WHAT’S A “KARATE NERD”?? – Jesse Enkamp

What is a “Karate Nerd”? A Karate Nerd is someone who considers Karate more than just a hobby or a sport. It’s a way of life. Not just a fighting method, but so much more. A study. A practice. A passion. But above all, a challenge. A Karate Nerd welcomes difficulties. He sees the possibility of failure as an invitation to explore his limits to grow. Obstacles are opportunities, and overcoming them is what motivates a Karate Nerd. “How far can I go?” “How much can I learn?” “When will it stop?” Hopefully never. And that’s what makes Karate so rewarding. It’s a lifetime study. And the journey never ends.

34 thoughts on “WHAT’S A “KARATE NERD”?? – Jesse Enkamp

  1. I love your Videos about Karate. Karate is for 6 years my hobby but since 3 years my passion. You show me how important it is for a Karateka to practice every day.

  2. Beautiful, meaningful, video!
    So inspirational in this particular moment of solitude on my way of karate-do!

  3. is it possible to view the past karate nerd videos on karate nerd insider if I've purchased a subscription?

  4. i have been doing karate for 10 years and every practise i feel the passion. last month i hurt my shoulder and i recovered with your inspirational videos. I hope karate never ends for me too. Thank you Sensei…

  5. Great message, sir! To me, the real inspiration of the video comes through in the teaching clips. Those show that karate is not just what you can do to help yourself, but what you can do to help others. Yes, self-improvement is beautiful, but becoming a link in the chain that extends before and after us is sublime. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  6. Sensei, I love your video's and learn a lot about them. Can you tell me, which style you practice? Shitu- Ryo, Kyokushin kai or somthing? Sorry for misspelling a style, if that's the case

  7. I was about to quit on Karate, but this video made me realize that I was about to make a HUGE mistake. You are a true inspiration Sensei. I hope I get the opportunity to train with you in person some day. That'll be a dream come true.

  8. So, definitely i am a Karate Nerd. I practiced Karate when i was a kid(8 until 12), it was 15 years ago, but i still "live" the karate, i remember the 5 katas(and bunkai) i learned and the "shape" of my movements are karate based, even when i practiced other martial arts (people always ask if i practiced karate). Today i practice muay thai, but the concept of timing, distance and the moveset from karate i keep applying. Plus, i follow the philosophical way of living from karate.
    Awesome video man!

  9. Great video im inspired , i had a great experience learning karate at my high school since i was 18 , it taught me discipline , honor & respect , i love respecting my opponents & bow shake there hands before fighting & i look up to you as a great role model , i have so much respect for you i been following your journey on instagram your training & motivating helped me get better and stronger as a young man , my journey is to inspire & motivate others when they feel good or having a bad day as i uplift them to be strong !!

  10. Nerd is the word for me too 🙂 For the last couple of months I've been training alongside karateka who are going to compete in the USA Karate Nationals. I've been pushed harder than I've ever thought I could be pushed and have loved every minute of it. I agree it is a lifestyle, and I'm not just talking about the nutrition, hydration, and "homework." I've been "giving back" by helping teach new white belts, driving a karateka who has no car of her own, and serving on the Board of Directors for our fundraising efforts. Yep, I'd say I'm a full fledged nerd.

  11. Awesome video and that is really what a real Karate Nerd is! Keep up the good work! (P.s one of my senseis has won you at kata at Katapokalen in Sweden 😜. I am from Finland!) Love your content!

  12. Love this inspiring video and especially the cover photo with the little one on your shoulders. Thank you for all you do !

  13. I really want to go back so much because I miss everything about karate, and I want to learn so much more through out my life because it's been what I could look to when I didn't have anything else, it inspired me when nothing else did, pushed me past my "limits" just when I thought I could go no further even though I'm only 16 and haven't been studying Okinawan Shorin-Ryu for long. I have so much passion torwardst it, and I just hate the fact that I haven't been back since January because of the inability to pay after I just earned my yellow belt. And it makes me feel a little down because I only have myself to train with and I miss the learning and knowledge I've received. Because Jesse you're such and inspiration to me, you are the will of the old masters. It's amazing how far you've gone.

  14. You are really living the philosophy of Kaizen. A Wanderer of the infinit path. I'm truly impressed! 🥋🙏

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