Whittaker vs. Adesanya, Iaquinta vs. Hooker|UFC 243 odds, predictions:

Whitaker versus Adesanya UFC 243
predictions middleweight champion Robert Whitaker says he’s waiting his whole
career to have a title fight in front of his adoring fans and he’s determined to
make the most of the opportunity Israel Adesanya is bit on spoiling that party
and leaving Australia with the wind I think Israel is gonna bring that belt
home you know this is my opinion you know so all my robert whittaker fans i
am sorry but this is my opinion as I looked at Robert Whitaker’s fight and
Israel fights you know a robbery rocker is gonna have to rough on his money but
if he do win my man so the Australian champ in Nigerian Challenger meet on
Saturday night in the main event of UFC 223 the 11 bout UFC 243 fight core takes
place and Marvel Stadium and Maury Australia with the main course set for
10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time so Robert Whittaker his score is 20 and 4
and Adesanya is 17 and oh it’s quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most
exciting UFC fighters and it’s coming off at Memorial victory against Calvin
gasps leo so last week at UFC Fight Night 160 morally accurately picked
giver burns 140 to defeat Gunnar Nelson at 120 in a welterweight fight on the
main card he told sports line members that burns
advantage on the ground would be the difference
and he was spot-on as the short favorite used a dominant third round on the mat
to lock up a anonymous decision victory what’s more the MMA analyst was also all
over the car main event at the USC 241 as he first saw Nate Diaz returning from
a three-year layoff and upsetting the dangerous Anthony Pettis morally
predicted that Diaz lent it and non-stop pace with over impetus and that’s
exactly what happened as the under God dominated from the opening bell anyone
who followed his advice book that easy winner and those who have followed
consistently or way up now with the USC 223 fast approaching Marley has
carefully studied every matchup on the UFC 243 fight core identified the best
value in the UFC odds and released his MMA picks from every single fight he
shared those selections on only over in sports line Monty knows that MMA fans
are anticipating the main event becoming a fight of the Year candidate since it
features one of the most well rounded fighters in the mid mannered Whitaker
taken on Whitaker taken on one of its emergence tours in the breast Adesanya
Whitaker has won nine straight fights with his last loss coming back knockout
so Steven wonderboy Thompson’s in February 2014
although the champion is highly regarded his star power has been somewhat limited
by his relative inactivity Adesanya has no such issues he stepped up and won the
interne title while the off injured Whitaker was shelved indefinitely with a
variety of alignments the 30 year old Nigerian fast gained a reputation for
his polished skills exciting fights and fearlessness his
last bow immediately became a fight of the Year candidate after Kevin go swim
and Whitaker engage in a non-stop bloody war for five rounds I decide you got the
knot by decision and wasted no time in Simon the country to unify the belt
against Whitaker you can see Marlies Whitaker vs. underside of your picks and
the UFC 243 predictions in sports line will reveal one of them Marley’s UFC 242
predictions here he’s back grading written against 150 Jaime 130 and a
lightweight class in the prayer Larry primer Larry core so you guys comment
below let me know what you guys think I think that Israel is gonna take his belt
take take the belt from Robert Whittaker I feel that Israel is fast I feel that
he’s his balance is incredible I feel that he is exciting his fights are very
exciting and I also feel that Robert Whittaker is not gonna be easy though I
feel that he’s not gonna be easy so you guys coming below let me know what you
guys think and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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