cause your not that good bro… You know what professional MMA fighters talk about you? You're Bullshit! I mean Really!

    "You're never gonna make it,you're not good enough. There's a lot of people there with the same stuff.
    You gotta think you're different then you must be kidding take a gun and hit it but you just don't get it!"
    I see you want to be a man like Master Ip Man (a wing chun master) but you'll never be like Ip man. Cause if Mike Tyson Was example your opponent well , I dont think you're still gonna stand""

  21. How do you defend uppercuts, hooks, angle attacks and there are lots of other striking techniques. Stupid thinks that a boxer would only throw jab and cross. This wing chun might get you in real trouble because you are overwhelmed by this.

  22. Wing Chun how to destroy the boxer!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the only thing you will destroy is Chicken and broccoli with fry rice.

  23. The trouble is a decent boxer isn't going to just stand there and let you do your fancy moves! Do this again but in a genuine sparring scenario against a decent boxer!!

  24. Why’s everyone saying shit about master Wong he’s showing this if Someone gets in a scrap with you on the street how dumb can people get

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