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  1. Really great video's on technique for learning purposes. You have power in your movement, and incredible recognition of available targets. I think you can drastically expand your channel just doing the demonstrations yourself though, as it really appears that the tall guy hasn't learned a thing, and might be more concerned about his shirt being pulled down. He'd be screwed in a fight, no quick twitch strike, recognition of distance, stance, open hand, preparation for contact, power, or understanding the seriousness of what is being taught. Being linked to Bruce Lee, through Jeet Kune Do concepts is a pretty special thing, and maybe some of the philosophy behind it, has not rubbed off on those who have taken it for granted.

  2. What impressed me about this video is how the student on the left got barely touched by your hook to the body, but it was so unexpected that he thought you hurt him. So it is true that the most dangerous attack is the one your opponent doesn't see coming, because psychologically it hurts more.
    Minute 5:30

  3. Depends on how you're doing your wing chun or JKD Dan Lok. I've never had an issue defending against a boxer using the blocks from Wing Chun and i'm a JKD guy myself. Once you know how to apply the 6 gates, stop all the straight line attacks and perfect your footwork, it's not that difficult. But like I said, it all depends on how you're executing your JKD or WIng Chun sinc everyone does there's differently.

  4. the best defense isn't a good offense. On the contrary, the best defense is the ability of absorbing the impact of many strikes, until you find an opponent's window to shoot a devastating punch. I remark "devastating", not a choreographic one. The impact absorption is as important as hitting strong…!!!

  5. Sifu great video but if he is a decent boxer, I highly doubt he’s going to be stood in one place. He’s going to keep moving on his toes. As well as this, I’m not sure about the straight blast. Again, if he’s a decent boxer who’s been doing it for a while, his head movement is going to be on point so he’s going to see the punch coming. Of course, kicking to the groin works but I’ve found that a nice roundhouse kick straight to the quads instantly give boxers a dead and they can’t move as effectively. Then I’d do the kick to the groin or the straight blasts or even takedown to the ground.

  6. I like how the methodology translates over to everyday life and how you approach & look at things daily, (HTC group 3), Thank you

  7. Preemptive Striking is a way to win in combat. The problem is that combat isn't always the situation in civil life. If you strike first preemptively and a bystander catches it on their camera phone, most likely any normal juror would say that you committed assault because you 'threw the first blow'. If it's clearly something like a sucker punch you might be able to convince a juror otherwise. But if it's just a verbal confrontation in which your would be attacker starts to raise their hands and you strike, even if you were clearly trying to not get involved, on video it will look like you were the person that 'escalated' it by striking first. You'll probably go to prison.

  8. I grew up in old DC and the saying use to go… Let me see you do it!! And that's after the guy was Knocked out! What a lot of martial artist assume is the practitioner of their art will get in a stance or a position before they strike. And that's not always true! Dan I still love your videos 👍

  9. assuming a boxer is going to put up their dukes before attacking… i think this video could apply to anyone making any move in a confrontation. and, off topic, one sure way to get tested is to wear a "bruce lee" shirt. i can hear it now from high school, "are you supposed to be bruce lee? you think you're tough like bruce lee? hey, jimmy, this guy thinks he's bruce lee"… 🙂

  10. I have seen boxer throwing devastating lightning fast punch with close to no indication at a drunken fight. The real art is not getting in situations where boxers try to punch you.

  11. Could you demonstrate with the boxers moving at a more realistic speed (as in moving faster)? I know that you wanted the boxer representative to move slowly to show the demonstration more clearly, but It would also help if we could see an example in a somewhat more realistic simulation

  12. I disagree. Have trained in wing chun, muay Thai and karate. This is just my own opinion and experience…. my most difficult opponent was and still is, a good boxer. If I could live my life over, I would learn boxing from the age of 4. Boxers generally can take a solid punch to the head and not switch off. A wing chun practitioner, rarely gets hit in the face and head regularly. For me a good boxer is going to win the fight 90% of the time.

  13. The real boxer is light on his feet with a lot of lateral movement. As many style of king fu there is styles of boxers. Body size and skill over time and experience dictate style. Ali defied all rules of boxing. His height and long reach dictated him fighting moving backwards. His mouth kept the dummies mad and on the attack. That's the boxers. You got brawlers. Sluggers. I will talk about them later maybe.

  14. It shows you can beat professional boxer using Jeet Kuno Do as a boxer without feet, eye jab, kicks, etc, only boxer so you can attack by using the best you can and beat that person. So, it has higher variety than boxer since it is about evolution, so from what I can see there is interception, subtle trapping which it is blocking, and attack when there is open. So, it works against boxing as long as it is not full Trapping that the boxing is faster and stronger than the trapping, the old kind of Wing Chun, so can use Wing Chun after the offense than attack with boxing hand. So, you have proof that you can beat the best boxing that is Mike Tyson, Ali, etc. It has potential. The best offense is the best defense, right that means offense is second, defense is first, so you have to wait until they box you first or interception that is during and you block and attack at same time. So, it is about being smart, not use the best in wrong way, using Wing Chun as first to beat boxing, it won't work because the foundation of human base on Wing Chun is trapping by using boxing, well, subtle trapping which your boxing hand block and push the hand. Ok, to be clear old kind Wing Chun that is not subtle so it uses the hands to trapped which it grabs the hand. The new kind is Wing Chun that is subtle that it uses hand or boxing to move the intercept hand or boxing.

  15. I like Wing Chun.., however for these techniques to work the boxer would have to stay still, this would never happen. also keep in mind that you are not going to be squaring off in the street encounter but rather would be more surprised

  16. Sifu your videos give me the confidence I needed . I’ve been bullied my whole life I want to thank you fir all the time you put into these videos

  17. Thanks so very much for the simplicity of the technique and even more I truly was thinking about moving forward into any situation and face it whatever it was you really inspired me with last few sentences I am truly one of your biggest fans keep on thank you again

  18. I can see why you would want to take on a boxer this way. I practice a little wing chun, and I understand it can be hard to block every punch that is being thrown, but and this is a big one. With practice each road can be traveled. You will not stop at one, or stop at twelve. Or maybe go beyond.

  19. Amazing how martial Arts do translate into real life stuff as you say, moving forward, bringing obstacles down, facing fears, etc!! Great video

  20. 您好老師
    Very interesting video. It should be interesting you present a video of the different way to recognize the style of the opponent. There is what I call the "liked distance" that each practice teach. Sorry, my English is not so good, I'll try to explain this. The "liked distance" of karateka is not the same that the "liked distance" of a boxer for instance. That's why is important to recognize each style. When you do, you can use what I call the "no liked distance" for your opponant. Like this, he can't use all his skill linked to his style. 請對不起,我英語和國語很差。平安。樂小龍 (我不是李,是樂,快樂的樂).

  21. This move is not the ONLY way, Dan is showing A way. Be it any kind of fighter, preemptive strike (or your initial thought, instinct, movements, etc.) is what sets the pace or outcome. Heck, even if it allows you to create an escape route to safety. Safety and survival is the goal. Someone stated, boxers are tough of body. Then you should condition your body, your technique to be effective for any type of opponent you may face. Also, study the styles, forms, or techniques of various arts. Stay ready my friends.

  22. since you are wingchun and you don know how to fight a street or boxing fight. i would just try to pretend box use your wingchun to grab hold of his arm. try head butts, knees to chest you can also try to throw him to the groun, the flip throw. its very easy to do. but i would use kicks to armpit while holding his arm.

  23. Damn bro, I love how your embodying the Bruce Lee concepts and how you are making it your own and creating your own too.

  24. HA HA HA HA HA…The day you go toe to toe with a boxer is the day you get your ass handed to you. Wing Chun is crap.

  25. Dude there is no way you can take a boxer with your upper body techniques. Maybe, if the kick is done accurately could work.

  26. the 2nd technique is hard to do. bcoz boxer are so clever mn. also they dont wr gloves in street fight…

  27. Definitely work on your "horse" new student guy. That's your foundation. Lose that and you lose the fight.

  28. It all depends on the individual boxer, boxer's can take a punch and give it…after that comes raw power.

  29. Nice, but you forgot staying out of his range and using foot work, and a side kick or pendelum kick, I know JKD has endless artillery.👹

  30. Dan, if you ever read this, I'm sorry but this video makes it very obvious you haven't a clue about either boxing nor self defense. You are a top business expert and don't need to be making instructional videos on a different subject that you are honestly clueless about. Should you ever decide to invest time into learning the fundamentals of boxing, you will realize yourself that this video is misinformation, something there is already FAR too much of in the MA and self defense communities.

  31. Wingchun according to, Dan Inosanto, who was the most senior of Bruce Lee students was told by Lee himself that it's great inside the shower or bath tub. He said Bruce Lee didn't believe that when given ample space it would be effective. A Muay Thai fighter would destroy Dan Lok or wingchun practitioner, period. It looked good in Hip Man movie though. That about sums it all up.

  32. I don't think that is Wing Chun… Wing Chun has stances and guarding the Centerline Theory…. what your showing is jeet kung do… the way of the intercepting fist!

  33. Yeah boxers fight much better and have better reflexes than this! Remake this video with a real boxer. It will be truly helpful

  34. Wing chun isn’t very effective against experienced fighters. It looks flashy and cool bc the Ip Man films protested as such

  35. This I feel is a very relevant conversation with Xu Xuao dong being MMA and knocking down/out multiple wing Chung artists. And between their footwork and what you are talking about stepping in not away… Distance management. Technique is correct or incorrect for the setting. Wing Chung is great for phone booth distance scuffles where a boxer cannot get range or power… They haven't stepped into the space they could keep, and they haven't footworked their way out of his power range either… He hits them for the 4th or 5th Time and then all they do is block and fall down… In a street fight this could mean having your head kicked in by a person who does not care what they do to you, to "win".

  36. As much as I respect Wing Chun, I dont see how a practitioner would defeat a Peakaboo or Philly style boxer. Plus active boxers are well conditioned.

  37. Dan I really like your videos , do you have any women you can demonstrate a group of guys with a girl in heels ( scenario of a business women walking by herself) ??

  38. The ultimate fighter is a person that is well trained in wing chun , boxing , jujitsu and must always remember in real life " There are NO RULES ".. The best defense is having a good offense… ( Bruce Lee )

  39. Great video. Fast movements. Get out off te way from his weapens. The boxer won't realiize what is happening to him.

  40. LMAO to all the commentators. These are just basic scenarios. If your a real fighter, you will updated and over come.

  41. Dan lök cannot fight with a boxer girl,lets see hım in action he is not a good wing chun trainer.İ prefer u watch Emin Boztepe if u want to see Real action.His stand is false steps and hand positioning wrong.His movements are recruit and amatour need to train much more to show people what is wing chun

  42. That's fine but in some technices i dont see clearlly how to reach to that point went i can reach and hit the oponent. excuse my grammar i dont kown english very well.

  43. Style doesn't matter the person do so stop to compare. Use your wing chun against a boxer like Mike Tyson, u will understand what am trying to do. I do mma so am not against any style. If we practice then even boxing can beat wing chun or wing chun can beat boxing

  44. There is a reason Bruce Lee dumped 60% of Wing Chun and developed Jeet Kune Do…. It just does not work and Bruce Lee new it, unfortunately these morons have yet to figure it out.

  45. Sooner or later, you have learn how to cover, block, and parry — especially if you’re going to encounter a boxer.

  46. Good chance you’ll break your fingers jabbing them into your opponent’s eyes like that. Better to immobilize the head first and then press into his eyes than make a wild shot for them as you do in this video.

    Headlock with a thumb pressed slightly into your attacker’s eye, followed by the threat of blindness, has worked wonders for me as a bouncer. No one wants his vision shut down, obviously and, in my experience, most people want call your bluff (if it is a bluff) on blinding them.

  47. This guys needs to stop using Bruce in his videos. Sure Bruce's base art started with wing chin. But he respected arts like boxing and much more in his development of Jeet Kune Do. He strayed away from the fixed ideas of traditional martial arts and adapted an art that fits your own personal growth. Use someone else. He wouldn't go far with a good strangle artist, just be realistic

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