My name is Steven Lambdin. I’m an USA National Taekwondo team member. I’ve spent 20 years as a professional athlete. And, you know I didn’t realize that i wasn’t breathing correctly And I wasn’t taking advantage of everything my body was capable of. You train yourself to such a certain point. At that point it just becomes incremental growth. And, once I got here and started really Breathing properly, going through the breathing exercises Jumping in the river, jumping off the cliff, and in the waterfall It not only showed me that I was capable of more than I expected but Once i started breathing properly, it was a night and day difference. I’m more flexible, I’m in a better mood more frequently, and i’ve been sleeping a whole lot better. It’s gonna be very important for my sport, just because There’s a razor fine line Between losing your first match and getting an Olympic gold medal at this level. And being able to utilize the breathing method to actually Be ready and mentally prepared for a competition Is just gonna give me an unfair advantage over everybody else. So it’s something I’m going to be implementing, and training, and taking into competition immediately. Focus is incredibly important. In all sports, but in particular Taekwondo because I mean, everybody’s good at the World Championships and Olympic Level Everybody’s great. They’ve won, they’ve become the National team member for their countries, which is an amazing feat but Small lapses and focus can cost you a Gold Medal and Through the breathing exercises and meditation that Wim has shown me My focus and determination is just so much stronger than 3 or 4 days ago when we got here. The Wim Hof Method is a way of life! In that people tend to get so focused on Everything around them that they forget to really focus Inside, and not just focus inside but Enrich their focus and mindset And I mean it’s something that I’ll definitely use in Taekwondo, but a method that I’ll use the rest of my life.

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