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  1. I wonder how people can effectively train packed like in those Thai and mma classes. Perhaps they split in two rooms after warm up?

  2. I always felt relieved and relaxed inside our dojo. It never felt like a new or strange place to me!. In fact I found out more about me from there!. Thank you sensei for these valuable points🙏🙏🙏.

  3. Excellent and valid points Sensei Jesse, as you said the McDojos tend to focus on numbers, rather than the quality of their teachings and ability of their students. I really like your dojo, it is definitely the best premises that I have seen, in terms of its infrastructure. How many training areas are there in total if I may ask? Excellent job, greatly appreciated for covering this important topic. Also thank you very much for your advice on the successful running of a school, Osu! 👍 ☺ ✌

  4. Very useful advice. I'm also impressed that your dojo teaches different martial arts and has so many facilities. It is like the perfect dojo!

  5. Great advice Jesse. Your martial arts school is such a good example! So impressed that your mom set this up all by herself, much respect 🙇🏻‍♂️

  6. Very True said about quality. Thanks for video. Need much more dojo that focus on Quality and student retention around us for producing good karateka

  7. Hey I have a huge question but do you think a karate online school works?? I've been in this program for about 7 months already and the style they teach is uechi ryu and I really dont feel like I'm learning anything because im practically training myself…so is it better for me to stay with the online karate school or just leave it???

  8. Not that I'm a school owner, but hope sometime in the future, but still good advice. The first dojo I went to in the area I know live didn't make me feel that welcome..especially when I was just called beginner all the time, they couldnt be bother with my name. So left. Now I'm training with a great bunch of guys who made me feel welcome from the start in another dojo… So it's all about being made to feel you are one of them, not just a number that will bring in the money…

  9. Jesse, hello! First of all, your dojo looks amazing!

    Secondly, you're philosophy of retention is spot on. It should be applied not just to dojos. Companies and agencies would greatly benefit from this type of mindset.

  10. Exemple of less successfull martial art school: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oze53Lj-3RE
    Joke aside, i never like your kind of dojo. To many people, you can't give a very specific advise to each one of them. 😀

  11. I'm in a great kung fu class. While the classes don't have a lot of people in them, the ones that are there have been there for quite some time. He's a traditionalist but also makes earning the next sash attainable. He says he'd never make it if everyone had to stick to being able to do every move with 100% perfection like back even 20 years ago. There are the guys and gals that can do that in his classes and I think those are the ones who'll carry the torch down the road. The rest of us get to advance as long as we get the essence and show interest and focus on our forms. He doesn't pass people if they come at the tests looking lazy or can't get the form mostly correct. He does want you to work. But he says he'd never have a business if the old standards were maintained. There aren't many kung fu schools in the Pacific NW. I made it to gold sash fairly quickly by doing the work and getting the form correct…but no way am I tournament material. I'm older and pretty darn overweight but I love his approach and know that there's incentive and a reason to be there. He has great feedback and wants you to get it right. As always, nice video Jesse!

  12. Hey Jesse! It’s Karate Keith.. ha ha.. from Texas. I really appreciate you sharing your secrets. I’m only at the beginning so this information really helps. Thanks.

  13. LOVE that quote at the beginning! Awesome job of consistently delivering high-quality, valuable information on and off the mats. 👏

  14. Awesome Jesse, I did sing up several weeks ago, got the first video but have not received the second one. Please explain what do I need to do to get the second video. Thank you!

  15. Hey Jessie thanks for the video that's some great information just wanted to share my story so me and my son have been going to the same Shotokan dojo for a little over a year and we just didn't feel like we were getting the proper instructions from some of the instructors.. some of the instructors were great to work with and some of the other instructors just seemed a little edgy. And also the lessons seem to be always pretty much exactly the same and quite frankly we were getting a little bored we were hoping to do different things such a sparring.. so basically we had to find another place to go to I'm not saying I won't go back but we felt like we needed something new.. your dojo is basically something exactly what we've been looking for you have a little bit of everything good luck and best wishes

  16. Do you know in karate kiokushin have weapons for fight like nungaku or sai. And do you know in kiokushin have self defense from knife and more weapons. What are you think for this style. You are the best. Im from bulgarian and i like your videos

  17. you were in Miami? What? Cool. I don't practice Karate but if I heard you were in my city I'd try to go just cuz I like the knowledge you give and you come off as very likable.

  18. I’ve been at my Shotokan school since 2011, there was a racist family who used to constantly harass and discourage me because I was a superior Karateka to the father of this family. It wasn’t just me either there were other people who they constantly belittled and looked down on, these people who were my friends eventually left. They were all so fed up of this guy that they all couldn’t stand coming anymore, and you know what the worst part about this is? The instructor KNEW this was going on and did NOTHING about it until last year where he finally had enough and kicked them out.

    Now, to me I personally blame him because it really is his own fault for not acting on it sooner. I lost a very good sparring partner and now I doubt he’ll come back. There is only 3 of us left.

  19. Hey Jesse my karate nerd dude. Sorry I missed a couple of your previous videos due to my busy schedule at college. And especially for this video, sorry to hear that martial arts schools are very close to failing businesses. But let's hope your sensei mom keeps running your family dojo as our last hope of success. Keep up the vids and the research of martial arts schools to keep on track of businesses.

  20. All about what you bring to your students and what the other schools don’t. Typically here in the states folks want more well rounded styles. Striking, clinching, grappling, self defense from weapons and competition.

  21. as u know especially teens come n go. so, it‘s important to let them have achievements like tournament experience. in best case winning a medal. not getting the next belt. plus, pushing talents by preferring the better ones leads to neglecting the weaker ones… u know…

  22. Another advantage of student retention is that it inevitably leads to student aquisition when you enthousiastic students bring their friends and family. I currently train at a small, but great Kyoukushin dojo, and i have, so far, gotten my girlfriend to join, as well as 2 friends, and i got 2 more friends interested. Plus, my girlfriend has a friend who is interested as well. Because i feel like i get so much out of this dojo, this creates almost like a snowball effect.

  23. Hi Jesse, is there a good guide book for starting up a school? One that covers budgets, overhead costs, and fees? I have a business degree but need some help putting it to use. Thanks 🙏

  24. Yes
    The thing that sometimes keeps me in the dojo when I want to give up is that atmosphere
    Everyone is just so kind to one another, ready to help if they see you struggling with some technics etc
    It’s not just our senseis but like everyone there tbh
    I really like my dojo
    And I’m not gonna leave it any time soon for sure

  25. Thanks for watching! 😄 Here’s the link I mention at the end of the video: http://www.martialarts.social 👍

  26. Greetings from Finland! I just thought to ask if you'd be willing to make a video about doing karate/martial arts for people with disabilities. I personally have Cerebral Palsy yet I currently study two different martial arts. Any tips or advice would be welcome!

  27. Well, right now we are at social media era. We can not argue with that. But I think something that equally important for martial arts school is achievements. The senseis/senpais continuous achievements is one of the key to retain old students and attract new students. And achievements is one of the important content for our social media, right?

  28. For me it was Way Of The Exploding Fist, Streetfighter II, Panza Kickboxing – all inspired me to make my own game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gla82AdvCRQ

  29. I don't understand how you could possibly teach a class that big… How could you give any individual student the attention they would need to learn properly? Did those classes have multiple teachers, or am I missing something?

  30. It's been 30 yrs since I was in a dojo, yet i still train and have forgotten nothing. Will be teaching my children myself

  31. I'm going to open a karate school soon.Im 20 year old.
    I want to make my career in kaeate .. bless me Sir 🙏🏻🥋🇮🇳

  32. Jesse can you make a video on how to beat a an opponent how practices MMA and how to avoid a takedown by them?And By the way you are the best karate channel on YouTube.

  33. I have run a school for 32 years. I have made so many mistakes over the years. I have had 600 students active. I currently have maybe 150 students now, and I couldn’t be happier. My students are my family and friends. I love them, their families. I care for them and their kids. I am old now, 64 years. I have learned that student retention is trump! I teach them all that I know. I am learning new things from other more experienced martial arts masters and I pass it on to my students. The key is to train your students to be more than you ever were when you were in your prime and to develop them and their kids to be outstanding martial artist and members of society. Thus making the world a better place.

  34. Wow what would I give for such an establishment with the amount of space to offer different kinds of martial arts classes.

  35. Oss sensei. Sensei I wish every martial arts instructor was like you. Then the world of martial arts would have been a much better place. Not every black belt have the ability to teach the world should understand that. I mean the way you teach and train is so simple and easy that we can learn very easily. But there are teachers who waste 2 hours in one class but can't teach kids a simple thing. You are the best sensei. Oss 😊

  36. Great video. I’ll have to go chk it out. I don’t have my own school but I’d still like to see your 3 tips 🙂

  37. Hi Jesse,
    I see in the video you have lots of students doing Muay thai and mma as your core or base art is Karate do you get that many students in the karate classes and can a traditional karate school survive without adding additional arts.

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