Why ED clogged arteries of penis & carotids can prevent a Heart Attack or stroke. Jeffry Life MD

dr. Nick Delgado here with our podcasts
on our webinar at rad Fest in Las Vegas this is the immortality conference the
only conference I know of in the world that talks about the possibility that if
we live long enough we can potentially live a longer lifespan than at any time
in history I’m with dr. Jeffery life the author of the life plan who you’ve
probably seen in flight magazines I’m also with dr. James Lorentz from
Michigan area yep and doc dr. life what originally inspired you to get on track
with your health and your fitness I saw these before after pictures that I often
see in flight magazine tell me about that Odyssey and what brought you to
that place in your life well when I was in my late 50s I was in a horrible shape
I was headed toward type 2 diabetes I had coronary artery disease I was obese
I was a disgrace to my kids and my patients and I came across one of Bill
Phillips magazines he’s the former EAS owner and and he talked in his magazine
about his body for life contest and I saw the winners of the first ever 1997
body for life contest and that inspired me to make some changes in my life so I
hired a trainer and started working out and started eating clean became
passionate about how to eat right you know doctors don’t know much about
exercise nutrition so I had to learn all that and I ended up entering the second
contest 1998 and I won that I became a Grand Champion and that really has
gotten me on this path ever since had I not done that I’d not be here to talking
with you because I’d be dead dr. Geoffrey life did you in a car a cash
prize I know they offered some really cool winner event
right well I won a Corvette you still have it no I sold it it did not hold up
it would not have held up well in West Virginia or Pennsylvania where I lived
love it love so I sold it I had to take all the labels off I mean it had a she
was just inundated with with labels about muscle media and the magazine and
what have you so I had all that taken off and sold it before you solve it yeah
so was it convertible yeah Wow what color great Wow surprised you
didn’t keep it cuz you know he spent a lot of time in Michigan highly-educated
in Michigan I just learned today and his background Wayne State University and
you know a lot of school there and I’m surprised he got rid of it well in
retrospect I should know right right of course if I kept it in its shape yeah
dancing whatever that would be worth I mean the Motor City you know I had to
teach you that right well doctor life you you clearly have gone through an
odyssey and I believe you’re approaching if I may say the age of 80 now no I’m
approaching 81 Wow in two months I’ll be 81 congratulations
and he’s all grown up so you have children you have grandchildren you have
an incredible marriage as you’re blessed I am so in that Odyssey there’s a
priority or a hierarchy of importance in one’s life one’s values so clearly early
on you were practicing putting in a lot of hours seeing patients doing what you
had to do to build your career and yet maybe your health was put on the
backburner maybe not in perspective where it could have or should have been
how have you now integrated you still have a busy career but how have you
integrated your training your diet your utilization of hormonal balance and some
of the advanced techniques that you’ve shared in your book which I highly
command everyone go out and get the life plan and I know you’ve published two
other books as well that’s right and I’m starting to work on my fourth
book Wow so you know the whole body for life contest taught me how to eat right
how to exercise the importance of flexibility cardio training resistance
training and I just made that part of my daily life and it started making a huge
changes and in just a short time I dropped I forget how much body fat but a
lot and put on muscle and I’ve just continued to do that and and my my
physique just kept getting better and I’ve definitely shown the world that as
you age you don’t have to get old you can maintain or even increase your
muscle mass and strength and flexibility if you work at it so I make it a
priority every day and that has just paid back in huge dividends now I know
you’ve incorporated Taekwondo is that true and you’re pursuing a belt level
that you’re already at a certain level and your goal is tell us my goal is to
have my black belt and in karate and Taekwondo by the time of 85 so I’ve got
another four years that’s awesome I’m impressed
I mean that’s awesome it really is as you said and I just want to you know
just kind of stamp hit home because you know he’s a mentor of mine and
and I’ve always looked highly up to him and I do what I do in my practice
because of him literally I mean he wrote that he set the path for us and you got
to practice what you preach you got an implant what you’re doing
with your patients as he does and you got to put it in your life because I was
like you and fortunately it hit me younger you know hit me in my 30s when I
just got out of residency and I was hustling and working and a lot of late
nights and all that but I had a few hiccups in a Hell in a health setting
and I said man this is this isn’t right I know you can’t live like this you
gotta if you’re well you can make your patients well and I commend you for that
because a lot of Doc’s don’t do that a lot and in school like you said they
don’t teach us nutrition you have to be interested or get further training and
dig in because nowadays you know that you know it has to be a passion yeah at
the age of 22 I had hypertension I was obese I had over 25 percent body fat as
measured at USC by submersion method and I was shocked that I had gotten that fat
I was trying to gain weight to play football and then I had a TI a and that
turning point showed me that the blood pressure medications I had been on for
five years that by the age of 22 did not protect me and I realized I had to dig
deep and make changes in my own lifestyle which fortunately I saw 60
minutes I watched Nathan Pritikin live longer now and I know there’s some
plant-based doctors that have influenced you as well doctor tell me about that
well I really structured my own diet program but basically it’s it’s a dean
ornish yeah to some degree although he’s extremely strict I did that for a while
and but I think you know a diet program has to be kind of catered to your own
genome your own genetics and so what I do is I checked that out of my patients
and then tailor their nutrition program to their genetics Wow and is there such
a thing as we call epigenetics we can alter our environment absolutely the
epigenetics is where through lifestyle and through your
environment you can actually Trump your bad genes and you enhance your good
genes this this is a huge new area of science of genetics and it it’s real I
mean it definitely is real and I’ve seemed identical twins who have the same
genome one ends up with disease the other ends up being really fit and
healthy and it’s all because of their lifestyle
it’s all because they the one that’s healthy is trunked his his genome his
his genes yeah the new studies show that that you
can turn on and turn off genes based on how you live how you eat your hormones
your environment your environment your personal environment you create a better
environment your genes can work for you that’s right and there’s Studies on that
there’s you know multiple multiple studies and you know Bruce Lipton I mean
I know you talk about him and you’re a fan he’s late a lot of the foundation
for that yeah the biology belief and his use of
microscopy I know you have a microscope after you trained with me and we put
that together for your practice you’re one of the few physicians that jumped on
the need to show patients their cellular health to kind of get motivated as lever
so high so it’s visual you got a it motivates the patient it’s real it never
lies okay we of course do objective testing and get numbers and show them
things but when you can show a patient visually what’s going on and explain it
now they’re in now they get it and they’ll be committed the compliance goes
way up yeah we have an online course now on blood microscopy taught with doctor
Anil Bastian and he’s out of the Boston area and he’s been doing blood
morphology for 22 years throughout medical school and on and
he’s been seen and observing and uses it as a training educational tool for the
patients particularly but we also do a lipid profile while we do the visual so
the patients see this is what triglycerides look like this is what
happens to the blood how there’s reuleaux now they clump together this is
what happens when you have excess changes in the
white blood cells an autoimmune response due to some foreign proteins and then we
want to follow up with some delayed food allergies which buys into your talk
about personalizing pediatrician because people have various sensitivities to
foods do you buy into the food compatibility and sensitivity is that
important absolutely absolutely yeah I think it’s critical actually when
I use live blood and cellular analysis like that I can explain and show a
patient that they have leaky gut that they have Candida and why and if you
alter that that that border that barrier of the immune system now you’re
affecting your immunity where you can literally completely completely reverse
autoimmunity or stabilize it and actually change somebody’s life I mean
literally change their life because of diet and because of a personalized
approach to their food sensitivities and all that and that that’s I mean that’s
almost the bread and butter of every wellness preventative approach or at
least it should be that’s tremendous because bad example actually the bread
and butter the gluten-free bread and the dairy-free butter right but I think
you’re getting leverage with people that visual oh yeah to get them motivated
because what importance does it play the power of the mind where do you fit the
power of the mind in your practice dr. Jeff your life well it’s huge huge right
I mean I mean it’s so important to have you know to minimize stress to be able
to deal with the stress in your life and you can focus on all the good things and
and it just changes everything I mean we live in a highly stressful environment
in this country more than ever more than ever you know the kids that are growing
up today are subjected to so much more stress than I was when I was growing up
and and so everything we do needs to focus on how to control stress how to
manage it and how to think good thoughts you know and be good to each other love
each other love’s got to be one of the most
important emotions we can potentially embrace in our heart right that’s right
absolutely and there’s so little love in the
world right now we really have to bring that around for sure gratitude and
appreciation love it’s it’s one of the six systems that I rectus and preach
because you have to we have positivity you know absolutely I know you also work
with that dr. Sangeeta patty or me another one of my mentors yeah yeah and
we we look at also I know you’re both experts in hormonal intervention how
important is biomedical hormone balance as we age starting out wherever the
initial deficiency it may not be that they have to wait till they’re 50 60 or
70 they could have a hormonal balance in their teens and 20s rights right many
many of my patients in their 30s and 40s are deficient in testosterone you know
you know you you you are fighting a losing battle if you’re deficient in
hormones you will never be able to achieve optimal health and longevity
you’ve got to have healthy levels of hormones and testosterone growth hormone
all of these DHEA gene on all of them dealing with estrogen dominance – that’s
right yeah I’d emic epidemic in our country estrogen dominance I mean my
patients hear it all the time and I speak about this all the time because
when you think about it it’s not just the deficiency the hormone hormones
excuse me it’s the alteration of our imbalance we’re seeing women that
actually have is much dominant testosterone okay in an imbalanced way
though so inappropriately as men meaning the same levels yet we’re seeing men
actually having a 10 20 fold increase of estradiol and why is that happening
obesity diet fatty liver so you know you it’s not it is deficiency of course and
it’s an epidemic of course and where I see the same thing 30 year olds 35 year
olds 40 year olds that have hormones like 20-30 years ago would you know we
would see you know in their 70s and but that in my impression of really when you
get at the root cause especially in a man is that you because of diet because
of fatty liver because of pre-diabetes insulin resistance etc
their livers doing way more conversion of their testosterone to estrogen and
when you have high estrogen yeah fat you have mood issues you have
erectile dysfunction you have prostate cancer risk I mean it’s it goes on and
on and cardiovascular do vascular risk it’s huge so just to drive home you know
when you talk about evaluating hormones it’s got to be paramount in a wellness
preventative practice and you need and literally you need to look at those
hormones in somebody when they just come in literally with no complaint wellness
why because it’s a baseline even if they’re well I say hey you now have a
litmus a baseline of like hey this is where you’re good so we can reflect on
this in five 10 years 15 years because that’s that’s it’s it it’s very very key
nothing stronger in the body that endocrinology it all matters but
endocrinology nothing stronger that’s well put Jim yeah dr. mark Gordon talks
about interventional intra chronology right you know and so we look at that
and we are clear that if someone say for example you brought up the point
estrogen dominance which can occur in men as well as women and men by the age
of 50 could have a higher estrogen level than am a woman 22 years old at the peak
of her estrogen production we see it it’s crazy
no did we see it and they get man boobs they get prostate proms they get obesity
oh yeah right they wonder actually what I would
catches me always and I’ve kind of even just intuitively and through practice
and implementation in my office I noticed in the last probably 10 years or
so that they come in they complain they about weight and they can’t lose weight
and they’re going to the gym and there went to plant-based and calorie
restriction and they’ve done the fad diets and they might have lost ten but
they hit this plateau I always say you got to look at hormones and a lot of
that estrogen dominance whether it’s a woman or a man they that’s a losing you
like you said that like dr. Life said it’s a losing battle they have to be
balanced storm only tremendous and we’re good about using dim indole-3-carbinol
ashwagandha there’s various herbs that help to modify the metabolism of these
hormones particularly estrogen and there’s even methyl donors that help to
Usher some of these byproducts out of the body right you’re using multiple
supplements for your clients win necessary right right and
that’s huge and I focus hugely on cardiovascular disease yes stroke and
heart attack prevention which and I’m passionate about that because of my own
condition mm-hmm and heart attacks and strokes killed more Americans than any
other disease it’s a silent killer that’s the worst of it and it’s
preventable yes we preventable you know three percent of women will die from
breast cancer in our country 36 percent will die from a heart attack or stroke
hardly ever hear about that no you’re right
and often often I notice that patients are waiting for symptoms it’s too late
yeah 50% of people die they know simple right
they’re waiting for the normal clothes they’re waiting for the you know the the
left arm numbness and the facial droop or and and I obviously mean that
tongue-in-cheek a bit but literally that’s too late you need to be evaluated
and screened and be ahead of the curve because it’s happening and you know I
often see too because of men you know especially businessmen CEOs entertainers
type a you know you know that are driven they’ll push past you know we’re men
we’re I always say we’re a little bit block heady they’ll push past those
symptoms and just you know is shelf um as though I’m tired and I’m stressed
whatever and because it’s not clutching chest pain and they got they got the
start of cardiovascular disease and don’t even know it and you know the
stress effects from their drive is not helping them so they got to be cardiac
evaluated because you know a lot of times they wait like I said to the
symptoms and I even catch people and I’m sure you do yourself in your office
where you know they go to their cardiologist and have a stress test and
they pass it right 15% of people that pass stress tests have a heart attack
within five years that’s right you know that’s because it stress tests will only
pick up a greater than 70% block exactly exactly and if you have somebody that’s
got got got accommodation you know around their blockage you know in their
in their coronaries their fit essentially they workout they go to the
gym essentially they can pass it can they can beat the test 86 percent of
people that have a heart attack have less than 70 percent blockages it’s
interesting in back in 1985 we had formed del Gado medical in Newport Beach
and we had internal medicine gastroenterologist we had chiropractors
east-west medicine working together probably years ahead of our time but we
required a carotid artery ultrasound scan although we didn’t bill insurance
forward if it wasn’t medically indicated because the only medical indication
you’ve had a stroke isn’t that a little too late to do a krottas scan after
you’ve had a stroke well then in you know they accept it this is what’s crazy
yeah in the traditional allopathic world they accept when you’re 50 60 70 percent
stenotic in your corner and your carotid they accept that they said well you got
a little blockage will follow it next year yeah except it is normally accepted
as normal they’ll put you on a statin and not talk about diet and lifestyle
that’s right and and it’s acceptable because the stroke rates you know don’t
quote me on this but they really aren’t significant until they’re above 70 80
percent well and a lot of strokes a plaque and break off and travel upstream
to the brain and cause a stroke so you don’t even have to have 80 90 percent
that’s right you can die walking down the street today and not know right in
fact vascular dementia is a result of soft plaque and blocking these little
tiny blood vessels in the brain and it’s a slow insidious process dr. Alzheimers
published his results on brain autopsy and he showed that a correlation
directly with high cholesterol plaques in the arteries to the brain and he
showed the highest correlation with you know at that time dementia which is
Alzheimer’s disease because of out psychotic plaques but no doctors talk
about that yeah traditional cardiology is all about wait until something bad
happens and then we’re good at doing something about it
yeah surgery intervention and drug and and that’s you know that’s you have to
be ahead of the curve you have to be looking forward if you want to live long
and be healthy and live optimal and you know to circle back here to talk about
you know enjoyment of life loved ones fulfillment gratitude appreciation these
things are so important in your health we all want that when you get down to
the root of it we all want that can’t have it if you don’t have physical
health that’s right so dr. Jeffery life in your practice is
there a model three-point model I know and James Lorentz talks about a 6-point
model is there a model that you follow in particular order for example with
hormonal intervention don’t you often look at the adrenals first if they’re
deficient because if you meant an anabolic such as testosterone or thyroid
you might throw an imbalance there with the the adrenals isn’t the adrenals very
important for stress management and management of your blood sugars and so
forth I take I look at their entire blood
profile and I really zoom in on inflammatory markers okay
hormone levels yes and then I just do that my own in-house karate IMT scans
you do do the carotid yes nice I was this past year or this present year I
have become certified and one of the few doctors in the country certified in see
IMT ultrasonographer beautiful and I had to do that because you know my patients
don’t all come from West Virginia they come from all over the country so I scan
right in my office as part of their their workup and I’ve read one study
that implied that if there’s athletic plaque in the artery the carotid which
is about the size of your little finger the arteries of the heart of like the
ones in the back of your your hand are even smaller so you could have maybe 30%
narrowing of the carotid artery but you could have 60 70 % boxers at the corner
Rd because by virtue of the dimension or the diameter of that artery right yeah
so it’s really the it’s really gonna plaque a rupture of plaque that causes
sudden death or a sudden TIAA or a stroke and you know with our Doppler
studies that are done that just looks at blood flow so you got to really look at
the wall the arteries and look at the plaque the character of
the plaque and it’s a soft plaque that is dangerous and they can rupture and
then I can follow if they have soft plaque or a mixture of soft and
calcified plaque then I can follow them and repeat their scan in six months or a
year and make sure that that’s all becoming healed and that we are
eliminating all the soft plaque and what you see in the carotid is directly
related to what you see in the corner beautiful
well European cardiology there have studies out and there are cardiologists
at Europe are already following that I mean that’s the standard in Europe is
for you know following the C IMT I mean they’re ahead of us I know dr. Kim at
Rush Chicago he has 14 physicians that all are trained in plant-based lifestyle
medicine this is a whole new area of Medicine where thousands of doctors are
starting to use diet and exercise and stress management as the primary
intervention to not only prevent but I know Caldwell Esselstyn wrote the book
prevent reverse heart disease we have clinical studies now showing actual
plaques in the arteries reversing in a period of a year to three years true
that’s true I don’t know about calcified plaque but if it’s calcified it’s stable
it’s stable right and it’s not gonna rupture and suddenly a clot forms and
block off that blood supply so my whole program is geared to improving quality
of life at the same time of as reduced risk for heart attacks and strokes and a
big part of my patients most of my patients are men and Edie is a huge part
of this and you know we as men are fortunate because we have a way to tell
if we’re headed toward a disastrous heart attack or stroke and as to the
blood vessels of our penis yeah units so if we develop Edie that’s that’s a
that’s a red flag that they that we have to be worked up for vessel
absolutely I know you save lives and I know I have in my practice by literally
just having your your heightened awareness that when somebody comes in
nowadays regardless of age I mean they could be 3540 they need a cardiac
evaluation they need a calcium score they need a Trivedi if they have IDI
absolutely because those micro calcifications and damage to the corpus
of the penis that’s causing erectile dysfunction that same thing just like
you were talking about a neck and the carotid has happened and likely in the
coronaries and you got a screen them absolutely got a screen them the other
thing that’s key that I think dr. life was talking about that is about
stability of these plaques and is to stabilize plaque rupture you have to
make sure you’re not inflamed and I know you know we were talking earlier about
dr. life and I about reducing inflammation in the body and and
following that marker following CRP and interleukin 6 and such but following
those inflammatory markers because when you have inflammation in your blood
you’re more likely to rupture a soft plaque right it’s interesting that you
bring up that point as I mentioned in my history I had had high blood pressure
since I was 16 years old in high school trying to bulk up to play football and I
essentially was eating a lot of steak 12 eggs a day literally how did that work
for you it ended up with not only the high blood pressure but I I had suffered
at EIA right but what I didn’t talk about was by the time I had met Nathan
Pritikin and shortly before I went on that early version of a rather strict
program I was having chest pain every day and I’m like what is this chest pain
it’s like heartburn you know you always think it’s heartburn yeah how old were
you I was like 19 and at that point I thought well what’s going on so you know
Cleveland Clinic published a study on 773 people and they had chest pain and
they thought oh maybe it’s just indigestion so they went and did corner
aren’t angiograms and 90% of them had narrowing of their
coronary arteries some of them 90% blockage including one 17-year old
and when I read that study I go oh my god that’s me and it took me about a
year of being very careful with my diet and the chest pain finally went away now
did it reverse the soft plaques did it open up the circulation did it save my
life was their new collateral circulation because I was adherent to I
was already exercising but a chest pain was like I’ve rarely told this story but
it was crushing it was like oh oh oh you know I couldn’t even hurry up you know
and and you know most guys would say uh indigestion I ate something cuz I’m
young I thought for sure probably had there be something to do with what I was
eating now or trains through it train through it mentality at what point did
you know you had a heart attack I didn’t I’ve never had a heart attack okay but I
got chest pain just my exercise bicycle and then I actually got chest pain
walking into the courthouse stressful under huge stress I was talking to my
attorney no and I got chest pain and that’s when I went in for how young were
you then I was in my 70s so this this happened this so so I was doing great
and then I went through a lot of stress with my separation from synergetics and
we said we wouldn’t say that word with the company that I worked for at the
time we loved each other right and my attorney and I were walking to the
courthouse – it addressed legal issues and I got just me and this was level
ground I got just me yeah it’s so I let my cardiologist in Cedar sinai know and
he said come see me tomorrow went in and he said we need to take a look in there
yeah and so I got cast the day before Thanksgiving of 2014 Thanksgiving is
when I had my TI a and I had a near 100% blockage of my led
which is the Widowmaker Wow and the left main which is the mother of
all widow-makers oh my ghost of those were near 100%
blocked and so he would live in off Clairol circulation oh yeah and he hears
three and a half hours he he’s an expert on putting stints into these very
difficult lesions and three and a half hours of working on me and he got stints
in there and I’ve not had a problem since because my lifestyle has changed
dramatically beautiful reduce stress and
what-have-you but I mean that was an that’s really got me focused on this oh
yeah we’re glad you’re here myself any more
books and my Lex book all my books really talk about vascular disease so
that’s so I dodged a massive bullet yeah but I do not have damage to my art yeah
but it was just what I find interesting in your story and I see this sometimes
and I try to always with patients even and listening your story I kind of just
made me think of something sometimes in in the clinic is you know you had your
event your actual event I mean there was there is disease and damage going on but
you had you’re in a stressful you know adrenal event when you had your chest
pain and I always find that interesting because you know what’s happening then
blood pressures out pulse rates up and all that but adrenal cortisol and
hormonal issues are also happening that when they’re dysfunctional you get more
inflammation that’s right you know but and and you know so it’s like it’s like
that perfect storm and cascade but guess what we’ve all been doctor life on the
steps going to a court you know in some fashion having high stress and and you
can’t you know you got to be preventative you got to be thinking
ahead of that because it’s gonna happen life is stressful and like you were
saying it’s it’s way more stressful now than it was 20 30 40 years ago but you
got to be thinking ahead in 1980 I presented a review to study on race car
drivers and they did a baseline of their lipids of triglycerides prior to the
race at the moment of the race they drew
their blood they had some way to do it while they’re in the race car they did
another of post-tests and they found out at the moment at the beginning of the
race their cortisol level shot up which is a stress hormone we we don’t really
call cortisol the bad guys there for a purpose but if it lingers and stays too
high for too long but then what went up was the release of
free fatty acids because they were preparing fight or flight to get ready
but they’re sitting in a car they’re not running so all these triglycerides built
up and then they found increase agglutination of the blood cells in
these race car drivers which would concur with what you’re talking about on
the doorsteps of the courthouse all this stress and you’re not out jogging you
could have burned it off if you’re running from a saber-toothed tiger
but the rowdy is well he was yeah big big big teeth right all of that but that
being said you know stress plays a role and not for the reasons that we
sometimes think it’s the body has that this built-in mechanism but sometimes
it’s overridden because of the unfortunate situation if we just sit
around and sitting is the new smoking right people just sitting around all day
at their computer and in office it’s ruining us yeah and you’re in a system I
want to go back to what is your daily routine when you talk about the life
plan I every wants to know what Jeffrey life’s you know what is your your
morning wake-up does it vary a little bit but you kind of like a systemize guy
I get that sense about you what do you do i I want to get 150 to 200 minutes of
cardio in a week that’s absolute crucial and so that’s 3045 minutes on my bike
four or five times a week yeah what is a bike are you monitoring your heart rate
yeah I monitor my heart rate and I want to get my heart rate up to about 90 to
95 percent of my max Wow for your age what’s the max about 170 no it’s not
that so 220 – yeah – my age of 80
what is that let’s see probably around 145 150 yes it’d be like 90 95 yes I get
if I get up to 40 it’s pretty yeah I think no that’s
yeah I like to give the 130s okay so I do an a Hills program on my exercise
bike great and I watch videos the action videos which has been life-changing for
me otherwise I would dread getting on the bike yeah action videos what kind of
what’s your favorites like anything with Arnold or no TV series actually I
learned about this a few years ago and I had a patient it was really doing superb
and I said Joe what what are you doing he says well I you know I exercise and I
watch 24 and I said what’s it so he told me and I went to blockbusters that shows
you how long ago and I rented the fish out of business now BIOS which I rented
the first three episodes of season one of kiefer sutherland’s 24 came hooked
and so I’ve watched so Mike rule is I I can never watch an episode unless I’m on
my bike that’s one time I will had to watch two episodes in a row because they
couldn’t anyway so that was 50 minutes I love that you watched 100 minutes 100
minutes on the bike yeah I love that you’re watching to her right though
that’s so key Legion interval training into you know whether you’re doing a
steady state or you know just improving fitness or you’re doing a hit training
or high intensity intervals like you’re doing like near 90 95 percent is maximal
hurry because there’s studies on that that that actually is very
cardiovascularly beneficial liver beneficial for reducing fats in the
liver and which you know yet a non-alcoholic fatty liver is epidemic
right and so and again when you work on these and to circle back here to when
you work on those you’re working on estrogen not that we have to go back to
this but you’re cuz why you’re working on your liver you’re clearing your liver
helping it methylate and all that and you’re actually gonna get rid of
estrogen it’s not just losing weight because of calories you’re getting rid
of estrogen your estradiol will drop and because you’re spinning on the bike and
doing a few hit sessions you’re controlling insulin you can show
on so much number of factors you don’t have to do it every every time but I
love that even at doctor life’s age I do myself but you know and I motivate my
patients whether they’re twenty thirty or eighty ninety they got to follow
heart rate when they do exercise yep that’s crucial and and then I do
resistance training I’ve got own gym I have free weights
machines both those both and I train with my son who’s a physician and what’s
his name Dave Dave life and wonderful West Virginia that’s awesome
as long as we work out together that’s that’s fantastic yeah the bonding there
right I used to work out with my dad when I was 12 years old he gave me a set
of dumbbells and you know bench press and we would work out in the gym
together and my uncle would show up to it was really a great time in my life I
hid a body part or we do like chest on one day back on another day arms on
another day legs on another day and shoulders on another day and it takes us
an hour or an hour and 15 minutes and you know we take our time we don’t try
to rush through it you know I don’t incorporate cardio into my resistance
training a lot of people do it works for them and then I I don’t eat until after
12:00 noon and I eat my first meal I eat about two or three meals a day I’m
making this small try to keep them under well under 2,000 calories a day and
that’s what I did and then try to think good thoughts and work on creating great
loving relationships with my family and my my wife and my friends when
colleagues Wow beautiful you have a rather romantic story that you shared
with me when you first met your wife can we go back to that okay so yeah you know
I moved to West Virginia as I said although over four years ago from from
Las Vegas right now right now and I left Senate genex and I moved there to be
with my son and his family and I got to know my son’s mother-in-law Georgia who
I’d known for 20 years but not real well it’s so while I was there she started
showing me around town she was my guide through Charleston through downtown
Charleston and all the hot spots in Charleston West Virginia are there a lot
similar yet different than Vegas right huge change in lifestyle which was for
me much better and I got to know Georgia better and better and then we started
hanging out more and more and we got married three years ago so I saw my sons
and I just met her today she’s gorgeous he’s white so my daughter-in-law is my
stepdaughter people ask me what then I said well you know it’s not well I know
I go say what I say good and you know it’s all about love right we hate we
share the same grandchildren mm-hmm and it’s it’s worked out great
oh yeah amen we have a lot of fun together she’s she really has saved me
for myself in many ways a good loving woman will do that yeah so what do you
see now for you you’re approaching 81 years young you have a rather incredible
career people are finally starting to catch up with what you’ve been teaching
all of these years and also you’re a big influencer because you are someone who’s
not really shared a lot of the things I think you shared during this interview
today I mean you really hit some very unknown things about me I love it which
is which is good I yeah it is well I want to continue on with my practice
okay I keep it fairly small but manageable
your people fly in to see you where you’re at West Virginia I have a few
from local patients but the vast majority come from other parts of the
country in fact other parts of the world yeah and and that works out well for me
I have a assistant now Kim Warren I met her who is to really help charlie
happened with me about three months and I want to continue to work on my
practice and add some things to it that I’ve learned here I am interested IV
I’ve become interested in hip hop dancing you yep pop – I did an event
called a choice center here in Las Vegas which is mostly people half my age or
younger and during the intermissions we they would dance you know yeah and so we
see a few moves you know I could probably be pretty good
at this if I if I worked at it yeah so I had my full are from you are from you
know Detroit the time you’re from Michigan is that were started hip hop
well a big part of it motor excuse me Motown yeah so I had my first lesson before I came here in Charleston West
Virginia I thought I got to find so on I found a dance studio my dance
instructor is this young black kid named Caleb and I started and so uh I love it
you know what I love to those because at 81 approaching 81 approaching 81 years
young in two months in two months happy birthday I love it because you’re still
growing yeah so there’s no growing you’re soloing and
growing your bruh similar 25th Oh December 25th Christmas Day Chris
stay yeah it’s awesome 81 years yeah young but you got to keep doing that
don’t you oh you got to keep and you know this is something in a wellness
approach is you got to keep learning you got to keep trying new things listening
to new music learning new dances you know reading new literature I mean these
are the things that keep us alive yep Wow sure endorsed by Tony Robbins
Suzanne Somers Rick Barry the NBA star Steve Miller oh just just amazing and I
love the subhead the life plan and don’t forget about oh yeah okay but I want to
mention the sub headline and I will mention Bill how any man can achieve
lasting health great sex and a stronger linger but a leaner body a true expert
according to Bill Phillips number one New York Times bestseller author of body
for Life and founder of transformation calm you go wow you know it’s
interesting I spent a better part of my life focusing on diet and exercise
lifestyle medicine hormones endocrinology now of course looking at
stem cells and peptides and all that time in my own personal life and
observing other people it all got back to what was the quality of your
relationship so I spent 36 years researching a book that took me a year
to finish in Valentine’s Day titled mastering love sex and intimacy
wonderful and that books out on Amazon get it Nick I’ll get your coffee okay
thank you and I’d like to buy a copy from you here today just this you know
what when you’ve written a book it’s certainly the credibility of writing the
book but there’s effort even if you have a co-author or whatever went into the
edits and everything I’ve been working on a book for a couple years yeah well
if you’re practicing it’s hard to do it takes a lot of work a lot of time yeah
I’m gonna hopefully get my nut and hopefully I am going to get my fourth
book out next year 2020 and what’s kind of a hint of what’s different about that
than this current what are you doing kind of a
memoir of all the different things that I’ve learned throughout my 81 years all
the challenges all the defeats and how you recover from a defeat yeah and how
you just kind of dust off and go at it again yeah value of thinking you
maintain a youthful thinking learning to hip-hop dance at age 81 great Anthony
Robbins says dr. Jeffery life lives and breathes a paradigm of health vitality
and fitness men everywhere would be smart to follow his example dr. NIC
Delgado be well be strong take care please share an amazing interview with
dr. Jeffery life and our good friend dr. James Lorenz your practices called
longevity health Institute in Michigan and your practice is called the life
center for healthy aging in Charleston West Virginia my website’s WWD a life
calm beautiful gentleman

5 thoughts on “Why ED clogged arteries of penis & carotids can prevent a Heart Attack or stroke. Jeffry Life MD

  1. Dr Life mentions having stints implanted into his arteries. I'm curious, are those eventually removed, or are they left in for life? Also, if they're left in for life, won't they slip out once the blockage starts opening up from the lifestyle change?

  2. Dr Jeffry Life has written 3 books on health, looks great for his age, according to what he says here he needed two stents for his heart despite making lifestyle changes over 20 years prior his operation, he complains that Dean Ornish is extremely strict. I am confident if he followed the advice of Dean Ornish he would not have needed the stents. Its time for him to stop writing books, and to read and follow the advice in Dean Ornish book UNDO IT. I can't believe that Nick Delgado did not call Dr Jeffry out on this if he followed Dean Ornish protocol I doubt he would have needed stents. Getting accurate information on health to the public and your patients must be the number one priority.

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