Wing Chun Lessons: Two arm Chi Sao Part 2 #SifuChrisVafiadis

Single rotation for to learn how to coordinate hands/ arms. Inside The double rotation has a slight pause in the middle. With two Fuk Sao and continues and goes inside. This is where you learn to coordinate your hands/ arms. See… your start from under his arms keep sticky to his arms and going above his. The same situtation what happens here? If he open his arms, I will strike. So, if I try to push open his arm he will push back. See? Don’t losing the contact with his arms and here I’am with two Fuk Sao. What’s so important with these two? When you have to Fuk Sao you can turn it into Tan Sao. When you have two Bon-Tan, you can turn it into Quan Sao. Quan Sao don’t has to be close-up at this point. Only if you are confronted with one arm. See.. 1..2.. Here the Quan Sao has to be close-up. Just like the Tan So. Same situtation… making this movements in double arm Chi Sao it’s open. It’s open. The rotations are driving you into this. So, I started from inside turned into outside and with the second rotation my arms are again at the startpoint. The single rotation bring the whole movement together. Watch what we’re doing. The motion starts with the arms that are below. So, here starts Damian. Turning inside and Damian completed the rotation. See, he is now above. Now I start with the rotation. When my arms outside, I start the rotation. Finishing the rotation. See how my arms are like? I don’t lose the contact at all. The most important thing. Same situtation working only with double arm. So, 1… see 2… 3… and finish inside. Both movements. 1. my hands from above getting below. See. Now starting from below and getting above. And once again back at my start point. Let’s do rotations.. 1….2…3… inside 2…3… inside.

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