1. You lost me at "He can't get past Bellew" – you do realise he tore his achilles tendon clean in 2 but was dominating the fight before suffering that injury? I mean, that's not up for debate, it's just a factual analysis of what transpired.

  2. You k ow what you are talking about for real. He has obviously taken steroids and that is why his body is now breaking down and also the loss of muscle mass would not happen that quickly if he was doing it naturally

  3. Clearly he was injured pre fight against Bellew and then fully ruptured his Achilles in the fight so you saying he can't even get past Bellew isn't really fair on the guy. He will beat Bellew in the rematch.

  4. Haye has to be fighting for money plain and simple. I suspect he had delusions of becoming a movie star and has worked out that is never going to happen and may be a bit of a spender and even if he is not keeping a family going is not cheap. He may have screwed up a few investments but one way or another he is boxing for money. if he could have beaten Bellew and beaten a couple more fighters he might have got a mega payday against Joshua and he would not see that kind of money doing anything else. He has also started making moves in Boxing Promotion so the media attention he gets from boxing can only help his business. but the long and the short of it is he is trying to make as much money out of boxing as he can while he still can.

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