Wheeles Yoshukai Karate App Review

Hey guys, Jade here from AppMakr. Wheeles Yoshukai Karate
is our App of the Week for July 26th – August 1, 2015. Wheeles Karate Academy is the best place to
train for people of all ages. Their mission is to be the best martial arts school in Alabama
by providing the best instruction to their students in an environment that encourages
growth, confidence, personal achievement, physical fitness with fun and excitement. This mobile app is a real simple solution
to reach their students everywhere across Alabama. As their trainees are mainly high
school and college students, they need to ensure that they are able to train them exceptionally. From the app, users can easily access their
full site where you can check out more information about Wheeles Yoshukai Karate, their instructors,
and testimonials. They’ve also included a calendar of events
where users can easily check out class schedules, competitions and events. Another essential component of the app is
their Student Info where you can access the Student Terminology Handbook, Wheeles Karate
Handbook, and instructions on how to tie your belt. Through this app, you can also check out Dojo
News, Photo Gallery, and Youtube videos. With this app, their students can also access
a Google Map so they can get directions to their Dojo from anywhere across Alabama. For more info about the Wheeles Yoshukai Karate
app that runs on the iPhone, Android and HTML5 smartphones, click on the link below to download
the app. Whether you are a local martial arts school
or a fitness studio, try building your own mobile app for just $1/month. You’ll be impressed
how much your mobile app would help improve communication and provide information to your
students and the public. Visit www.appmakr.com to find out how you can make your own mobile
app today. Thanks guys, and see you again next week.

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