100 thoughts on “White Crane Kung Fu | Master Richard Huang 黃正斌 | Season 3 Ep 4

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  2. The best contribution of modern MMA in martial arts is it opened our eyes to what a fight will lead too if your fighting a well conditioned fighter. Seeing these old videos of masters doing their application one can clearly see they will get destroyed by today's modern MMA fighters. Lets all train honestly without bullshit.

  3. This was so informative. Thank you for not constantly interrupting Grandmaster . He was teaching me a lot about the “root” (Qi) which helps my understand of my journey in Martial Art.

  4. All experts here that have yet to touch hands with someone competent in this, saying this doesn't work.
    As if an uninstructed guy told an engineer that a combustion engine doesn't work based on those attempts which may have not worked in the development of engineering.
    Silly to say the least.
    Please, see the real thing for yourself. Then, only then, speak.

  5. Fascinating stuff, always had a slight interest in White Crane and can easily see the similarities there with the hakka southern systems in terms of opening the hands, sinking and power generation. It has that interesting blend with taichi in some ways and at times, also reminiscent of i liq chaun. Good to see the traditional arts still represented and excellent production/content as usual Mr MM. Thanks for the upload.

  6. Amazing to finally see a sifu that teaches the application.

    Very informative to understand and great for karateka to see the inate origins of where karate came from (in terms of martial principles) e.g. treating the body like a whip to relax.

    Great video.

  7. At first when I saw him doing his form and making snake sounds I thought what a load of crap. But when he demonstrated the application of the concepts I got completely hooked. Great video.

  8. 15:00 is just like tai chi's opening when you raise the chi and then sink and 17:20 is just like roll back. I see how his grand master went from this to tai chi chaun.

  9. I can see from his kata. The fluttering of his hands. And the breathing exercises. Develops tenacity of movement. And an understanding of the technique.

  10. Today students don't even spend 5 mins in the basic Wing Chun stance. They see things in an external way with frame but they cannot be blamed for that`s the job of a patient master to guide them. If they had the patience they would learn as this video pointed out rooting is a key point in energy expression. First to sink the Chi then direct it up and out freely through the hand.

  11. Huang Sheng Shyan, when the guy walked up to him, if u watch slowly, u'll see that the approaching man begins to tilt to the right even before the master's hand even touches him . The third time the man faces the master, he walks up to the master and before the master's hand touches him, he's already begun to tilt his body backwards. From the highly suspicious clips, i'm calling him sham wow.

    K, Huang did a nice crane dance. But only thing that was of any effective use was the straight front kick. Only real attack the crane does is fast stab down from his beak into the water to stab a fish. I'm guess the whole crane style is jst the act of moving fluidly. Let's test his skill, and see if all the fancy dances and fluidity actually works by setting up a fight with a real mma fighter.

  12. Hey Martial Man, why don't you make an interview over Master Richard Clear, he is such an incredible master of teaching so many magical skills over innumerable martial arts topics combining them with other topics to clear them out to people.. I am suggesting you because you have already interviewed so many incredible internal art masters.. However this is just another incredible video with another incredible master of internal understanding❤❤

  13. To all those who say TCMA are ineffective today, then try them for yourself and see before you comment about something that you've never experienced.

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    I would say its time to stop the blah of all that mma guys and the plan behind to diffamate the old art as useless and let fight no real masters against the chinese mma guy.

    It is not about to display that better … It is to save souls from missleading in a materialistic madness.
    I would certainly do it … And it would be a pleasure for me to show how the inner chi gung from a skinny guy fight that muscles of a animal. But the chinese goverment poisend me already four years ago after I married my wife tong li. I would even chalange in that state but Im a nobody and who knows what such a goverment do more and my develooments on hho technology are too important to risc here anything. So I please the real masters to set the things right to save souls wich fall otherwise to materialistic soullessness..

    My personal pleasure would be a hong kong master … But taiwan is also not so bad concidering the history.

    The plan from that goverment is obviously to culture and abuse the people to moneymaking robots. That "social point system" is against any human rights and china have signed the UNO and so its constitution. With that recources it want build up a immensly army. The real art is diffamated by the people to see it as useless. The youth jump already to 99% on that train to hell. And so the real art die out by the common people and is then only trained their "people supressing zombie army".

    It is highly important to let see the youth the real working and effectness of inner tai chi, chi gung and kung fu at all.

    Like the american gun owers are tried to disarm is that a simular cause. All power to the goverment and no to the people.

    It is my absolutly mind that people are not against people in real … Goverment misslead and abuse the people for their cause of power. And that have to be stoped.

    Thank you!

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  15. Can you please do a video with Wing Chun Grandmaster Yip Ching. He lived with Yip Man for the last 10 years of his life. Very few people are aware of the skills this Master possesses because he is so humble.

  16. Hi kieren, first of all i would like to thank you for all the information you share with us, and i would like to suggest something if you allow me, would you make an interview with Sifu Didier beddar, his chi sao is magnificent.

  17. This is a very incredible and rare style martial art. This guy truly is a master of his art-he is an expert, the Invisible Enemy does not like guys like this because he teaches people how to kill the Invisible Enemy. He is a warrior of the right True Spirit.

  18. This Style reminds me of the shaking eagle Style the movie 18 fatal strikes where the villain General used this style when is Eagle Claw wasn't enough

  19. Very pretty for form and good for health… It is very dangerous to tell people you can use this for real fighting against a person who is "hell-bent" on taking you to the ground and beating the "Dog-Sh*t" out of you.

  20. wtf he is not considered to be the most accomplished student of CMC that is a hugely false statement
    this is the type of nonsense hurts chinese martial arts . Especially with a little research that will verify that dude is lying/mis informed to the max.
    it's well known his taijiquan is is at least 1/2 white crane…

  21. This is why Kung Fu practitioners regularly get their asses kicked by MMA guys or Boxers. It isn't that the KF techniques aren't effective. It's that they engage in fantasy training like this video, against "dead" opponents. A guy who will extend a punch, and then magically remain frozen while the KF guy performs a series of movements. What's wrong with this guy's left arm? Why does it dangle at his side? As long as martial artists of any style continue this BS training, they'll continue to get stomped.

  22. I really enjoyed listening to this master. Not all who can do can teach. This man has the ability to make the principles clear I have not seen anybody do it so well. His speech was simple direct and not full of mystifying terms. (aka BS). You can sense how humble he is and focused. Bravo

  23. so you practice bullshit useless kung fu for 40 years lol, oh and chan man ching SUCKED ,he had no fa jing at all, he used physical strength to push , his fa jing was shit

  24. i hope for your sake you dont ever try to use your white crane form to defend your self, do you spar every day? how many fights have you had in the past 40 years, i have more the 20,000 sparing matches in the past 40 years, can you do battle with me? if you dont fight all the forms in the world are useless , you would be running for your life in 3 seconds flat if you ever faced me on the dojo floor ,traditional kung fu is useless in practical application, oh and flapping your wings wont help you lol

  25. This is beyond fake at 7:31. I am not saying that Kung Fu is not real because it is. But when you have Master Won Hung Lo making actors fly 10' without moving a muscle. That is it for me and I will leave you a thumbs down.

  26. What a load of bollox an MMA boxer would wipe the floor with this guy…. Plus notice the mirrors on the wall, that's all you need to see right there.

  27. Good old asking hand turning into crane cover. I remember my first class. Tried to punch the sifu, got tossed half way across the room. Loved it 🙂

  28. I like him. Looks very genuine. Just the old phantom hand hanging in the air after a punch which never happens in real life. A punch goes out and back immediately.

  29. Karate! Everybody loves Yang style taichi, my uncle was obsessed by it, my uncle was practicing forms under tall tables! To give him explosive thighs and calves! No joke, tall tables were tables about shoulder chest shoulder height depending how tall you are… Tai Chi is super powerful to all you MMA nuts out there…. His core was solid, and with the explosive springs his palms would just swat away tyson like crosses… Joe Rogan would come in here and shit on this despite learning Taekwondo.

  30. Theres a good doc, hk doc not sure if its still on youtube talks about lots of martial arts and their origins, called kung fu journey or kung fu legend or legend of kung fu when translated… theres also japanese produced doc also similar to travelling around china and finding the roots of japanese styles like karate etc… cant remember the name im subscribed to a japanese channel, theres a japanese born kung fu master… does wushu etc lived over in china in 80s

  31. Chan Man Ching was never a grand master lol as a mater of fact he was not even a good tai chi teacher , he did not have high skill, he had no fa jing ability his push was physical not internal, many in yang style were better then him, so now we know this guys tai chi sucks what else does he know

  32. its obvious this man never had a fight in his life lol please dont try and use that shit in a fight , just turn and run lol, master of baloni thats what this is, flapping your wings wont help you when im chacing you around the room and your running for your life lmfao

  33. perfectly demonstrates why kung fu has failed, especially in the modern era of MMA; it requires your opponent to hold his punch out there for 3 seconds. Spoiler alert: A jab moves far faster than your "whole body" technique BS,.

  34. wang she huang zheng bin tai ping dian chi li zhi dan dien dui ih chi ih hai chi hai ta chi wang she huang zheng bin wang she dai hai zuo fu

  35. zen danzhi zen she dan jin zai li hai shi zai zen chun dao rong wang she ang dong xüe dui rong wang hai she hai ta diao cun te ta chuan zai dai nenng liang jong zai sko zuocheng nenng hsiang sko ta yu hai she

  36. tao si pai tang shu pai ta chuan pai hai zuo dan dui liang chi ih pai chuan pai zai kong fu zuo kung fu zai nian shi si zuo chi liang li

  37. Very beautiful art but I bit too flowery for my taste. I prefer something more direct like Shorin-ryu, which I do realize was highly influenced by kung-fu from China. Still, I find it to be more effective. Perhaps I am slightly biased since that was the style I first studied. I've studied others but I always go back to Shorin-ryu like going back home after a long trip.

  38. So you do a lot of talking and somehow that is going to help you in a fight. No wonder this is big in the UFC and MMA in general.

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