Why Every Girl Should Learn Martial Arts

I started martial arts when I was six
years old. My mom wanted us to learn how to defend ourselves if someone wasn’t doing the right thing. I started martial arts and I started it
because I wanted to be more confident in myself. I’ve been doing martial arts for
like almost a year because my brothers were like, “You should come to this with
us!” and I I just think it’s a good idea to be able to protect yourself in case, you never know what’ll happen. Martial arts has taught me to
focus more my family powerful determine strong practicing
martial arts for about 20 years and I’ve been teaching for about 10 years do this
time I’ve seen so many families come into our studio and usually they just
want their boys to join the program and they want the girls on something like
dance a gymnastics they say that their girls are too girly for martial arts well it’s great that girls are involved
in these other activities I hate seeing them miss out and so much that martial
arts can help them build it’s not only a great activity for fitness but they also
learn how to defend themselves and develop a strong and confident character
it can also help girls have higher self-esteem better learn about
respecting themselves and others and also develop mental toughness what
parent wouldn’t want that for their daughter what are the other cool things
on martial arts is there’s no like male or female separation you learn that
anything that a boy can do you can do – there’s no such thing as like girl
push-ups there’s kicks and Bluffs and techniques
that everyone does I ran a martial arts school with two of my older sisters my
older sister has a PhD in electrical engineering she competed in the national
team for several years and my other sister travels around the world was an
international referee for Taekwondo she wishes that the Youth Olympic Games in
Argentina the other day I’m part of the US team and I have a lot of personal
goals and competition in my career but honestly my biggest goal is that I can
inspire and lead other young girls and women to study the bar high and
achieving all of their goals everyone can benefit from martial arts whether
they’re tiny like some of our four-year-olds or even as adults so
parents think again about encouraging your young girls to do martial art
let’s help it empower them to grow into strong women you

43 thoughts on “Why Every Girl Should Learn Martial Arts

  1. Yessss Im definitely honna show this to my friends that wanted to start martial arts! Not that Ive bot bern showing them your videos all the time😂

  2. There's nothing wrong with my future daughter learning gymnastics… but im showing her this video before its to late…😂😂😉

  3. You inspire me so much samery! You’re an amazing athlete & I hope one day I can at least be half as amazing as you are. <3

  4. We all start for a reason.
    I started to stop bullying and boost up my confidence because I had low self esteem. But I mostly started for fun, I've always wanted to do a martial arts since I was a kid. Now I'm a red with a black stripe, and a sparring competitor. To me my goal isn't about getting a blackbelt to brag, I want something much more. I don't ever want to quit, I want to keep going even after I achieve my blackbelt, I want to learn and compete more! I'm EXTREMELY passionate about the sport and train every day. I feel like All i talk about always relates back to taekwondo no matter what you talk about with me! 😅😂(I'm competing in state and maybe nationals next year) This to me Is fun because I love learning and interacting with everyone 🙂 I might also become a future instructor when I get older! Taekwondo Has definitely changed me as a person in a positive way! I have way more confidence in myself and I'm not ashamed of my body! I can't think of life without this sport! This is why I started….what's your story? Comment below!!😊

  5. As a girl who has done TKD for so long now, it’s so annoying to hear “you do TKD? But you’re a girl! You’re so weak!” Like dude, shut up. When did sport ever become some a gender specific things? Like let us do whatever we want. TKD helped me become so much more confident and strong, and I’m not going to quit it just cuz some people say it isn’t right for me

  6. I love ur inspirational videos so muchhhh. they motive me a lot and I'm working so hard for my black belt exam!

  7. Do encourage the parents to join with their sons and daughters. In our Dojang, some parents join their daughters in Taekwondo.

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