Why We Love Lion’s Pride Martial Arts

— My little wild thing, has an enormous
amount of energy, has an enormous amount, loves to do all things physical: gymnastics,
rock climbing, dancing, everything. Tang Soo Do is a fantastic fit for her. I think once she got in there and recognized
the challenge, that this is going to be a continual challenge, physically—she loves that. That engages her. The style of the classes are very engaging. They are a lot of fun. They are high energy. And that’s pretty much everything she loves. — I have four children. My oldest has done martial arts. My second is very into it and she’s competed
in tournaments. And then my third who is three years old, she
old also enjoys our program. My youngest is one year old, and he enjoys
hanging out on the mat and hanging out at the studio. He’s started mimicking and repeating the
types of things that we do, so it’s been a good influence on him. —There’s four of us, and my husband and
I started taking martial arts three years ago. And my two boys who are in 5th and 2nd grade have been in the After School Program now for about three or four years as well. —I promise… (class repeats) to be a good person… (class repeats) —My littlest one is in Lion Kids, and
she’s doing great in there. She loves it. (Background)—She’s making good friends and learning to kick and punch, and learning to control herself and to get away from bullies, and it’s been
great for her. She’s having a ball in the class. It does sound like a lot of hard work. But she doesn’t seem to mind. It’s fun for her. She gets to jump and kick and play and learn
at the same time. It’s really neat. (Foreground)—…and make good friends! (class repeats) — There is something about the environment
that is very family oriented. People were very accepting. People would begin—you could train from wherever you started. You didn’t have to get up to a certain degree
of physical fitness in order to start training here. (Instructor)—Bring this hand up to your ear.
(Master Instructor in Background)—Now watch him. (Instructor)—Bring this hand up, and down to your knee.
(Master Instructor in Background)—Awesome! —I love that my whole family is welcome
here. The family atmosphere here: I love my family can all be here together, that the community here is very close. I love that the instructors care very much
about the students, that my husband and I are able to take class together, and practice together at home. —I absolutely recommend families doing this
together. For my son and I, being in the same class, it’s been really interesting to watch how he’s developed, how he’s gotten/gained confidence in doing things that were tough for him before, now they’re second nature for him. And for me to do it, it’s great, it’s
a good workout. It’s tough. It’s fun. It’s—it’s good! I really, I recommend kids and their
parents doing it together. —We’ve just had an excellent, excellent
experience here, due in large part to the Nutters. They’ve been absolutely fabulous instructors,
but also fabulous friends. They really care about the kids, which I deeply
appreciate knowing that when I’m not there to watch them, there are people that do care
about them, to watch them. Um, they’re great classes, I’ve made some
great friends, so: Join up!

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