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  1. Thanks for your awesome comments! 🤩 Happy to hear that people are finding what works for them. After all, it’s not WHAT you do it’s HOW you do it. 💪 Check out my website to learn more about Karate: http://www.karatebyjesse.com 🥋🔥👍

  2. There is street karate for self defense. Then there is point sparring karate. In my Tang Soo Do karate dojo, we didn't do well at point tournaments. The Tae Kwon Do practitioners always won tournaments. Tae Kwon Do is more point sports like Karate. Point sparring karate is just a glorified game of tag. Jump up and down then tap your opponent. BORING! I always got in trouble for "excessive contact and force" at tournaments. I'd hit people too hard. SMH! I got disqualified. I was told once, "This isn't a street brawl tone it down.' Of course I did a side kick that made my opponent fly out of the ring. later I found out she had cracked ribs. Needless to say I was banned in participating at the tournament place. It was at a Tae Kwon Do school. They called Tang Soo Do practitioners "Barbarians" said we couldn't control ourselves in tournaments. (Especially me.) My karate dojo cared about self defense and handling yourself in a street fight. We only went to tournaments out of obligation. It wouldn't look right if we snubbed the martial arts community by never gong to tournaments.

  3. I train in Wado Ryu Karate, also known as wado ryu Jujutsu. I would say it works as I’m now currently a yellow belt and have successfully managed to defeat my Sensei

  4. In the end, knowing Karate is still better than not knowing Karate. If you know how to fight, when you get attacked on the street by some punk who cannot really fight… You significantly increase your odds

  5. A martial art is only as good as the fighter who trains in it. If a fighter lacks the understanding and purpose of martial art aside from understanding the technique then the martial art will be ineffective. Proper knowledge and understanding leads to being a better martial artist

  6. It only works if you imply it right and train, train, train. And train the right way, I was always told you fight how you train.

  7. People who ask such silly questions as "Does Karate work" are missing the point, all martial arts work when applied correctly and the exponent trains hard! (They are especially missing it, when it is a pressure point attack/ defense) 🙂

  8. Why your opinion is just an opinion.I think taking on three or more men twice my size is proof your incorrect.Isshinryu

  9. Peace be to you sir! I'm a new subscriber! I REALLY appreciate your description of karate, ESPECIALLY, as it's practiced today. I'm a moderately fit, middle-aged family man who "practices karate" as he drags his highly reluctant kids (😭😣do we HAVE to go?) to practice at the local rec center every week!😅

  10. Karate always works for fighting for life, character & spiritual development. I prefer Full contact Karate.

  11. I like you take on karate and it's variences, great job, I'd like to talk with about this in more depth. Thanks

  12. MMA styles are awesome one on one. However lots and lots of fights are group on group or group on an individual. This is where Karate is better than MMA. Also, the fact that MMA has rules (no eye gouging, biting etc) and forces people to wear little pads on their knuckles gives an advantage to grappling styles. I’m not slagging MMA off though, it’s very good. It’s just not the all conquering style many seem to think. Try MMA in a pool hall and get a bottle smashed over the back of your head while you choke someone out on the floor…. the answer is to study at least 2 or 3 different martial arts over your life.

  13. What's the right age limit or period for learning karate styles?? I am 27 and want to start. Should I go for it or try anything else?

  14. The belt system was made by gichin funakoshi because of westerners not wanting to do it for tradition and the dan belt was always a thing you needed one kata and to train for how long your sensei thought was fit

  15. Jesse, you are truly amazingly talented! Like no one else you manage to be on FIRE out of your passion for the art without ever falling in to the traps of narrow mind- (mad)nes and belittle other perspectives of martial arts! Sadly, it is very uncommon to see both passion and "loyalty" to any art without the urge to bash others! For that – I salute you! 😉

  16. Why, an American boy, says that a martial art like karate, invented in Japan, doesn't work? Isn't that you don't know how to do it so well? You say too much shit … I know people on the street who do karare and if they want they put you on a lamppost …

  17. Kampai, sensei.

    The last physical assault on me was the one before I started into Shuri-Ryu. Enough changed in me that the bullies recognised I wasnt afraid and was willing and able to fight. So learning the second kind of karate had the effect of the first kind, for me.

    Shuru-Ryu maintains a deep connection to the first kind of karate, though. 🙂

  18. I know a guy who was supposed to be the first karate blaçk belt in England..I said I've been practising with nun chucks . I learnt it off the internet .I can spin them and all that ..he said don't worry about all that .just hit them with it .then he said try and hit them with the tips .that's the bit that hurts

  19. This is so very true. And not only about Karate but most if not all traditional practices that became an art and then a sport. Very nice to have a proper historical breakdown like that. Most are unaware of such a distinction. Thank you again for enlightening those in the dark.

  20. You just need to know where and how to use it… It depends on the persons ability
    No martial arts is useless…

  21. I’m so glad someone actually covers this stuff rather than just bagging on modern Kihon karate’s Ineffectiveness in practical self defense. Thankyou

  22. Karate works in many ways.
    The most vital thing I learnt is to be able to avoid any fight in the first place. As a Karateka, having the achieved confidence and control over a given situation, most aggressors do realise before whom they are standing. There is something in the state of mind of a Karateka, that tells a story, an important lesson that is recognised by the soul of an aggressor.
    Sadly, I have been in fights, but luckily I've never given my self reason to strike, even though every collision I had did provoke me to just let my self go and in the end, present my Kiai. Once I was attacked by 8 drunken Russians, who were completely out of their minds, throwing fists, jumping and kicking all over the place and even though I had been drinking aswell that night, somehow non of us got hurt… but it was very close to escalating on my behalf and I learnt a further lesson from that aswell.
    Respect, Control, Karate, Osu.

  23. If you try to use Sport Karate techniques in a Self Defense situation (i.e. using flashy spinning kicks against 4 different guys) you're going to get clobbered. If you use basic techniques in a practical manner (i.e. basic blocks, punches, kicks, throws/sweeps, and grappling techniques), you will fare much better.

  24. Bro karate works. I literally beat the crap out of a person (who wanted to fight me) when I had a white belt. You just gotta believe in yourself.

  25. I've recently gone back to the dojo to earn my black belt. As a practicioner of a goshin style of Okinawan Kempo I'm finding your videos as invaluable as they are encouraging. Thank you!!!🙏

  26. Kata is useless " For instance the sculpture doesn't keep adding clay to the statue but strips away the inessentials until the truth is revealed, I have developed a system of fighting with no fixed positions or movements or kata. The fancy mess of martial arts solidify's what once fluid" Bruce Lee , Long beach tournament 1969. Then he proved it against other martial artist. But he was totally right, after extensive Martial Arts training in several different style like Isshinryu ( Okinawan based ), Kenpo ( Developed by the Late Ed Parker ), Goju Ryu ( Okinawan Based also ) a small amount of Ju jitsu ( Grace Brazilian ), studied concepts of Jeet Kun Do for about the last 15 years ( Which came from Bruce Lee) and boxed for awhile I have learned that the average person no matter what they say they know, know's absolutely nothing except what they saw in movies or read in books. Martial Arts without Physical training to to stay in good shape and toughen you up and develope speed and power for your technique gets you squished just like grape. Also the mental training it takes to conquer things like Nerves, Fear, and Anger to also promote awareness of your surroundings and the situation can also lead to disaster when you are in need of using any self defense. I tell students when confronted by someone in a threatening manner to put their hands up and out like a boxer but with the palms facing the opponent but slightly just enough to the inside of the body so they have a better reaction time for an incoming strike, but as they do this try and make it appear as they are trying to talk the other person down so they themselves do not look like they are getting aggressive. Body language can say a lot if your paying attention with this movement you look non threating to the attacker but are also preparing yourself for an attack and already in a defensive position. If the person you are trying to talk down as to avoid the confrontation comes at you and I tell anyone I teach with in legs reach of you it's better to ask forgiveness then permission and to strike fast, strike hard and even before it has escalated to this point pick a spot on the person you want to hit and as you are trying to talk them down focus on that spot in your mind and how fast you need to be to pull it off, Now I'm not saying a spinning back heal kick to the head or something extremely hard to pull off I mean like an open palm strike to the chin or a kick to the groin or my personal favorite and no one has ever expected it a Rapid punch to the solar plexus taking the wind out of the sails so to speak, most people that can't breath cant fight and the best thing about this blow is even if your a bit to high or low or even off center a forceful enough blow of about 40-60 psi will do it that's equivalent to standing in front of a wall with your hands like I tell my students and with the lower hand striking forward and upward from a distance of 2-3 feet it's very efficient hard to see coming and has a great affect. This will either change the attackers mind when he rationalizes while catching his breath that if your still in front of him you could have beat him senseless and he'll back off, or if your not the brave type give you a chance to make your get away lol, or if you are the type that wants to make sure he gets the message not to mess with you any more pummel him till he yields and begs for mercy. Also a good strategy when someone takes a swing at you is to practice either the parry technique as not expend your own energy as fast as you would with a bone to bone block or my favorite is to simply lower your center of gravity let the punch go over your head and step to the outside of your opponent this makes him have to adjust his body to square up with you again and gives you all kinds of opening to hit. and if there is plenty of room to move this is a great choice technique in this situation and if you can get very good at staying to the outside of the other person's body gives you the advantage for the whole fight or attack. Most people and in my exp. especially in a club, a bar or the street when they lose their cool and come at you throw that Hugh hay maker and I tend to watch it come from the right hand and not the left because lefties are not as common as righties and this punch is a big way to duck and slide to the out side and allows for a good counter. Thought my thoughts might help someone. Have a great day.

  27. I so agree! After training so long, I realized that I hated "sport" martial arts. The modernized I don’t like because people are to caught up in belt ranks. Seriously who cares! Unless you have ambitions of opening up a training facility, it doesn’t matter. You may get that coveted black belt, but still get whooped by one of your students. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  28. It depends on the practicioner. Modern Sports Karate usually doesn't get the credit it deserves. It man es you harder and of course it makes you fast. If you are strong and fast, that's kinda good in a fight.

  29. I have worked for 30 years with violent psych patients. All styles of martial Arts work and all styles of martial Arts don't work. What matters is the practioner and the technique that is being applied.

  30. I never took Karate, but I do practice songham Taekwondo. Karate and Taekwondo share a lot of moves. Most of the moves in Taekwondo came from karate

  31. Sensei Jesse, Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been practicing Karate for 40 years here in Costa Rica, and came to learn that more than physical, Karate is spiritual. Karate is not just for Sport, martial, or any other aplication in the physical way…. Karate is meant to gain balance between mind, body and spirit…

  32. It dos but it dos not I have been in multiple street fights when I was younger had to learn how to adapt to defend my self so if I have to I will us what ever is around me to defend my self so if I got to elbow someone I will and if I got to pick up something around me to defend my self I will

  33. I think in a self-defense situation against an in-skilled attacker, boxing, Judo, Karate, Aikido …. They all work. Against a trained fighter, you better know jiu jitsu.

  34. Karate can work just as Kung Fu can. As long as you condition your hands hitting bag that is hard common sense. As long as you have good technique also

  35. I believe karate would work much better with less focus on kata and more on kumite. Kata seems to produce very mechanical block pause punch fighters that has no application in self defense. We are what we train.

  36. Thank you so much for this Video. It explain exactly the kind of Karate. Most see only the second and third part. For me part 1 and 2 works together perfectly. Thanks a lot and i hope see a lot more videos from you. Maybe real on a Seminar☺💮🇯🇵

  37. I don't have much of information about traditional and controlled styles of karate such as shotokan or go ju ryu but one of the best decisions that I made in my life,was starting kyokushin karate as a teenager. it worked more than well for me.since then,on my off days of the week,I started to try and practice in other styles such as boxing,muay thai,jiujitsu as well but I'll never leave kyokushin.

  38. I lerned Karate in the Bronx so we fought in the street all the time. but i will say all aspects of karate are needed. example1 For self defense it works ,2 Character developmeng is needed for the karateka, 3 the port aspect gets you in great shape. If i thry self defence in poor fisical shape i can not defend well. If i have poor character then im just a bully. But if i go into a street situation thinking is a contest im up for rude awaikaning.

  39. Osu! Great points. Yes, I can do a pretty shiko dachi, but more to the point, I can adapt that shiko dachi if I need to drop my weight in a "street fight" scenario. In the ring I might stand in a shallow shiko dachi momentarily in order to draw an attack. It's good to know what you are doing, but it's even better if you know how to adapt what you are doing. Adapting fluidly to all three types of karate is a whole lot of fun 🙂

  40. studied wado-ryu for almost 23 years, got me through hard times due to severe bullying at school. helped me keep a calm rational mind whilst in tense situations. don't know where I would be without it. karate keeps me steady and true to myself. works well for me.

  41. greco-roman wrestling has existed for around 3000 years – no wonder its so succesful in mma, because it works. your stand up skill means "BEEP" when you are taken to the ground.

  42. Well explained.Works for the category you select.Your purpose of training.There is no superior martial arts,ONLY superior martial artists.

  43. Dear Sir. Correct me if I am wrong, but was not Shorinji Kempo a COMBAT style? Was not Kyukoshinkai karate (Mas Oyama) a COMBAT style? Were not Shorin-Ryu and Goju Ryu and Wado RYu, and SHOREI-Ryu all COMBAT styles? Where they all not tested in many street fights? I am NOT arguing with you, but based on what I have red, all of those (and there are other styles of Karate) are pretty legit fighting styles in their ORIGINAL form.

  44. Good explanations.Although I believe some will still not comprehend until they've had some experience in any of those forms.Traditional karate is ok but has to be applicable to use on the street.Most traditional karate that is taught in a dojo isn't very adaptable as a fighting art and its really not supposed to be.

  45. Dats a clean n clear, consice n precise talk…really nice jesse…self defense is def different from point contact though it does hone the reflexes…sparring is always the key…less talk n more action when training…u doin a gr8 job !!

  46. Very good explanation, clear.
    What style of Karate is at Olimpics?
    Thank you for the video and your channel, horsom.

  47. There are many forms of Karate. Some are more like kickboxing except you use open hands, It has its sweeps it has its Hook kicks it has its reverse hook kicks that some call a roundhouse some styles call the hook kick a round house. We are no longer talking about the old Karate that we learned as kids back in the 1970's. We had time to take what is useful and leave what is not. We know today that we can not have a fixed routine and take it to the streets. A good martial Artist is not tense but ready! Relaxed but aware not "dreaming." "All types of knowledge, ultimately mean self knowledge.' Things have change because of one man? Bruce Lee? He did build the broken bridge of oneness of all source comes from a complete system that change to fit the terrain of their area. However, before Bruce lee we had a man that stood up to the western civilization that was killing that last of the Martial Arts of Japan: (Jigoro Kano) (Morihei Ueshiba) ( Bruce Lee, = Lee Fan) (Gene LeBell)

  48. MMA fighter used all judo karate taikwundo Muay Thai kick boxing professional boxing that's why hard to defeat them with karate

  49. my style is a breakaway style from Kyuokushin, basically everything is the same but we don't do full contact fighting, we compete in points fighting against sport Karate people, and we have competed against other people in continuous scoring fighting. The key for me is the understanding that the application of my modern Karate in a sports arena is very different to the application of my modern Karate in a self defense situation, the timing and range is different, the dangers are different, the rules are different. By understanding this and respecting the differences we prepare well for differing arenas of combat. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have 3 modes of operation, Traditional Karate which I have used to effect in defending myself, Modern Karate, which would describe our everyday classes with our belts, gi's, titles etc, and finally my sport Karate, which I use to play fight with other karateka in good faith that we wish to test ourselves in a battle of wits and cunning, without the intention of causing each other any harm. The Key for me is understanding this, and getting my students to understand this.

  50. I’m a wrestler and have never done any other martial art and I got in a fight with a karateka who said he was a green belt and I shot a double leg take down. After that he was useless on the ground and I stop punching him because I started to feel bad. He was a real green belt and would always post pictures on Instagram. Karate is useless

  51. we need more people like Jesse who looks at the application for karate because like he said Kata has so many useful moves it's not even a joke anymore. If people started learning more about the applications of kata and karate they will be far better martial artists then they were before they started learning about such things. As an instructor myself I feel that people just end up doing kata for the sake of doing kata and because we the instructors tell them to do it. and they don't realise the truth about kata. it's kind of sad.

  52. It worked, tried and used it many times in different locations and when you got the guts, you’ll break nuts.

  53. If you think karate is bullshit, watch a full contact karate tournament. I practice Muay Thai and have for a long time. A lot of those hard core karate practitioners are pretty badass. Respect man.

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