All right, you just
signed up for Jiu Jitsu, which is awesome. You’re going to love it. And you’re getting ready
for your first class, or your first lesson. You know you need to
wear a uniform, or gi, and so you’re going to
go out and order one, but beyond that, you’re
not sure what else you need or what else you need to bring. I’ve got you covered. We’re going to go through it all today. First of all you, you do need
the gi, the jiu jitsu gi. That is different than the karate gi or the taekwondo dobuk. So if you’ve come from the
traditional martial arts, and you already have a uniform
and you think you can wear that into jiu jitsu, you can’t. Those are really
lightweight, thin material. This is thick, heavy weave. This is made for the
grabbing and the pulling and the stretching you’re going to do in a grappling martial art. The traditional gis are not. They’re going to quickly rip and tear. Make sure you go out and
get yourself a Jiu Jitsu gi. Now you don’t need to get a
really expensive one to start. I think somewhere in the
80 to 100 dollar range is typically a good place
to find decent quality, but affordable, gis. For most of our new
members, we recommend Fuji. They’re a good brand. Affordable. There’s other out there that are similar. What you don’t need to do is
start spending 200 or more just yet. Maybe later. Once you’ve really settled into jiu jitsu, you know you’re going to do it a while, and you start to find brands
that you really prefer and you want to get a higher
quality gi that’s going to last longer. But to start off, just go
ahead and find something that’s roughly in that price range. Something important to note,
especially if you’ve come from traditional martial
arts, when you order the gi, it does NOT automatically
come with a belt. Most karate gis do, so I see
a lot of people who will order their gi, show up, and realize
it doesn’t have a belt, and wonder if it got lost, or if the company just didn’t ship it. It doesn’t come with it. You need to go out and
order your belt separately. So keep that in mind. All right, so you got your uniform. What do you need to wear under it. Well let me cover one thing
I didn’t think I’d ever have to cover, but it’s come up recently. I’ve heard some stories of
people who wear their gi bottoms, or pants, without underwear. Please, dudes especially, don’t do that. That’s nasty. You’ve got to wear underwear underneath. You’re going to be rolling around. People are going to be
grabbing and pulling. The pants may come down a
little bit if they get a little loose or untied. Nobody needs to see that. Wear underwear please. In addition, for guys in
particular, you may want to wear compression shorts. Either instead of or over your underwear. That’s going to help keep
things packed in tight from flopping, moving around too much. Something you don’t want
when you’re rolling around. For women, probably
don’t need that as much. But for women, obviously, you’re
going to wear a sports bra to keep things from
moving around too much. Up top then. You don’t need to wear
anything under your gi. Traditionally, people have gone
bare chested with the gi top the kimono top on. But more recently, over
the last decade or so, with the advent of rash
guards, you now have these shirts that are thin,
stretchy, breathable. They’re good options to wear underneath. Especially if you put on a brand
new gi of thick heavy weave and you’re getting your
armpits or nipples rubbed raw, it might be good to wear one. I’ve just gotten used
to wearing one over time for comfort and personal preference. You don’t necessarily need to have one. Women, I would definitely
recommend, even with a sports bra, having a compression
shirt is going to help. That’s what you’re going
to wear underneath the gi. Something else to think about
is getting a pair of sandals, slides, flip-flops, something
super cheap is fine. But you’re going to be
on the mat barefoot. When you go off the mat,
you need to put shoes on. Especially if you’re going to
the bathroom and then coming back on the mat. Please don’t be one of those
people that walks barefoot around a splattered urinal and
then comes back on the mat. It’s really important to have
a pair of these to bring. Stick them in your gym bag. Most people put them
by the edge of the mat. When they come off the
mat to go to the bathroom, they’ll put these back
on and take them off when they get back on the mat. Let’s cover protective gear. So mouth guard. Probably not in your first
class or your first week or so, but at some point, you’re going
to start doing the sparring or rolling where you’re going
live with your opponent. And while this isn’t a
striking martial art, there is the chance that you
can get bumped in the mouth, catch a knee. I probably waited, well
according to my dentist, way too many years to
start wearing one actively. So after some chipping
and grinding, I got smart. I invested in one. Get your mouth guard. Get a mouth guard case, so
you’re not just putting this down nasty on the mat or on
a dirty shelf somewhere. But you’re going to want
to get a mouth guard. Finally, this is personal
preference to some degree, but a cup. Protective gear for your groin. It’s not required, and in
fact if you ask any wrestler, who’s been wrestling, which
is a grappling martial art, for any amount of time,
they don’t wear them. They’re not required because
it’s not like a striking martial art where you’re
getting kicks, shins coming up toward your groin and
there’s a risk of some pretty catastrophic damage if you’re not wearing some protective gear,
especially when you’re sparring. For Jiu Jitsu, not as much. When I started out, I wore one. I haven’t worn one in years. I find them to be a little
too uncomfortable when I’m moving around and trying
to do things with my legs, so I don’t but some people do. I would say, if you’re
particularly worried about that, um, if you still plan to have kids. I’ve already had all the kids
I want, so I’m less worried about that kind of damage. Make your decision based
on personal preference. Those are the major things. Quickly to review them. Get yourself a gi, make
sure it’s a jiu jitsu gi. Make sure you order your belt. Please wear underwear, maybe
some compression shorts as well if they’re going to help you. Rash guard, possible, if you
want it, but it’s optional. Definitely strongly recommend some kind of flip-flops or slides. I do recommend a cup, excuse
me, a mouth guard in a case. And then a cup. I hope that helps. If you guys have any
questions, let me know. This one’s an extra small. This one is definitely one
that my kids must have left in my gym bag. All right, anyway, I’ll see you guys.

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