why India & Pakistan fight?

India and Pakistan two neighboring countries have a lot in common but since their mutual formation in 1947 India and Pakistan have engaged in three major wars and countless other skirmishes and diplomatic rows. with at least a thousand nuclear warheads in each others Arsenal’s the prospect of south asian atomic Holocaust casts a dark shadow over the entire region. but why are the two neighbors Fighting? at the time of Independence the two countries were formed on the basis that Pakistan would be dominated by Muslims while India remains secular. but in the wake of sifting from nation to another many Hindus Muslims and sikhs were displaced. millions were killed because they found themselves on the wrong side and million others were left alone without family and friends. this ignits the Indo-pak conflicts. later just after independence when pakistan army invaded the princely state of Jammu & kashmir the then king maharaja Hari Singh on 26th oct 1947 signed the instrument of accession and joined the dominion of india in return of of military aid. This makes the fire of conflict even bigger. the direct wars were fought by the two countries in 1947,65 &1999 causing lakhs of casualties. now India has control over 43% of Jammu & kashmir while pakistan has control of 37% of the state. Indian support to Mukti bahini in 1971 for making East Pakistan free from Pakistan and creating Bangladesh is another big reason of the conflict. Even the reasons of conflict evolve with time. Distribution of water and even cricket matches become subjects for fight.The relation sees many highs and lows in history and in recent years indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to make the relation better but still the exchange of bullets in border areas continues that makes the situation allarmingly dangerous. We can’t make videos without your constant support and advice so please like the video and subscribe to the channel and give your opinions in the comments section below

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