What’s inside a WWE Wrestling Belt?

– Okay, here’s the deal,
welcome back to What’s Inside, I know I just stole Lincoln’s line but we are in a big hurry right now because it’s late at night. We just got a call from Sean Durst that Gary Vaynerchuk,
@GaryVee, social media expert, entrepreneur expert, is over
at his space station right now. And he said if we hurry over there, and we have like 30 minutes, then we can cut something open for our What’s Inside challenge. So, we have something
that’s been sitting around that we think will be perfect for it. It’s a WWE wrestling belt
signed by The Undertaker, Bret Hart, and another person that we’ll tell you later who it is. But for now, we gotta get over there before we miss this opportunity. And we’ll explain mmore about who Gary is in a minute.
– Yeah. (techno music) – [Sean] Aww snap! – [Dan] Who’s ready for some wrestling? (laughing) Check this bad boy out! – That is awesome! – What’s up, man, how are ya? I’m wearing a Macho Man shirt. – [Dan] Dude, Macho Man, I love it! We’re doin’ it, we’ve
got the wrestling belt. We need to get some insights
from our wrestling experts. – Hold on, I’ve gotta
pose with it really quick. – Okay, Chicken’s busy with
the belt for a minute here. (laughing) – [Gary] You look like an actual champion. – [Dan] Can you say it
in your awesome voice? Like, “Slap into a Slim Jim”? – Or is it “Snap”?
– It’s snap. – Snap?
– Snap. – Snap into a Slim Jim! – Snap into a Slim Jim. (grunts loudly) (laughter) – Tell us about this guy, right here. – Bret “The Hitman” Hart is
considered the excellence of execution, he’s one of
the all-time great wrestlers. He comes from a big-time wrestling family. I was an ’80s baby, in
the ’80s he was part of a tag team called The Hart Foundation with Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and then he eventually
became a solo wrestler. – What is going on right now? Who is this guy?
(laughing) – And became a big-time solo wrestler and when he left WWF to go to WCW, he was supposed to gracefully,
like, kind of leave but Vince McMahon screwed him
– Duh. – and he made Sean Michaels – [Sean] I remember Vince McMahon. – beat him and, like, it made it seem like Bret “The Hit Man” Hart
was supposed to kick out of the move.
– [Dan] Uh huh. – Which was The Sharp Shooter, which was his own move.
– [Dan] Uh huh. – Sean Michaels had a minute, but Vince McMahon made the ref call it, making it seem like Bret
submitted to his own move. – [Dan] No!
– Bret, like, spit on him, it was a whole to-do.
– [Dan] Whoa. – What do you think
about wrestling like WWE? Like, how does that tie in to the business world, or does it? – So, quite a bit, actually. So, I’m pretty hardcore about saying that nobody’s really my business idol, but when I’m forced into it, I do say that Vince McMahon and Walt Disney are two people I think a lot about because they’re storytellers. The new-age stars’ social media, actually, are much more grounded
in the old storytelling. You’re just creating these genres, these worlds you live in. What Vince did extremely
well, WWF as I call it, now WWE, is he owned naming
rights to all these characters. He invented these characters. So there’s a human being who’s
Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, or Hillbilly Jim, or Junkyard Dog (laughter)
or Iron Sheik, but they don’t own the I.P., he does, and he just built a whole world. Wrestlemania, his invention,
really, besides boxing, created the Pay-Per-View industry. He is a real pioneer.
– [Dan] Dang. – I thought it was just a
bunch of dudes going hard in the ring, I had no idea!
(laughing) – You know what’s so funny? So much of what we do today,
even when you’re like, “Hey, Snapchat crew, I’m about to unveil my video on YouTube”. He would do these little monologues. Like, razer moans, like, “I’m
coming for you, Macho Man.” And for, like, weeks,
every Saturday you’re like, “Wait a minute, this guy’s coming.” and then by the time he finally shows up in like, week nine, you already
thought he was the coolest. And so he would play that buildup – [Dan] Nice.
– better than anybody. And now you see a lot of those
behaviors in social media. A lot of times, I’ve
done really well on video and I always laugh ’cause you’re like, “You’re so intense and
fun on interviewing you” and I’m like, “Yeah, because I’m basically doing, like, a promotion.” Like, “This Tuesday night in
the Harvard Civics Center!” (laughter) It’s basically the same thing! – It’s really somethin’, Hulk Hogan, because when I beat
you once, Super Sunday, the World Series and the
Super Bowl all combined! – Okay, last question about the belt.
– Yes. What does it mean to have the belt? – In it’s hay day, hay day, hay day, of the ’80s and ’90s, there
was really three core belts. There was the Tag Team Champions, there was the Intercontinental Champion, and then there was the
Heavyweight Champion. Just those three, now there’s
more, they’ve spread it out. – What is this guy, heavyweight. – Where it really got
interesting was Hogan. Hogan won it January of… – What?
1984. – Brand new World Wrestling
Federation champion, Hulk Hogan, ya proved it to
thousands and thousands of fans! – And holds it until… 1989, so he had a five, six year run. But my number-one guy of all time is the guy I’m wearing the t-shirt of. – And ’cause they can’t handle
the Macho Man Randy Savage! The cream of the crop,
nobody does it better! – In the way that my life now lives, and I’ve met so many people at this point, the one great regret is that I
didn’t get to meet Macho Man. More than anything that I think. Like, if somebody said,
“What’s your one regret of the person you didn’t
cross paths with?”, it’s 100% Randy “The Macho Man” Savage. – [Dan] Wow.
– [Sean] Sit down and have some Slim Jims with him?
– Uh huh. – [Sean] That would’ve been good. – Wanna light up your life?
– Yeah! – Snap into a Slim Jim! (crashing and yelling) – One of the greatest matches of all time, if you Google it right
now, every top ten list, – I’m doin’ it.
– is Macho Man Randy Savage versus Ricky The Dragon Steamboat Intercontinental Championship,
Wrestlemania Three, I think. – What? What is this?
(laughing) – It was like a 40 minute match. Macho Man and Ricky
“the Dragon” Steamboat, their styles just, there was something. I mean, look at this,
this is real, ya see it? – Oh my god! – Like, literally, just talking about it. (laughter) – What is this? – Goosebumps, literally. – [Sean] He’s got real goosebumps,
he’s got real goosebumps! (laughter) – I’m telling you.
– [Dan] Great, right? You have to, like, it’s
almost worth signing up for the WWE channel just to
have access to watch that match. It’s that all-time. – I think you guys picked
a good thing to cut open. – We have the power team assembled here. – Yes.
– With the wrestling belt. This is Bret “The Hitman”
Hart, The Undertaker and Howard Finkel, he’s the
longest tenured employee of WWE. So, here’s the deal. – Consider us the new Four Horsemen. – Yeah!
– Yes! – What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cut it right down the
middle and then, Gary, you gotta take one of these
halves home to your office. – Yes!
– Which one do you want? – I’m gonna take Bret “The Hitman” Hart. – Hitman Hart, okay, deal. – I like execution. – Sean holds it here, you hold it there, angle grinder, right here. – Sounds safe.
– Yeah. (techno music)
(saw buzzing) (cheering) – There we go! Look at this, check it out. – Whoa, is that gold?
– Solid gold. – Leave it in the space station,
I want it there forever. – This smells awesome. (laughing) – This is the same metal
all the way through. But this isn’t cheaply made. It has four different layers to it. So, the blue layer, the
cork layer, the leather on the inside, the leather on the outside, and you can feel the adhesive. Here’s your back of the actual belt. Here you can see the
logo that we cut in half. – Yeah, I got your half, there ya go. – Very good, thank you. – Lincoln, your half.
– Nice. – Successful cut. – So I know that I explained
it that well earlier but, like I said, he is an entrepreneur, very, very successful. Now he goes out and speaks about social media in the digital age, and basically is just changing paradigms. Like, first there is Richard Kiyosaki with Rich Dad Poor Dad, blew my mind, then there’s Tim Ferriss
with The Four Hour Work Week, changed everything, and now
I’ve been addicted to watching his YouTube videos on speaking. So, for a lot of the younger
kids, like really young, I don’t know that you’re
gonna find as much inspiration at this point in your life,
but if you’re parents, or if you’re a teenager, or
if you’re going to college, you can go watch his Daily Vee. I’m gonna put a link in the description. If you have, like, a little bit of inkling of being an entrepreneur in your mind, you watch this talk
from beginning to finish and you’re gonna be, like, inspired to go out there and change
the world, work hard, hustle, and be okay with, like,
embracing social media. – What he said. – I’m very humbled. – What ya gonna do when
Lincoln comes wild on you? (laughter) – [Dan] Nice!

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  1. This is rare belt! Worth far more than $10,000! Ok! As a wresteling fan this is a massacre! How could you saw this Championship belt in half! Not to mentioned signed by current and future Hall of famer!

  2. this title is a piece of history and treasure. how dare you destroy it like that, i hurt just watching this! what was the point? destroying every wrestling fans heart?

  3. Ya wanna know what happens when you cut open a championship signed by Bret Hart and The Undertaker? Ya wanna know what happens?

    clicks pen


  4. This has to be one of the most reckless things I've ever seen done. That belt was one of a kind. Keep precious artifacts and collectibles away from these 2.

  5. Just a waste to cut a signed belt. Why not just buy another of the same type and cut that one ? Whatever.

  6. HOW DARE DID YOU DESTROY THAT BEAUTIFUL WWF Winged Eagle Championship!.!?!?!??!!?!?

    That A Title, Not a BELT!

    I Wish I Could Cut You In Half..

    And I Understood Everything Thst Guy With The Macho man T-Shirt Said 😂

    That Title Costs More Than $100 😒

    It's Not Real Gold, It's A Type Of Metal..

  7. You just destroyed something that is pretty much irreplaceable. I mean yeah, I guess you could buy another and get it signed, but how easy is that to do? I know it's your money and channel but next time you want to destroy something like this, just give it to a fan instead. I would've bought it off of you just to keep you from doing that. Why didn't you just buy another one from WWE Shop without signatures and cut that one. The fact that you destroyed this signed WWF one was just heart breaking.

  8. This is so freaking dumb,taking a belt that some wrestling fans would die for and destroying it……..MAKES SO MUCH SENSE DOSNT IT?

  9. It makes sense to cut open a 3D object, but this is a flat object, it’s like cutting a blanket and going mHmMmM whAts inSiDe???


  11. Hogan held the title from 84 til Feb of 88. I figured the Macho Man fan would know that Macho Man won the title in 88 yet says Hogan held it til 89 …also, the Randy Savage/Ricky Steamboat match was 14 minutes bell to bell. Not 40.

  12. You should do “What’s Inside a Wrestling Ring?” You are invited to our live pro wrestling event Saturday, July 13 in Sacramento, CA to film it. It would be fun.

  13. After hearing that guys passion for the WWF im SO shocked to see that they actually cut it…. so sad you should be ashamed of what youve done, not proud.

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