Wing Chun Kung Fu vs MMA – Ding Hao vs Xu Xiaodong & Yu Changhua vs Xiong Cheng Cheng

Guys, this is amazing It was trending on Chinese social media, but the guy who beat the Tai Chi person MMA fighter decided to finally, I don’t know if the Chinese government allowed him to or whatever But he is now fighting Wing Chun masters So this is Xu Xiaodong, he’s the guy that beat the Tai Chi air bender dude Now he’s fighting a Wing Chun guy, this is going to be awesome! So MMA vs Tai Chi, we know who’s going to win, but it’s still going to be satisfying to see it. Here we go Here comes Xu Xiaodong, there they…alright guys Look at our Wing Chun master with his palms out. Oh! He’s being aggressive. Look at Xu Xiaodong. Bobbing and weaving…look at him He’s like, “You don’t do any damage.” Oh! Right to the jaw. Bam, a takedown. Great little roll. Great little roll if you saw. Great little roll, let’s see if we can…oh no we can’t Never mind, I was going to slow it down. This, I mean at least this Wing Chun master Can take hits unlike that Tai Chi master Look at him stick his jaw out too, he’s like, “Come. Attack my jaw.” Very wide stance that he’s doing I love the elbow, you see, he threw an elbow. Oh! Tossed to the ground like a ragdoll. I think this is Sanda rules Sanda rules is once you take the person down, you can’t grapple So our Wing Chun master is probably thinking What the F did I get myself into. Alright, let’s do this. Come on Xu Xiaodong. He’s not the best MMA fighter. He’s sticking his jaw out. Oh!!! Did you…wait guys, did you see that? Okay, look how dedicated he is Look at that, he jumped over to prevent him from being ground and pounded Great refereeing guys! Good on the Wing Chun…oh there’s cops everywhere I get it Very interesting…bo ji ge dou Or just mma…so Alright Bam…this wing chun guy has no… Why aren’t you throwing kicks? Unless they said no kicking. Wing Chun has these great low kicks man Why aren’t you throwing kicks, Wing Chun guy? That little shovel kick or oblique kick that Wing Chun guys do I think he’s done. He’s going to keep going So there’s… What the announcer is saying, there’s still one minute and ten seconds Our guy is like, “I won.” Wow! He’s not giving up. That’s the Chinese spirit. It’s like, for the sake of face. Chinese people all about image. Use your kicks man Look at his face! His face is all messed up! Nope, you’re going to get thrown. Don’t grapple with MMA fighter, you don’t know how to grapple Oh he threw a kick, so you’re allowed to throw kicks. Check that out See, he threw a knee, so you are allowed to throw kicks. This Wing Chun guy is whack man. Most people in Wing Chun know… Wow, he got thrown into Most Wing Chun guys know how to grapple Sorry, not grapple, they know how to kick So… We have to do some research on this Ding Hao The guy he’s fighting is named Ding Hao, I’m going to do some research on this guy So He’s not giving up See, there you go, throw a kick man Ouch, he just got his b kicked. Oh my God No, don’t grapple with him. Get out of the grapple. Yeah, he’s done. This guy is done. Yeah, Wing Chun Pretty much whack I assume I mean he just got his b kicked so he probably Deleted any social media he has so we can’t really All we know is that he’s apparently a Wing Chun master Whack Wing Chun So this was another fight during that day This is an MMA fighter vs another Wing Chun guy Who’s the Wing Chun guy? I found this on Google too but I wanted to Go to the original source So this is the Wing Chun guy, this is the MMA fighter. Let’s see how this turns out. Look at that! He’s just taunting him. I like the trips. He’s like one hand. Dude, I love the one… He does not know how to What was that? A little chop? Oh he almost got his leg caught. Man He’s just eating punches Throw kicks man. Throw kicks man, Wing Chun guy, come on! He’s trying to do his own slap-boxing thing.. That’s what happens when you fight an MMA fighter I mean you saw this in the early days of the UFC man. It’s funny. He’s like, “Get to the other side babe.” And Our MMA fighter still using one hand. The Wing Chun guy is trying to do the… He’s trying to do his slap boxing, it’s not working. Oh. Almost standing grappling. Wing Chun always talking about the Standing Grappling, right? I don’t see any of that. Come on man. What happened to your slap boxing? What happened to Pak Sau? Man He’s done, he’s done. Oh man! There we go. Yeah, use some elbows. Yeah, good job. Came out of the ring. Whatever ring. Ring? They should have a raised platform in the future. It’s a dunner. Okay, we have one more round. I want to see the MMA guy use both hands I think that would be kind of cool. I want to see a knockout. Give these whack wing chun masters some reality. He is scared. Man Oh, is it over Is it over? Yeah, that was a replay…look at that…getting knocked down. If they allowed ground and pound… This guy would have been on the ground getting pounded by our mma fighter. So Give it to the MMA fighter, of course Guys that was so interesting Let us look up, since we looked up the other Wing Chun guy, let’s see if we can find anything on this guy Okay, so we have this, he’s Jiangxi So Jiangxi is… Jiang Xi province…Jiangxi’s Where’s Jiangxi Jiangxi’s…I’m going to zoom out the map a little This is China. Jiangxi is in the Southeast of China So our Wing Chun guy is a coach. Oh my G! He trained under Ip, so not Ye Wen, yeah, so he trained under Ip Man So this is the direct descendent of the Ip Man lineage He’s getting his B kicked By the MMA master…wow! Guys, adapt to the times man! Learn wrestling. Learn boxing. Learn Muay Thai. Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Learn what works. And throw out all the mysticism And I’m speaking from a guy who used to train in Kung Fu Did all stupid stuff That was so interesting guys. This is a very interesting fight, I believe this happened in January. And it just made it to my attention because one of my audience from Taiwan shared it with me. So… Kung Fu vs MMA, Wing Chun vs MMA. Thank you so much guys. This was Fight Commentary Breakdowns.

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  1. Xu Xiaodong in 2019 fighting a Kung Fu master:
    Xu Xiaodong loses a spar session against Muay Thai kickboxers:
    Tai Chi guys try to intimidate Xu Xiaodong:
    Xu Xiaodong gets challenged inside his dojo:
    Wing Chun guy in my hometown challenges MMA fighter:
    Ding Hao (Wing Chun dude) takes on another MMA guy much smaller:

    If you want to learn Chinese to be able to understand these videos in the future without my translations, follow my Chinese learning channel:

    I translated an interview with the second fighter (the bald, one-handed boxer) Xiong Cheng Cheng: His story is very inspiring. He overcame everything to continue boxing. Hope you like my analysis and translation. Watch the second fight (3:57) between Xiong Cheng Cheng and Yu Changhua before you watch the interview.

  2. And they declared the fight as DRAW!! So that it won't hurt Chinese people. Wkwkwk. The WC master then claimed in social media that he beat Dong. Check it out, hilarious.

  3. I thought the Wing Chun masters to win. What is this reality thing you people who disrespect the martial arts? It depends on who knows, and has skills in what! You are laughing, but you were never in a real fight. Do you have combat skills? No, then stop laughing, and mocking experts, or experienced martial artists who actually get into combat competition!

  4. China worked hard to get rid of all the old (and real) arts. Now generations later they are trying to revive them, but there is no real masters left. We are looking at the equivalent of people going thru old books to learn their art. It is watered down and practiced by non fighters with no practical experience. Not to mention REAL wing chun is for women, the mechanics and strategies are made for women, and the kind of attacks women face. It does not belong in a ring at all.

  5. This is more like
    Blabbering in the background of a video you wanted to watch but clicked mine since you can’t find it due to copy right

  6. I thought Wing Chun was invincible but here I am witnessing it being shot to pieces by the fists of an MMA fighter. Out of the old, in with the new, I guess.

  7. Shame on all of China.
    The whole world spits at you with disgust.
    For not standing for justice, China has fallen in the eyes of god.
    Karma will destroy your cursed nation. The end is near, watch out for meteorites muthaphukkas.

  8. A proper wing chun master would demolish this guy. A – he's out of shape. B- The MMA guy is at least 25 lbs heavier. C – His footwork is poor.

  9. Second guy does not spar ever. At least the first Wing Chun guy spars, unfortunately he only spars with Wing Chun guys so yeah…

  10. all of these Wing Chun/Kung Fu Vs. MMA fighter videos the comments say that these traditional martial artists are not masters and are bad at the sport.. How long do you have to train to become that kind of master that you can use these WC/KF/Chi techniques effectively to actually defend yourself?

  11. I guessing the 2nd fighter must have claimed he was able to beat him with one hand behind his back. That's the only reason I see for fighting like that the whole time

  12. Wing Chun guy could have had it if his apparent lack of experience in a sanctioned fight wasn't such. That's what this guy goes after: "fake kung fu." It won't work unless you get your form going in sparring matches, etc. Experience in fighting is worth it's weight in gold.

  13. A middle aged tubby MMA fighter who would be an amateur anywhere outside China is defeating these guys and raising the ire of the Chinese government. Its like a traditional martial arts story or movie.

  14. Fuck fake martial arts! And fuck Chinese censorship! And for all you who talking shit about wing chung, this aint even wing chun, this is mere Tai Chi with some light fighting moves mixed in. Bruce Lee's master was in Wing Chung and this MMA fighter wouldn't stand a chance with him.

  15. This isn't Wing Chun.
    MMA is a sport with a referee and gloves. The gloves fundamentally change the nature of combat.
    Anything is legal in real Wing Chun,…eye strikes for example, also WC practitioners train for multiple opponents. Grappling on the ground wont do you much good when the other guy kicks you in the head.

  16. The MMA fighter has an advantage in weight and hand protection. This means the MMA fighter can punch as hard as he wants knowing he won't break or hurt his hands. The wing chun guy will break his knuckles on a closed fist punch anywhere on the MMA fighter's head, because the head is mostly bones — the skull. Open hand fighting as you can see is not very effective.

  17. I would love to see Xu Xioadong to challenge some of these American wing chun and kungfu masters to the test. I wonder how that will turn out!!!

  18. Kung F is Dead! Bruce Lee Said so! most Kung F Styles are for Show! I learn Tiger Style/ Wing Chun / Tai Chi / Boxing / Three styles of Karate ! When use Compete in Tournaments! I never see a Kung Fu Winner or Winners in America! My system that I studied is a Mix system consists of four styles! Wing Chun and three Karate styles!

  19. I find this all depressing. Not just what happened to Xu, but Wei lei is living a sad delusional life that he knows is fake and has to come up with excuses he knows aren't true. I can't imagine living such a fake dishonest life like he is.

  20. it's the practitioner not the art.levels to boxing mma karate judo.jitsu.wingchun tai chi works for some not for everyone

  21. MMA does not allow strikes to the throat eyes vital areas etc, but Martial arts does. So which is deadlier? . If a street fighter knocks out an MMA fighter with a punch does that mean Street Fighting is superior than MMA ? Of course not. Any Moron can hit. These Morons fighting here are NO good. ( Thats includes the MMA fighter.s) They simply are hitting the crap out of each other which serves a CAGE FIGHTER perfect since MMA is simply an agreement between 2 men to kick the crap out of each other. Maybe thats why they call it MMA = Morons Martial Art.

  22. I have trained in shotokan karate for 3 years and i honestly believe that MMA training has no equal… MMA is as close as it gets to real fighting…all the things that we see in kung fu movies are total shit…all the fancy joint attacks and applying accupunture is all a lie….best combination of arts is Greco roman wrestling combined with muay boran combined with a shit load of physical conditioning

  23. The Chinese Kung Fu puts too many steps in the ladder . It has great techniques in the core , but they require a very cooperative opponent. Kenpo took many of the techs. of Southern Crane and Tiger Kung Fu and combined them with Karate . Both were reworked , and simplified to the point of FUNCTIONALITY . Clearly a half assed MMA guy makes pretty short work of the Wing Chung dysfunctional system .

  24. I keep seeing a lot of videos like this one and I have one question. Are these 'kung fu practitioners' real, or are they some kind of posers, while there are 'real ones' out there?

  25. WTF!! That guy don't know the rule of wing chun fighting style, let me tell you :

    1. Stand still in wing chun stance, nice and solid. The impenetrable stance with chi moving stable in the tan tien.
    2. Wait your opponent to make a first move, let them comfortably plan the safest and easiest way to knock you out. just observe. You maintained the centerline, you'll be fine.
    3. When the attack comes, do all your best to defend yourself. Use every single move you've learned
    4. After you awake, thank your opponent for the lessons
    5. Learn proper martial art this time, you piece of shit

    Thats the 5 step guide for every wing chun practitioners to be a better fighter, i hope it helps.

  26. Wing Chun was developed for woman and he is getting whipped like a bitch. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of Kung Fu infact my son is attending a Kung Fu school but it is just good training… more like a dance.

  27. Xu Xiaodong
    is what the Chinese communist government, or any communist government (and just to clarify, any dictatorship) is afraid of. He isn't an idiot who just follows what the regime forces him to think, but he has a mind of his own. Any dictatorship or religion wants to install a narrative, and for everyone to follow it. Their worst fear is someone to come and question it, ask the right questions.

    Just like in the Soviet Union they used sports, and as we know now, in the last decades it was doping-fuelled, to create a false sense of national pride while the country was a vile dictatorship with low living standards, China tries to translate kung fu films into a national ideology, almost like a religion, and here comes this great man and shatters their whole made-up narrative of illusion.

    This guy is a true Chinese hero. Not the low-life scum in power that send Chinese people who dare to disagree with them to concentration camps and censor social media, but this guy. After all the abuse he's endured, the threats, the social score being lowered (look it up, that's actually a thing they have in China), the abuse, not only does he not stop, but he bravely supports the people of Hong Kong. That is a man worth admiring!

  28. So basically this so called Master use 'kungfu' as source of income and recognition.. Soft martial art is not relevant in today world.. Fact.. So stop use it to make money my dear Master.. Let the community evolve as the world itself.. Somehow Maybe it can be use as protect againt non MMA or other martial art user..

  29. No real way Sorry friend. That you call WY master is only an boxer. Multiple punishes at solar plexus very fast and more effective (deadly) the larynx will do it. HOX. don’t mix up show, sport with real fight.

  30. I think it’s about the person who learn how to use the martial art they had been training. If they perfected their style, then they know how to use it. The MMA fighter know what he’s doing, but other guy so-called Wing Chun “Master” really don’t know how to overcome the MMA fighter punches. Mostly in every fight, some intend to get nervous which affect their fighting style and also don’t let your emotion control you.

  31. None of this is even wing chun, you can tell by the stance and no focus on the centerline which is the foundation of the style. when will this nonsense stop smh.

  32. Wing Chun does work. Guys who try to pretend it does not. Xu vs Renegade Wing Chunist or against other martial arts skilla and he is the past. Nebojsa Stefanovic or David Haliva will throw him on opposite hillside

  33. Wing chun is a traditional martial arts, this is the modern day, fight like them with wing chun elements and then you'll win

    It is about the guy not the martial arts

  34. This is really EMBARASSING this is not wing chun SUPPOSED to be the REAL style of WING CHUN that i ADORE so much is not like this I refuse to say those guys are real WING CHUN master EMBARASSING….

    I hope BRUCE LEE is STILL alive to Demonstrate the REAL wing chun his REAL master TEACH him…

  35. Xu himself acknowledges that he isn’t a great MMA fighter, but I think everyone agrees, that he perfectly embodies the true spirit of one!

  36. MMA guy is obviously heavier which is why he’s obviously has more strength, but when it comes to fighting technical view wing Chun would fuck him up

  37. lol…by not giving the weakling gloves….it shows that even they know how a weakling he was lol. Let a boxer fight without gloves and see what happen to you lol.

  38. If you watch ip man story line IP MAN IS LIKE A MMA FIGHTER HES WING CHUN IS NOT PURE HES WINGCHUN IS UPGRADED NOT A TRADITIONAL WINGCHUN STYLE , THATS WHY HES BEEN KICKOUT BY HIS MASTER BECAUSE HIS NOT USING THE TRUE WINGCHUN .. and ip man build his strong body like a MMA fighter when hes young by carrying some heavy equipments and things … Note this ipman is not using a pure WINGCHUN style .. hes martial art is mixed and WINGCHUN is one of them..

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