What Type of Kung Fu Should I Learn?

What type of Kung Fu should I learn? Please watch the Penn and Teller BS show before
you start studying martial arts. Kung Fu is cool. I think it would help me
in self-defense. It actually leads to more injuries and fights
because the safest thing you can do when confronted is run away. And if you do fight, you’re
too busy doing showy gymnastics when a good kick to the groin or punch to the face will
end it. It is better to dominate them. The winner is the one who takes a gun to a
knife fight, or a knife to a fist fight. It is a good way to get in shape. And the sensei will keep his finances in shape
by getting you to teach classes, and give you chores like cleaning the toilet to supposedly
teach you self discipline. Hand to hand combat is a useful skill. If you live somewhere that it is, please move.
Or buy a gun. The weapons in kung fu training are great. That’s actually more practical than learning
general martial arts. Kung fu turned walking sticks and farming implements into weapons. I don’t use much, though a sword would be
cool. Which kung fu style should I learn? Learn Tai Chi to improve your balance and
calm the heck down. Tai Chi is not a martial art. It is, but it is pretty mellowed out now.
A lot of Westerners think of Shaolin after the warrior monks when they think Kung Fu. They do amazing acrobatics. There were at least two TV shows, too, that
spread the word about it. I’ve heard there were other styles. WuDang is close to Shao Lin but closer to
Tao. That’s the center of your essence. Tao is a major religion in China. If you want
to defend yourself, learn Xingyquan, intentional boxing. What is that? It is a style of boxing no one else had learned,
and it will actually end a fight if used right. And you told me to calm down. I consider myself focused on the objective
– attacker bleeding or dying in the street.

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