Wildest Royal Rumble Match showdowns: WWE Top 10, Jan. 13, 2018

[MUSIC] Put your shirt back on and go home, Enzo.>>Or just use it as a blindfold
because you’re about to be in front of a firing squad.>>My goodness.>>Lesnar turning Enzo inside out.>>He’s history already! That didn’t take long! And Enzo eliminated by Lesnar. [APPLAUSE]
>>He’s still on his feet. He’s still on his feet.>>Has he gone down yet?>>He’ still on his feet. [APPLAUSE]
>>Look at that! Look out!
Down in the belly. [APPLAUSE] He got Quake out of there!>>The belly on Earthquake! [SOUND]
>>Wait, wait, wait a minute, look at this!>>No!
The Cobra and Socko!>>This might be a hell
of a duo right here. I mean with the Cobra and
the Socko, I mean.>>You guys understand.>>Wow, wow, look at this!>>They’re locking up!>>The World Wrestling Federation tag-team
champions are going to go at each other. We’re gonna have to. This is every man for himself.>>Aw, look at- [SOUND]
>>And they are going at each other.>>It’s an amazing thing what’ll happen. What money will do to anything.>>I’ll tell you what,
the winner of this, the prestige is so that it is partner against partner. [SOUND] [MUSIC] You’re seeing it right now.>>Kevin Owens cost months of his career,
and going right after Owens. And Owens, they battled for the NXT title. And now tonight,
battling in the rumble match.>>What a redemption for
an opportunity of a lifetime, and he’s taking advantage of it. And it’s a clubbing blow from behind! All these superstars fighting for the right to become WWE
world heavyweight champion. Kevin Owens eliminated!>>Look at this!>>My god!>>Hulk Hogan and The Warrior>>[APPLAUSE]>>Criss-cross.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Hulkster’s down, he missed a clothesline [SOUND].>>Whoa, but they clotheslined each other. [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wait a minute.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>No.>>[INAUDIBLE] are you believing this? Wait a minute. He’s flying.>>[APPLAUSE] [NOISE]>>[NOISE]>>My God!
>>The man who won in 2007! In the ring! My god!>>Undertaker’s in the ring! Goldberg feels the presence! This is a moment! [MUSIC]>>Just look at the look of
determination on the face of John Cena. Cena and
the numbers of the remaining Nexis. And here comes John Cena, he’s here. Whoa.
>>John Cena. He won the [INAUDIBLE] match back in 2008. Planning to take out the new Nexis. The man who cost him the first part
of January with serious injury.>>Well I don’t care if you’re John Cena,
Godzilla, doesn’t matter, but the Nexis are on a war path right now.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>McGillicutty is on the war path. There it is! [INAUDIBLE]
>>That’s huge.>>The big man is down.>>My lord. [CROSSTALK]
>>He can’t put his hands on Mr. McMahon unless it’s a match. And here we go!>>Yeah, bitch.>>And here comes Austin. He’s been waiting his career for this.>>My gosh.>>It’s Stone Cold
pounding away on the boss.>>He’s stomping a mud hole in the boss,

100 thoughts on “Wildest Royal Rumble Match showdowns: WWE Top 10, Jan. 13, 2018

  1. I love the stone cold and Vince segments. I mean how many times do you see an employee gets the chance to beat up their boss or should I say the owner!

  2. Piper vs Snuka, ‘08
    Cena vs Triple H, ‘08
    Edge vs Jericho, ‘11
    Styles vs Reigns, ‘16
    Triple H vs Reigns vs Ambrose, ‘16
    Plus so many other great encounters that weren’t included on here

  3. I remember watching the 2017 Royal Rumble, and when Roman Reigns music hit at #30, Undertaker took his straps down. That was my favorite part of the 2017 Royal Rumble Match. I also remember when Goldberg and Undertaker had a stare down against each other. Also Also, I remember when Undertaker's gong hit, He appeared behind Goldberg!

  4. Lol at 3:22, does hurricane think he's the Big Show? So many wrestlers try to imitate and be like the Big Show, even The Wall in WCW tried to be like The Big Show aka. Paul Wight, but there's only one Big Show, the giant and master of the chokeslam.

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