What time is it? DEFENSIVE TIME! WKF sports karate kumite drills

Hey everybody my name is Rodney Hobson
from Rodney Hobson Karate Academy in Kelowna joining you for another video
today, we’re kicking off today’s video with a student of ours named Indigo
Berry! Indigo is a stud! He’s a ten year old kid, he’s a green belt in our Academy,
he’s competed at our local tournaments and he’s even competed at the Canada
Open! He’s a big up-and-comer for us, great energy in the room, great technique and
always a really enthusiastic kid So we wanted to highlight him. Indy’s
kicking us off in the gauntlet. The gauntlet is where athletes line up in a
zigzag pattern across the floor the center person has to make their way from
the beginning to the end (we kind of call it like a dark alley you got to fight
your way through) athletes on the outside have to attack that inside person. Inside
person defends and counters. The second part of the video is some defensive
drills that we’ve been working on, so the first drill starts with Emma. Emma was in
the middle of two other athletes and she’s working on her defensive reverse
punch and her defensive hook kick. She gets to choose what technique she wants
to throw and we’re just kind of working the fundamentals of it getting the right
timing today. The second drill that we’re doing today Jennifer is in the box of
four cones, once an attacker comes in and attacks, she has to slip escape out of the
way and establish her area at another cone. So again she gets to choose
which cone she moves to depending on her escape footwork but both Jennifer
and Emma do a really good job. Thanks for tuning in for another video hope you
enjoyed it talk to you guys soon!!

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