Why Yodsanklai Fairtex is known as “The Boxing Computer” – Muay Thai Breakdowns

In the past decade Yodsanklai Fairtex has been one of the most dominant Muay Thai fighters in the world. He possesses a potent mix of skill timing and power that has allowed him to
dominate Muay Thai and kickboxing. With the nickname “The boxing computer” Yodsanklai is known for his high fight IQ and ability to win. He knows how to use his
power speed and footwork to maximize his advantage against other opponents. Watching a highlight reel of Yodsanklai’s knockouts, doesn’t do justice to the talent behind the knockouts. Behind all the power and aggression lies a
fighter who has mastered the art of timing and understands how to exploit
weaknesses in his opponent. Hey guys, it’s Stephen here from muaythaipros.com and today I’m gonna break down why Yodsanklai is known as the boxing computer. one of the reasons why Yodsanklai has been so dominant is because of his ability to read his opponent and exploit their weaknesses. In this breakdown we’re gonna look at three different fights and see how Yodsanklai was able to adapt
his fighting style to each opponent. in this fight against Chike Lindsay, Yodsanklai starts off slow and lets his opponent reveal his game plan. This is a
commonly used tactic in Thailand where fighters will use the first round to
gauge an opponent skill level and fighting abilities. From the brief
exchanges, you can tell that Chike has a good jab and likes to fight on the
outside of Yodsanklai’s punching range Chike fights better when he is the
aggressor and pushing Yodsanklai back after one round of action Yodsanklai already has his opponent figured out without even thinking he knows he needs
to be aggressive against Chike with punches and pushed into the clinch. Right away
you can see in the second round the strategy is working. Notice how frantic Chike looks as Yod turns up the heat and starts to apply pressure.
All of the previous confidence Chike had in the first round suddenly disappears as
he realizes that Yodsanklai is superior in the clinch Watch how Yodsanklai utilizes the the crossface position to push away Chikes head and use his left
arm control to land elbows. Yod knows that the key to dominating the clinch is to have the inside arm position which gives you control over your opponent Yod’s constant pressure forces Chike to
either risk getting knocked out by punches or try to survive in the clinch. Relentless pressure can often panic a fighter and destroy their confidence For the rest of the fight Yodsanklai would go on to dominate his opponent with
punches, elbows, and knees in the clinch In this next fight,
Yodsanklai is matched up against the very dangerous Marat Grigorian. Having knocked out top Muay Thai fighters like Jomthong Chuwattana and Superbon Banchamek, Marat is
known for his aggressive punching power Because these fights are under kick
boxing rules Yodsanklai doesn’t have the ability to dominate Marat
inside the clinch or use elbow strikes In the first round of this fight Yod
and Marat trade blows. As you can see Marat has powerful punching power and
likes to rush forward with a flurry of strikes, trying to catch Yod with a
knockout blow. With Marat’s size and strength this is a fight that Yod is
not going to win by trading punches while Yodsanklai has the boxing
skills and chin to trade punches with Marat that is not a smart fighting
strategy. Instead of staying in punching range Yodsanklai uses his jab to keep his
opponent at a distance and blasts Marat with body kicks throughout the fight
besides scoring valuable points, kicking the arm starts to wear down Marat and
slowly drains him of his punching power with this perfect timing Yodsanklai
is able to land body kicks at will and make it difficult for Marat to find his
punching range. When Marat rushes forward with punches, Yodsanklai utilizes good
head movement and footwork to avoid getting stuck in Marat’s punching range. Watch how Yodsanklai uses footwork to control the fighting range and
continue blasting his opponent with body kicks As you can see, Yod puts on a
clinic and destroys the arm of his opponent winning the fight via decision in this last fight Yod is matched up
against Luis Regis on One Championship. While Regis has a good height and reach
advantage over Yodsanklai, Yod has more skill, experience, and knockout power. Wearing four ounce MMA gloves, Yod understands the importance of
staying just outside of punching range and making regis miss with good movement. Notice how balanced Yodsanklai is and
how he slowly stalks his opponent, and ensures he doesn’t get rushed into his
opponent’s attacks. See how Yodsanklai moves with his opponent and react
everytime Regis tries to rush forward by walking back with him and ducking out of
the way. Yodsanklai uses the lean back to stay just out of Regis his range and to
quickly counter him with punches of his own. As you can see once Regis gets stuck against the cage the fight is quickly
over There is a reason why Yodsanklai is
known as “the boxing computer” his fight IQ, power, and skill have made him one of
the most dominant fighters in the world if you guys enjoyed watching that
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76 thoughts on “Why Yodsanklai Fairtex is known as “The Boxing Computer” – Muay Thai Breakdowns

  1. MuayTaiPROS amazing because of you guys I'm definateley going to use this guys techniques on my next fight I swear thanks to 'you guys again! I'm feeling this guy would fuck up Bruce Lee I feel sorry for my next opponent
    heeee-ya! Thanks best video ever!

  2. Yodsanklai vs Buakaw will be a dream match up though I think Yod will get the win…Loving these breakdowns bro..keep them coming!!

  3. espacially when fighting against strong (combination-)strikers using primarily high kicks to the rear hand ends in further slowing them down and draining their endurance. Having to use ur arm as block weakens it as more time continues. nice tactic there by many good Thai fighters for besting western boxers. Anyway, nice video and thx for the breakdown!

  4. You mean striker. Not fighter as a whole but no not anymore because he's past his prime. I think P4P the best strikers in the world are arguably Sittichai Sitsongpeenong in kickboxing and Superlek Kiatmoo9, Pet U Tong, Panpayak or Yodwicha in MuayThai. As well as a few other names. Its hard to pick one specific fighter in MuayThai.

  5. Yodsanklai is personally one of my favourite Thai fighter.
    He has a fantastic fights records
    Would be
    Even more had it not been
    some of his lost fights were fixed by the fight promoters.
    He is not as good in kickboxing rules
    but hey
    Kickboxing is just a cheap knockoff copy of Thai boxing.

  6. Yodsanklai never dominated kickboxing nor Muay Thai … he is beast and one of the best international Nak Muay in the World but he pail in comparison to his Stadiums fellows .
    For example his left roundhouse spamming wouldn't work against top level Thais ( the Kem fight is kind of a bad example if one is aware of the context before the fight ) and if he was to ever consistently face elite Thai opposition he would just be another good fighter but not elite … like he is now .

  7. normally Yod is a midsection attacker but the fight against Marat, he clearly used high kicks as his main game in order to destroy Marat's arm and punching power. But in summary Yod is a all round fighter with supreme attack power, high accuracy punches and very well defend and good evasion plus super ring experiences.

  8. So.. the 7-year 30 wins streak continues.. He is a combo of hard puncher, solid chin, telegraph and extensive comprehension of when to attack and when to defend. To dethrone this near-perfect 70kg fighter in KB or MT rule, in this world, I can see only a few guys, 2 Thais and 2 Westerners, stand some chances(only fighting at 8 ounces glove up though).

  9. This analysis video was way better then mayrunner vs mchicken.

    More videos like these they're entertaining!
    Can you do one with tenshin vs rodtang and give us on your opinion who should of won. Thank!

  10. in Terms of Skillset and Muay Thai IQ Yodsanklai and Saenchai are far and away the bet Muay Thai Fighters on the planet. This Statement is so obvious that i am almost cringing at the fact that i am stating something that is so obvious.

    Yodsanklai has insane balance. This is what separates him. i don't recall him ever being swept off his feet. This makes him nearly impossible to beat in Muay Thai rules.

  11. Dope video, subscribe directly. Good breakdown. I personally think you could have emphasis on his leftkick, one of the best in the sport, not the fastest but probably the strongest and incredible timing. Otherwise yod is fighting for one peytrosian too, this fight would make sense, a bit disappointing that he fights souwer who se way past his prime.

  12. I.m.from Holland but I.m glad Sittichai and Yodsanklai beaten all that fighters from Holland .Holland think they have the best fighers
    , No they haven.t they have a lot to learn from the Thai fighters.RESPECT

  13. It's just amazing how well he adapts to 4oz gloves, even his stance slightly changed. Truly one of the greatest of our time.

  14. Yes he awesome he don’t use flashy move but super good timing but his kick is kinda slow sorry to say that but he awesome

  15. Does anyone remember boonkurd fairtex I don’t know exactly how to spell his name so I can’t find any of his fights. If you know how to find any of his fights I would appreciate it.

  16. Damn… this guy has 276 pro fights, and has been active since 1993. His next fight is against Andy Souwer at Tokyo for the One Championship 93.

  17. He is not a friendly person that I met him.. I ask him nicely and take picture with him.. His face like not friendly.. I am very disappointed.. His team mate say to me after the fight can take pictures.. Very disappointed ever that I met in my life

  18. Just watched again, I think your words "turning up the heat" say it all for Yodsanklai the way he progresses through a fight.

  19. It would be damn scary to meet such guys in the ring. Always thinking and calculating in the first round and letting you give out your game plan and when the bell rings for the 2nd round. You'll quickly discover that you've been toyed and only choice is to hold on to dear life to survive or get ko'ed.

  20. Beautiful analysis and thank you for the video. One point I would love to add is his back sway at 6:04. My God. He sees the kicks coming and sways back as if it was a practice session.

  21. I think Petrosyan vs Yodsanklai is coming near, with ONE FTW tournament and both are favourite to be in the final I'm salivating just thinking about it 🤤🤤🤤

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