What is the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)?

Shusko: The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
has been around for about 10 years now. It’s a combination of many different martial
arts disciplines with One Mind Any Weapon as our motto. There’s weapons all over the battlefield. It could be a helmet, it could be a knife,
a rifle, or our hands — anything on the battlefield can be a weapon of opportunity. All Marines, it doesn’t matter if you’re an
aviator or a female or a male or a grunt, we all are gonna do this program. Every Marine going through Parris Island and
San Diego have to go through 26.5 hours to get their first level tan belt. Everything we do we tie to the core values
of honor, courage, commitment. We’re not just focused on the fighting, we’re
focused on physical discipline of actually being in shape. We’re focused on the mental discipline of
honing your minds to be a warrior. And then we’re also tying everything to character. Thompson: Physically, obviously we’re doing
combat conditioning, the PFT, physical fitness test, just being ready at all times. Shusko: We sometimes may get dropped in a
helicopter or a Humvee and then we have to kick in a door or climb a mountain or something
like that, well, you need to be physically fit ’cause you’re carrying all this gear,
so part of the program under the physical discipline of martial arts is a combat conditioning. Callen: You have to train like you fight. We’re expecting guys to go out and use these
techniques effectively in combat. Ott: The mental discipline is knowing your
job, being professional, having the mental toughness to continue. Thompson: And so a lot of PME which is like
your professional military education, going to schools, making sure you know your job,
you know, as an infantry man I gotta know my job in and out, so therefore, mentally
I’m preparing myself. Thompson: The character really gives those
Marines, those tools to know when or when not to use certain techniques. Callen: We strive to create an ethical warrior,
someone that’s guided by ethics and morals to do what we have to go do as Marines every
day. We teach these Marines, raise their character
discipline and teach ’em how to be better people once they join, rejoin society from
the Marine Corps. Callen: There’s been several cases where Marines
have used the MCMAP system to protect themselves, to protect others. Mathurin: The non-lethal techniques work very
well and I believe that a lot of Marines use those out there. Thompson: I went in and used some of the techniques
to get this guy to the ground so we could subdue him, cuff him up and take him out of
there. Ott: Occasionally, it comes into the point
where maybe your weapons out of play, maybe you’re out of ammo, MCMAP gives us tools,
gives us options that we can use, so now we can respond effectively to a wider variety
of situations. Shusko: It’s all about survival and it’s all
about being as physically fit as you can, morally straight as you possibly can to do
the right thing.

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  1. Actually, I saw on the news that someone in the Marines got the Navy Cross by killing 3 people with hand-to-hand combat.

  2. Just lost a friend today in a car crash he was set to ship for boot camp in 11 days. I am set to ship in October and I vow my career in the marine corps to him. Oorah

  3. To become a Basic Marine ALL recruits no matter what MOS HAVE to do 26 hours of MCMAP training and earn a tan belt in MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego.

  4. Yes corpsmen can do MCMAP. out of FMTB you get your Tan belt, and you can go up in belt from there if you can get into a course in the fleet. It's not hard to get into one, just ask around. It's not like a "requirement" like the Marines kind of have it set, but it's never a bad thing to better yourself.

  5. Corpsmen are NOT Marines, they are sailors who are attached to and support the Corps.

    USMC Ret.

    "For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."

  6. Yes. Once you get to the fleet you can talk to your NCO's or SNCO's about getting your next belt. there are 5 belts in all. Tan, Grey, Gren, Brown, and Black. I myself am a Green Belt. To get your brown belt you have to be a Corporal but can get a wavior to Lance Corporal and to get your Black you have to be a Sergeant but can get a wavior to Corporal.

    Jason King/ LCpl, USMC

  7. No, its a synergy of all major martial arts. It would be the most comparable to Mixed Martial Arts, but this is at a truly "anything goes" level where theres no rules.

  8. For me in street fights, street versions of wrestling moves and ordinary street moves work great to me, but some of them are like this, it actually works

  9. dude this garbage you speak of has been used in real fights you may not see it because any marine caught doing this to someone is considered a weapon we train non lethal as well as in strikes , take downs ,kicks etc plus are dicipline in the art which you rarely see in a street fight and mma has rules , in our world those rules dont apply , try to remember that before you post another ignorant comment sir

  10. No because I study Karate and Aikido and I'm joining the Marines. I have seen mma and all it is is ghetto fighting.

  11. MMA is a joke if you want too study a lagitement art study an original one. My senseis dad created a form of Karate that mixes boxing,karate,military fighting, and judo, but instead of teaching like mma we still teach about discipline and respect.

  12. Seriously? MMA is shit. Any person that has learned a real martial art like Taekwondo, karate, Muay thai, or Kung-fu, and any marine, could easily beat someone who know MMA.

  13. i am a 15 year old boy in australia and hoping to come to america to join the marines……Is the ASVAB test hard to score a 80?

  14. My brother when he said when he was in bootcamp and i was writing to him and he told me it was his most hated thing to down there. Beside the crucible. He said you literaly practice after hour, after hour, after hour and so on during the day he thought the same way, he thought it was gonna be his most favorite thing and he told me it was his most hated thing he did right beside the crucible.

  15. ive been doing martial arts for years now, ive trained in shotokan, northen longfist kung fu, and southern nan van dao. I will become a marine in the future, but i wonder if the DI, will spar with me.

  16. As a 80's Marine I am finally glad they upgraded this program.Nothing worse than a 19 year old pissed off Marine!

  17. MCMAP is true MMA. Obviously stolen from multiple disciplines. If you weren't born yesterday you can see that. If you are a true Martial Artist you would know it does not solely rely on Technical Applications, but other aspects of Martial Arts and Proven Warfare. If you took the very basic belt of tan belt and mastered those techniques you could become a professional boxer.
    I do not agree with every technique IN MCMAP, every Martial Arts has its weaknesses.
    We stole most of strikes for our very basic belt, pugilistics, (aka western boxing). The very techniques you used to get your ass beat on the play ground.

    It is a warfighters Martial Art, which in itself defines itself. MCMAP is not the end all to end all, for a Martial art. Professional cage fighting is a SPORT. Not a REALITY contest. Anyone that tells you their art is the end all is full of shit. They also don't understand the concept of being a warrior.

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