68 thoughts on “Wing Chun Lesson for beginners 12: basic hand exercise/static bong sau with chop

  1. Master Wong will be posting Wing Chun lessons up on you tube everyday. He has already posted 18 lessons! If you have any questions that you would like answered on your own training, Master Wong will reply to it by video response so look out for it. Master Wong will gladly answer them if asked at an appropriate manner and are a sensible question to help with their training. This is a free training service Master Wong supplies in the hope of reaching those who want to train & learn.

  2. Hm, oh master, I've just been trying this, and I feel so vulnerable with my elbow up…
    I wonder… if I got my elbow up… my opponent might hit my small rips next… *frown*
    how do I block such a lower stike, when I've been blocking one from above a moment before?

  3. magna, he says its an 'exercise', to teach your body to move, to make it stronger, to, if you need to aply a movement, its works. because of the 'many as you can'.
    Not to kick some ones boody or anything, hahaha. just saying what i think about these movies, there great, hahaha.

  4. The wing arm, is for intercepting a straight punch (among other things), and deflecting it. If the Ops punch was deflected, you can feel where it is. If he starts to change it, you can follow it, beating it with a counter. IE: You could easily go from wing arm & then immediately swing into a low knife hand block.Another example,is to use the rear hand to trap/grab his arm+change to a strike with the wing arm's hand.

  5. Guys im really not sure about learning this online until i turn 16 which is 5 months from now should i use his dvds then head to a teacher i can see in real life? or what. People said that i will get bad things from learning by video so i really dont know

  6. i was goona drop a small fortune on lessons but now i dont need to, ive watched all these vids and now im hard as fook like a kung fu master. im so good i even dub now when i talk and have grown a small wirey beard to play with as i mock my victims, fank yoo velly much massa wong 🙂

  7. @nichlasz Forget those people. Ive learned many techniques from watching videos and they work very well when i was in actual combat.

  8. lol thank you 😀 it is helping me in combat i cant lie lol but i might be gettin bad stances or something i dont know if my stance is wrong =/

  9. @DWCWalkFaN Dont learn from videos, u would mak mistakes and if u dont notice them u will learn it so, and in a real fight u can lose because of that, so go into a club and learn it from ur teacher

  10. @bullscoat95 When the friend dont can wing chung too, u have the problem. Wing chun isnt watching from videos. Wing chun is feeling, not seeing. U cant watch an video and learn how to feel where the enemy presses. Its much more difficult as u think. If you been too stingy to go to a club, u are idiots. U cannot watch the videos and learn from it. U can just learn from practicing, but if u think u do it right, but its worng, u learn it wrong. Go to club and learn wing chun from there

  11. @bullscoat95 Btw I loose a fight cauz i watched videos like this and was thinking: Yeah, i can wing chun. Then i had to fight, and loose cauz i had no control over my enemy

  12. I'm making a list of these basic exercises (lessons 1-23) so I have an exercise/muscle memory drill I have to warm up/use in spare time. Thanks for the great structure of these lessons.

  13. @BlackHawk1070 Donnie yen without a doubt, oh yeah and he doesn't turn on his toes, bad mr wong, should know better!

  14. From what I can see, it's not likely that his movement will work. The Bongsau block is questionable in and of itself, but the chop being shown here is more likely to hurt your hand than your opponent. Most likely scenario of using this is you jamming your fingers.

  15. Master Wong, could you explain the way that the blocks are used? I'm still not sure if bongsau is used to block downward attacks, attacks to the ribs, straight punches, or all of those.

  16. I am Brazilian and I'm training wing chun, do not understand anything the English could not understand how this movement of this video, please let me esplique written so I can traduzilo and understand.

  17. Please, stop whining about Wong's English. I find it just fine. It's not that it's easy for asian people to learn and speak English, especially if they learn it in their later years.

    Also, If you can't understand him, perhaps you should consider practising some English yourself because he is NOT that hard to understand. I am stating this as an non-english guy.

  18. sorry for any inconviniences guys but may i just ask when this type of block is used? like wot sort of attack is it meant to block?

  19. question about the strike movement you're doing at the end, where exactly are you aiming at and with which part of the hand you hit, is it the fingers?

  20. @MrWILDHULK1 Me ^^ I myself bought the full training course of Sifu Wong and I not only learn wing chun but gaining strenght and reflexes. Hes fucking epicly good at teaching. This vids are only a "intro".

    THe only bad side is that you will ned a partner to success

  21. Advice : You can practice Wing Chun forms , and applications in front of mirror , in this way you can see what you do wrong so you can correct yourself !

  22. When you're doing the strike at the end what part of the hand do you use to strike with? for example do i end up striking with the palm of my hand or what?

  23. wow!!!!! i like it master Wong, thanks for your lessons even though i don't know English but i can follow your steps movement……

  24. Sir really you are a great master I love your all technique basically I like to wing chun so you also telling wing chun how to learn technique i proud of you sir

  25. Wong do you have a dojo I willing to learn because I always find wing fun interesting since I watch ip man

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