Wing Chun Kung Fu for beginners. Lesson 1 – Basic stances with English Subtitles

Hello there, my name is Lena. I have been practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu for many years. Today I’m going to show you some basic stances which are often used in this style. Basic Square Stance It looks like this. You have to begin with this movement. At the end your fingertips must be at eyebrows. This high. Then make your palms facing away from
you. And do this movement. It can be interpreted as the defense of hand wrist grab. Then bend your knees. Move your toes and then move your heels. And move your pelvis forward. There is one easy exercise. Lower your hips and then raise its up. Do this several times. You have to learn feel all your body’s movements. Right Square Stance To assume the square stance, distribute your weight equally on both feet and bend your knees. Position your hands at the centreline, placing your right hand forward of the left. The palm of you back hand must be near the elbow of your front hand. Like this. Left Square Stance Remain in the square stance, but place your left hand forward of the right hand. Right Stance To assume a right stance from the square stance, move your right leg forward, but distribute most of your weight on the back leg. Attention to your feet! Feet are at least shoulder width apart or slightly greater. There is an imaginary line on the floor. The toes of the front foot is on one side of this line and the heel of the back foot on another side of the line. Continue to guard the centerline. Left Stance The left stance is the reverse of the right
stance. Right Sitting Horse Stance From the square stance assume the right sitting horse stance by turning your body toward the right. Keep most of your weight on the right foot. Lower your left hand, turn your palm toward the floor, and bring it across your body until it is in line with the right hand. Left Sitting Horse Stance The left sitting horse stance is just the
opposite of the right stance. That’s all for today. See you later. Bye-bye.

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  2. it's not called Square stand wing chung has three triangles stance I had to am sorry I had to correct you but everything is correct before anybody else as me how do you know do you do Wing chung? and the answer to that is yes it's about protecting your Centerline I had the have of all three triangles if you think about Wing Chun stance is a triangle I've been in training for 2 years going on three years I'm in the Wing Chun Family too I got the first part of Billie Jean.

  3. you're so sweet and great I'm wing chun and jet kune do fighter too
    I feel so happy when I see a woman doing martial arts
    most of women fear learning martials

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